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Learn martial arts with proper methods in ahmedabad near you and at your home.

learn martial arts with passion and willing heart you can get success in it.From this your body and health is maintained.Doing warm up early morning and few exercise to maintain your stamina.I treat you how to maintain your body and stamina.

New Delhi
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Dedicated and proactive individual with Black Belt 1st Dan, passed out from Delhi University with past experience in coaching and helping to gain ability to defend yourself.

My Taekwon-do journey started in 2012 in Assam where I successfully qualified to participate and hang the gold on my neck at district level, Regional level, National level competitions, inter department at Delhi University. It’s been five years of being a student of Taekwon-do.

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Learn karate, self defence and martial arts in nashik area . ...

LEARN KARATE, MARTIAL ARTS AND OTHER FORM OF COMBAT FOR YOUR SELF DEFENCE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Self Defense, Fitness and Yoga Trainer, Base - Martial Arts ,5yrs Experience as Trainer near Mira Road, Dahisar, Borivali, Kandivali, Malad, Goregaon

Martial Arts Trainer (For age 7 yrs and above) Focus- Self Defense, Fitness and Yoga Self Defense- Specialized techniques for defence against combat attacks, staff attacks and knife attacks. Fitness- To strengthen and condition the body so as to keep the body compact and agile. Yoga- To maintain balance between mind and body and to achieve peak abilities of mind. (Meditation, Asana, etc.

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College student giving self defence with martial arts and boxing training nearby.

I will be teaching martial arts, taekwondo, boxing and self defence online and offline. I am a trained black belt 2nd dan in shito ryu katate by WFSKO. I have also learned self defence in many camps and had played regional level boxing competition from KVS. I had played international karate tournament and won gold medals. I will be teaching this to all who are interested .

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Just become a winner and never give up and love yourself first

I am a blackbelt 1 dan in taekwondo and i m an international gold medalist And i everytime get down into the ring so that i learn something new which i could teach to my students i can even teach different types of martial arts too.

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Self disciplined and taught fighter in Mumbai training for five years in kick boxing.

I have given classes to beginners in my previous working location. Course duration and structure depends on student will and hard work. I intend to give tips and workout routine. One can ask any thing related to art of fighting and I do not teach weapon use.

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National Karate champion and black belt giving lessons in karate and fitness

Karate is a discipline that provides mental and physical fitness. Learning karate makes alert and fit to lead a good life. I provide my classes in a systematic and scientific way such that any student can learn this martial art. I will make sure each student reaches their fullest potential.

Mira Bhayandar
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Join Our Mixed Martial Arts Academy. If you are dedicated, we'll get you in the ring.

1) 3rd Dan Black belt in Karate. 2) 1st Dan Black belt in Kickboxing. 3) Certified Personal Trainer from K11 Fitness Aacademy. 4) Certified MMA Instructor Training from All India Mixed Martial Arts Association. 5) We are teaching different Martial Arts styles Kickboxing, Karate, Judo and Bjj.

Mira Bhayandar
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"Karate Black Belt Having Years of Practice and Teaching Experience from School Kids To Teen-agers & Adults"

My classes in which I have taken admission as a student almost 7-8 years ago currently I am teaching in that same Dojo Name as IGKOI which is in Mumbai Maharashtra,India. My teaching techniques are from basic levels to Advance technique depending on the age of the learner.

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Digital Marketing Manager for an agency in Mumbai, professional mma fighter in the making!

Martial Arts is not about attack; it's about knowing the attack and guarding against it. From self-defense to full contact, I will teach you only what you need to know. There is no beginner, intermediate and advance classes in reality when you come up against a force stronger than you.

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Your body is your weapon, trained it regularly and march confidently always

I try to focus on basic part which I feel that I can do it well and then improve them and gear up to more higher techniques and flow step by step.

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Silambam a self defence art and physical fitness of ancient india சிலம்பம்

Silambam is our ancient self defense art with bare hands and sticks. There are different of silambam techniques in that we teach the most basic and intermediate alangara varisai. If we learnt alangara varisai then other advances are very easy in silambam.

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Be like a good Water,and always feel happy, Fight is not a good choice, always try to be aware from fight

I am a martial artist. I love martial arts, I know Karate, self defense, Wing chun, basic exercise.

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Self defence pratice 3 month experience gov.girls high school n i want to vanaras for trainning

my self ravi kumar now i"m present in banaras hindu universiy from department of physical education and now i'm trainning of all sports eg. badminton,atheletics ,hockey,etc...

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Boxing, kick boxing, weight loss, weight gain, weight training, gym training

I am sports player. I won two time state medalist in wu shu. I am also black belt. I am also Fitness trainer. I am free lancer trainer. I know muscle knowledge. I have fitness trainer certificate.

