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Concert Healer with 10 years experienced of Meditation and energy healing therapy.

My teaching and therapy module is based on ancient science of energy healing based on the concept that our physical body has also one energy body and whatever negative thoughts and disease we have its first came in the energy body and then its enter into our physical body .

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Specialist on Modern Message Therapy with special skill in riki and chi therapy by knowledge of HUMONOLOGY

My Therapy base on Pain relive, bone brakes and muscular issues problem! and skin related problem handling. Message Therapy with Riki and Chi Therapy! After practicing Yoga and Martial Arts I used the Chi power to do Message to Heal Our body! Some special treatment available for girls at their own home.

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Meditation and breathing techniques....relax ,explore ur self deep within and transform yourself

I guide the meditation using various commentaries to increase the Alertness of your Five senses along with different BREATHING TECHNIQUES. Different breathing techniques and meditation increases your inner peace concentration,focus,clarity of thoughts,confidence and above all gives you tremendous POSITIVITY and stability.

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For Perfact Health $ For Right Choices In Life Learn Reiki Fast Way To Solve All Problems

I am Reiki Master Healer for Last 5 yrs and Providing solutions for Past Present and Future helping to Get Relief for any problem Which They are Facing Very Quickly Either By Healing or By Telling The Way To Solve .

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Get Reiki classes through Midhila Reiki. first degree , second degree, third degree and master degree courses. India Traditional reiki with certificate.

Traditional Reiki methods, Using symbols, Attunements for each degree given individually..Do reiki . Make them practice reiki till the student become co fident .

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Holistic wellness from yoga and meditation to reiki and hair cuts x

My classes are based on the students needs, And required at the point of contact.

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Reiki master gives reiki first, second and master degree classes of Grand Master Usui lineage at Delhi. Be trained in this art of healing within a few weeks! Classes whenever you want.

I teach whenever the student is ready for it. No force. I give 21 days after level 1 for self healing. After that student can go for level and 3 anytime he/she wants.

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I am reiki healer, motivator and tell all you guys to stay positive

My teaching method is very simple and customer friendly

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If it can be of any assistance, can provide classes for reiki and yoga.

My teaching methods are very simple and easy. I am approachable for queries. The answers provided are defenet. My classes are very beneficial not just in talking terms.

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Reiki Master willing to promote healing through Distant healing sessions and deep meditations.

Reiki is a medium by which energy flows to 27 points on the body and a complete session lasts around 1 1/2 hrs.

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Learn the art of applying Reiki to every situation of your life or simply take a healing session either physical or distance to experience it's benefits on yourself.

I prefer explaining everything in detail during the class and also guide students after the course in applying the techniques in day to day life.

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1st class FREE!

Hipnotharapy , bars and tichi ,yoga teacher group sessions based on suitable time

Basic information and clarification Based on group of people the method can be accordingly accommodated

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Freelance Graphic Designer giving tarot and angel/oracle dard reading, hypnotherapy & meditation classes online on Skype or in Chandigarh

I help people with hypnotherapy & meditation by teaching & providing them with crystal clear instructions through voice on how to go about them and in which proper way to perform them so as to make it more effective in helping them overcome all their anxieties and stress. I also provide them transcripts for the same.

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All Student's Learns Best Super MEDITATION Technics & Benefits of MEDITATION Ok.

My Teaching methods are very best and easy to understand.

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Reiki Master, Angel Therapist, Crystal Therapy, Meditation and Positive Thinking at Ahmedabad

Hello!! I teach Reiki (all levels-I II & III), Karuna Reiki, Angel Therapy, Angel Card Reading, Positive Thinking, Meditation and Personal counselling. Anyone who is interested in personal development, spiritual growth and guidance can learn Reiki. Learning Reiki is always relaxing.

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College students and housewife are in Mumbai with 15 years experience give you healing techniques and reiki master and acupressure therapist at home

This is the alternative medicine this is spiritual healer and reiki master and acupressure therapist and massage techniques and also naturopathy my experience is last 15 years i am ketan shah mobile phone number.

New Delhi
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Learn Reiki First Level for concentration, touch healing and for stress management

Reiki First Degree About Course Level 1 of Reiki is first step to enter the world of positivity and connecting with Divine Power. At Level 1, you get initiated into positive energy by Reiki Grandmaster and feel that energy in your hands and palms. Level one is all about touch healing for self and others.

