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E.g: Student in Bsc college gives coaching classes in Boxing training and cricket From college in Maharashtra -Bhandara -Tumsar.

E. g : My teaching methods is.... I base my Ground students on.... I approach the topic by....

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You can become professional martial artists by spending your free time at home.

My teaching method depends on student's ability, stamina, endurance and physical health conditions. take different types of classes to learn various techniques, rhytm in kata and to handle various weapons in safety manner. both individual and group classes can be taken.

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Black belt youngster with 2 years of experience of teaching which give very impactful training

starting from very basic I teach very slowly that each student should learn each stance, blocks, kicks and moves effectively. then once they understood basic I move with intense training for them.

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9 years experience in boxing, won medals in national level, gives coaching to students in chennai

I base my class on the student. Completely personalized depending on how fast the student picks up and how is their learning style. I can train especially beginners for boxing, to set the foundation right for them which is very important in the initial stages.

Bithoria No1
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Students above 3 years of age living in Mumbai and interested in Martial Arts.

I'm a National Karate Coach with 2 years of teaching experience and give classes to all age groups starting from 3 year old kids. I use sports bi-mechanics to teach students and have good command over my language as well. The training pattern changes continuously making it fun for students to learn as well as the training is accompanied by a huge number of events and camps.

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Student in Daulat Ram College and gives coaching to the students for improve their game.

My teaching methid is towards the ground level by which students understand very easily and show their interest while practicing.

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A fighter never quits, we are born to break jaws. Stay focused & more strength

My teaching method are to stay focused and work main on students strength and to motivate them.

New Delhi
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Dont think just do it for yourself. Soon you will love this.

I want my client to be better than his or her present level and will make a real warrior in real life.

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Boxing is the Best art to be fil...As Health is Wealth. Be Martial

My teaching method is based on Practice of boxing, self defence techique with full decipline and patience to learn better

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Hi this is Anuditya from noida a professional boxer and a professional boxing coach I have done my professional boxing coach certification from England Member of elite fight club Bangkok Thailand hv d

I believe in traditional western boxing 6 months is very important in boxing when we work on basic of boxing about how to stance how throw the punches about fitness diet every thing after that I will work on techniques

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A graduate boxer is willing to make you graduate in boxing .so be fearless and box

My classes is based on techniques and endurance. Every class will have new things to learn.

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Student in boxing give coaching low to high level like national,& International

My coaching method is low to high level. I teach boxing step by step. I teach boxing for develop confidant.

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Practice makes a perfect man Regularity most important in all over man life

My coaching classes basically start and step by step.

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Professional boxer and gives coaching to those who wants to learn boxing.

I used 5D formula fpr success such as Diet, Determination, Dedication, Discipline and Diversity. You should work on this all .

Vinay kumar
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Boxing is a very good sport for health and positive anergy our body

My methodology i am very interested for boxing sports any entriested Porson i contact i will teaching my students

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A boxer with good skills teaches boxing for amature level competitions. Please feel free to contact

My mantra is hard work with smartness. I'll coach u in a very specific skill based way so that u can start winning.

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Real basic Boxing training for really dedicated people only!! Dedicated beginners must join.

My methadology is to Emphasize more on Basics while we are in the middle of the fight. Also the footwork, timing and the understanding opponent's speed also very much needed.

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New Delhi
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Gives boxing training in Gurugram, haryana. Have 3 academies and many students for learning

My teachin method is to tell students about how to learn basic things and techniques. That how to win in a ring.

Navi Mumbai
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THAI-BOXING & Kung Fu Association, Mumbai Self defense & Martial training Also build your inner strength Centers:- panvel, taloja, kharghar, vashi, koperkhairne, ghansoli

Our training methods are basics- intermediate- expert. We train students according to there physical n mental strength, It's starts with there basic physical training then basic Martial arts training n goes on....

Ankit kumar
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SHEORAN Boxing coach.sir I am interested in this job I am leave in Bhiwani. I am Diploma holder coach. Ex Navy

Sir I am teaching 10class sports subject and playing all the games every class time to time and good performance every student

Ashu sinha
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Hey I'm ashish ranjan, im senior state silver medalist of 2017, I have 5 years experience of boxing, nd now I'm preparing for national championship..

I have 5 years experience in boxing so I know what can i do better teach for my students because I know boxing r not easy game so ..

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

We give you a better option for boxing and fitness. Also a bodybuilding knowledge

My method is totally free not pressure only hardworking and I give u basic knowledge and training about boxing and fitness

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I am a National level boxer studying physiotherapy . Said as strength with brains

I am very flexible and understanding while it comes on teaching some one .

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Student base must be strong and the boxing is best way for fitness and his bright future

My training method are different and interested it s not very tough but not a so easy

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