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Boxing Classes Across India

Every year there are hundreds of sporting competitions across the globe. And thousands of players from all over the world take part in the competitions. One of the sporting events that is much popular all over the world is boxing. The game of punches has been an integral part of the Olympics since the year 1912. And over the past century, India has produced many great boxers. This is one of the reasons why youngsters these days are interested to learn boxing. Now, to learn boxing, you need to have that spark in you to do something. Not only for yourself but for the country also. And, believe me it is not easy to be a boxer. There are many qualities in a boxer that are just more than talent. You need to have those qualities in you to be a great boxer. And also, if you are planning on joining any boxing classes across India, you need to take care of some of the predefined things. Let’s take a quick look at some of the qualities of a good boxing tutor.

Qualities to look for in a good boxing tutor:

To be a better boxer or for just a start at boxing, you need to have a well-experienced tutor. It is not bad to think that you know everything but the experience is a better teacher than knowledge. And keeping this in mind, you should understand that your tutor knows the best. Let’s discuss some of the qualities that you should look for in a tutor. You may also need to inculcate these in yourself.

  • Detailing

Well, those who watch or practice boxing on a daily basis. They know how much the word detailing matters. A boxer needs to be in proper body balance when he or she is in front of his or her opponent. It means that one should keep his or her feet and body in a proper position. An experienced tutor always keeps these things in mind and educates his or her tutors timely regarding this. If you are being pointed about these things, you need to keep your personal feelings away as it is for your benefit. Improper coordination among your body parts may lead to bad performance.

  • Protection

This is one of the best qualities that your tutor can have. We all know that we need to prepare more for defense than for hitting in the game as your opponent will also be doing the same thing. It does not matter how much punches you throw at your opponent. It matters how much you can take without knocking down. Keeping this thing in mind, you should be equipped with proper body gears for protection. And a good tutor of boxing classes across India will always encourage you to perform with security. Wear hand wraps and throw punches with a tight fist.

  • Stamina and Energy

More than your tutor, you should be focussing on this parameter. If I am not wrong there are 9-12 rounds in boxing. Each round is of 3 minutes and it may seem like a short time. But, it is actually not when you are showered with punches one after the other. The only thing that can keep you alive for all the 12 rounds if you are planning on fighting all of them is Stamina. You need to have immense stamina if you want to give a tough competition to your competitors. Along with stamina, you also need to have the energy to throw punches at your opponents. If you won’t they surely will.

  • Patience

This is a very close aspect that one needs to master. As it is said that, the best fighter is never angry. One needs to be extremely patient while in a game. It may not be realized by everyone but your opponent is equally interested in the title as you. You need to be very precise and patient in making any move. And you need to give your opponent some time to make his or er move first. It helps you understand a lot about his or her mind. On the other hand, you should be able to play with your opponent’s mind. This may not sound fair but in order to win, you have to. And to do all the above things, one needs to have patience.

  • Practise

Not to focus on this one as all of us know that to be the best in something. One should do a lot of practice. Practice makes a man perfect, whoever said this was exactly right. Being good at something is different, being efficient at something is different. Hence, one should be the best at whatever he or she is doing to give his or her best. All these qualities make up the best boxing tutor. And to be tutored by such a tutor will be a dream come true for a person with a passion for boxing. If you are looking for boxing classes across India, you should consider the options below.

  • Manoj Kumar Boxing Academy
  • Delhi Boxing Classes India
  • Knockout Fight Club
  • Haryana Boxing Academy
  • 365 Combat Club
  • Cross-train Fight Club

These are just a subset of training centers for boxing classes in India. There are many other choices all over the country. You need to find out which one suits you. If anyway, you want to go for private boxing tutoring classes. Go and check the next section.

Superprof India and Boxing: How to Find Boxing classes near me?

If you are looking for a private tutor for boxing classes across India, Superprof is a great platform to find one. Superprof platform provides the students various choices not just in case of boxing but in the case of every subject. Hence, you have a lot to choose from. Not only this, you can check the reviews about the teacher before choosing him or her. To do a more personal check, you can take the first lecture which is free.


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