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A 10 years experienced Healer with extra care for stressed and other problems

My teaching method is mainly based on ancient science of energy healing where we check the energy level of the energy chakras and nadies which control all the emotions and thoughts in our mind and as well as in our energy body and also in our physical body .

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Hatha Yoga teacher gives private lessons (any age!) Near Deauville in a Zen workshop at the seaside or at home.

My method is free and personal because it draws its roots in different spiritual and cultural fields. A Yoga session lasts an average of 1h to 1h30. We start with a series of warm-ups, then Yoga postures adapted to your physical condition and your needs. I use different postures, very gentle techniques and respectful of the body.

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Usui / Holy Fire II Reiki sessions with Reiki master - it will be a pleasure to welcome you!

I am a Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master practitioner and trained in London. I offer Reiki sessions as well as courses in Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki. I also organise group events - please see my website for more details. Holy Fire Reiki is a new form of Reiki that was introduced about three years ago by the ICRT.

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Teacher for more than 15 years teaches meditation, massage, art therapy, music therapy, energy therapy for beginners and advanced

Define your objectives during a first interview. Definition of your personal commitment. Definition of my commitment to assist you in the realization of your project (s). I lean to help you on a personalized method in 30/60 or 90 days that I created. This method is the result of personal work and accompaniment over 15 years and is very effective in achieving your goals. Guaranteed results.

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Give meditation classes, massage, art therapy, music therapy, energy treatment for beginners and advanced

An experience close to death at the age of 24 years and many years of internal work, supported by the meeting with Tibetan, Indian, Japanese and Moroccan masters in particular allowed me to develop and deepen qualities that I put at the service of your needs

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Practice and teaches for over 15 years: meditation, massage, art therapy, music therapy, energy treatment for beginners and advanced

I teach meditation, massage, music therapy for beginner, intermediate, advanced levels at all ages. My specialty: to help you reconnect with your fundamental nature, free, happy, peaceful. I rely on this for several techniques. I mainly use listening, breathing observation, guidance by my voice and the sound of Tibetan bowls or crystal.

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Life coach for individual sessions of meditation, relaxation and touch for health.

My techniques will be adapted to your needs and I help you to improve your well-being, manage stress and relieve tensions in the body. They can calm down and help you to improve your emotional balance, a better sleep and serenity.

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Energetic Universe - How to Harness, Share and Heal with Universal Energy Intentions, Breath, Visualizations, Channeling, Mudras, Sounds, Crystals ☆ Connection with Universal Energies

As we, each and all of us are Unique, every teachings are unique too. Here, we will learn and Feel different ways of healing accross our World, then venture deeper into Energetic Healing.

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Recovery and Wellness Coach with 5 years experience gives meditation, nutrition and recovery classes.

As a Recovery and Wellness Consultant, I create an environment with my clients that aids in raising their vibration. Using techniques such as Meditation to silence the mind, Reiki for healing and detoxing methods for clearing negativity such as switching to a plant-based diet has helped my clients gain a sense of awareness and open the connection to the higher self.

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Advanced Therapeutic Therapist with Neuromuscular knowledge, Injury Rehabilitation skills, and Trauma-Informed Care Provider.

I teach to each individual student. I must gain an understanding of how the student learns in order to deliver education appropriately. ~ I utilize an Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic (AVK) model of instructing. It is vital for me to incorporate all levels of engagement so students get the most from the lesson. ~ I can modify my lesson plans to involve a group dynamic if needed.

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Yoga teacher, trauma survivor/thriver, former social worker and reiki certified since 2013. Also have been studying/practicing tarot and astrology in conjunction so full of intuitive tricks

I first determine what someone wants to learn. Then we determine capacity for learning, strengths that need to be stimulated and fundamentals that need to be worked on. There are many traps in healing and I've been through most of them so mostly my goal is to diagnose a healing trap and help pull you out to minimize harmful effects.

San Agustín del Guadalix
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Meditation, Mindfulness, Intuition, Empath and Yoga Teacher in the North Zone of Madrid

My methodology is to design individualized sessions, specific to the needs of my clients. My Youtube channel is available for consultation. The link below is just the introduction of my channel. It's my entire channel, dedicated to these topics in the generalized way so you can see exactly what I do. Although my channel is in English I do sessions in both English and Spanish.

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