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Be fit with martial art and yoga, at satara ,pune and mumbai

Hello very one ,i am highly professional Martial Art and yoga trainer,I have been work in profession from last 10 to 15 years, i have train many state and national players in my acadamy, U can learn many type of Martial Art like (karate,kickboxing,Aikido,weapons,selfdefence and many more fitness thing)and in yoga (meditation, less ur streets,relaxation,Wight loss and many more).

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My name is Kiran Pawar, Taekwondo player from Bangalore, Karnataka. I have been training in this Martial art from past 15 years. I have won a lot of medals in the state level, national level and also represented India in a couple of international tournaments. I have also coached the Karnataka junior team for the National level tournament and finished 4th in the tournament.

Lyon 7e
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Teachers with professional qualification gives Krav Maga, Self Defense and sport lessons in Lyon

Lessons for all levels at home / private room (equipped with advanced equipment) for children, teens, adults, seniors, women. Krav maga learning SYSTEM with a global approach to the management of aggression.

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Chuan Chi Kung Personal Defense Palma De Mallorca

At 7 years of age shows your interest and search with different Masters in the way of martial arts. He begins his training through various disciplines of both competition in the field of contact sports, as well as the work of cultivating and refining inner energy (chi) and meditation.

Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
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Train. Combat. Subsist. Real personal defense in Puebla, personal tutoring at home or class card.

Artemarcialist and trained trainer with 10 years of experience. The training program is aimed at anyone woman or man from the age of 10 onwards, there is no limit, everyone can learn. It is a system based on 4 different martial arts that will allow you to increase your probability of survival in situations of real danger, NOT a CONTACT SPORT.

San Diego
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Effective self-defense classes in San Diego CA for all levels and ages

I start my training in martial arts 18 years ago. At first I start with full contact passing trough Krav Maga and Thai box until I found my way with Kung fu and Thai chi practice. This last for the last 14 years.

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Boxing classes with functional and physical preparation, learning techniques and real beatings focused on self-defense.

My boxing methodology is simple and complex at the same time. Working simple techniques, from less to more, until achieving excellence in hitting and techniques, to achieve long combinations of high demands in difficult conditions for the student. I like to focus my workouts towards personal defense, in possible real situations, both outside and inside the ring.

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Cardio Boxing / Boxing / Savate Defense Coach for all levels in Lyon, BPJEPS diploma pugilistic activities.

Certified boxing teacher, I offer personal boxing classes, cardio boxing but also savate boxing and defense savate.

São Paulo
Rodrigo de jesus
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Motivational classes, which will challenge you and make you seek your best

My classes are developed through a custom method. Where I work a specific need of the student. Be it improved physical fitness, self-defense, high-performance training. Each class is different from one another ... In one day we can do technical part and in the other to be physical part. But each class is motivating and challenging.

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"Can not be touched" I offer martial arts, boxing and kickbiking training fitness or techniques.

My name is Mahmoud Elsayed, Egyptian. Kickboxing coach at Dragon's Den Dojo in Cairo. for the moment i live in Bonn, Germany. I usually start with basics of boxing and kickboxing and depend on level of trainees. in a month your fitness level wants to be high on second step of professional techniques. Facebook: (concealed information) Whatsapp: +2(concealed information)7 waiting for you ...

São Paulo
Pedro victor
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Kung Fu Instructor - Southern Style (8 years of experience, active athlete / competitor, dynamic methodology, instructor very patience)

Dynamic methodology according to the student's objective and development. The basic training routine involves stretching / warming, physical conditioning, techniques (southern style), application demonstration, application, applied fighting techniques, "shade" / light combat, combat (classical and / or sanshou fighting).

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Former military troop of naval advice and preparation for a commitment in the French army. Major promotion mentioned very well. Many specialties. Marseille and surroundings.

Hello I am a former soldier of the Navy Troops. Major promotion 17.5 of average overall mention very well. Specialist combatant infantry 00 specialist radio communications Specialist missile Milan.

Rio de Janeiro
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Classes of Portuguese for foreigners, I graduated in physical education (licenciatura), also of the Martial Art class FILIPINA.

We believe that the best process of teaching learning is the systematic exposure to language because I did this inverse path with English, without rules. The student to feel at ease in the martial art-like class you need to practice to learn more easily and in context.

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Kung-fu / Taichi / Shaolin 10 years of teaching experience proposes lessons in central Rome-first English / Chinese

Kung Fu, Tai Chi for All Levels I speak Chinese, English, and a little English for: strength, relax muscle, personal defense, calm article: warming, position, punch, soccer, very style, weapon, or meditation. Style: South Shaolin, North Shaolin, Tai-chi. Soft, not strong. Half an hour at your hour.

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