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Dr komal
1st class FREE!

Healing your body and soul through Ayurveda 'the science of life' .

Teaching includes herbal remedies, ayurvedic science, yoga meditation and Naturopathy. Life style changes through Ayurveda , how to incorporate Ayurveda in our daily life.

1st class FREE!

Now Its Time to Change in Lifestyle with Ayurveda and Panchagavya !!

Topic base teaching, a topic must be clear in mind till can not move on next topic, its important to learn properly about health related topics. we taught without medicine therapy like acupressure therapy, eating habits and naturopath too.

New Delhi
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1st class FREE!

Best and Easy Weightloss Methods without any Fat Loss Supplement,It's all Natural.Nutrition guidance,Ayurvedic guidance and Eating habits

My teaching method is very simple and comfortable and for14-45 age group.I teach the basic principle for Weightloss and gain both.You will be very comfortable because my teaching is for diet management not about what to eat or not.

1st class FREE!

Learn Healthy eating, cooking, Weight loss and Mindfullness from Nutritionist Divya Online!

Health is the most precious thing we have! We need to learn to preserve it! I love helping people live healthy life, age strongly and be away from lifestyle diseases. By qualification i am a Nutritionist and since a decade have been helping people. In todays time more than knowledge we need motivation to do it! And thats what I will be helping you to do...

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1st class FREE!

Ayurvedic doctor, gives classes in all Ayurvedic subjects, to students pursuing BAMS degree

My classes are exam oriented. I base my classes on university prescribed syllabus.

Dr. mrs. ayesha
1st class FREE!

Spandana healing astro vastu reiki training and counseling online center wagholi pune

We take Personal classes week day week end batches both. The batches are every week. we conduct aura scanning at the time of registration. two days 4 hours training for each level, after the technique has to be practised for 21 days without any gap. this practise of 21 days can be done at our center or at their own place.

1st class FREE!

Teaching Healthy lifestyle for women's regarding various gynaecological diseases of today's generation

My teaching method.... topic wise like on different diseases...on their causes,Symptoms ,treatment ,diet,lifestyle ....

1st class FREE!

Ayurveda- Traditional Way to Healthy life. Made to Teach, Understand and experience the effects if Ayurveda to your Mind, Body and Soul. I am a Bachelor in Ayurveda, Pursuing Post Graduation In Ayurve

My teaching Method will be Based on the complete in depth knowledge on Ayurveda. The classes will be theoretical mostly and Practicals along with it. I will be taking classes to those who are having knowledge about Ayurveda and to those who are having a great interest in knowing about Ayurveda and its benefits.

Dr sudhir
1st class FREE!

Senior Ayurvedic physician and Health Insurance Advisor with 28 years of Experience gives classes at Home

My teaching method is to impart my Ayurvedic Knowledge in simple and lucid manner in local language or the language which the student understand. I base my class on practical and theory step - by - step. I approach the topic by understanding the students basic awareness to the subject.

1st class FREE!

Get the inner beauty through ayurveda( the science of life) by ayurveda specialist

my classes will be for non ayurveda persons as well as for who want to take advance knowlegde in ayurveda. class will start from ayurveda basic and understand its utility for maintaing health and implemention of ayurveda knowledge in daily routein.

(3 reviews)
1st class FREE!

M. S in Ayurveda, teaching Ayurveda, Surgery, Medical Physiology, Gynaecology & Obstetrics.

I am teaching in a way that student doesn't require much effort after the class. I lay emphasis to make concepts clear to atudents so that they don't need to cram the topics.

1st class FREE!

Expert in teaching Meditation,weight loss, Motivation etc. home classes also available Nabha(PatialaPunjab)

My method is very simple after simple exercise and warm up meditation is followed by Pranayam. Meditation will be in sleeping posture. Eating habits decrease weight. Also motivation through lectures and telephonic conversation available for meditation and motivation guidelines.

1st class FREE!

Acupuncturist for the past 12 years, specialized in Indian Acupuncture and Tamil Herbs

My teaching method will be approaching the topic with day-to-day life activities and comparing with the mother nature. Then how to deal with illness without any harmful drugs that are highly prescribed in our modern life. Will teach about the "Way of life.

Hem bahadur
(1 review)
1st class FREE!

Friends Prevention is better than cure n it's only possible by Ayurveda

As it's the first time I m approaching to public so just Wana give suggestions about how to prevent life style diseases as 80% diseases r life style diseases. Also I m member of Keva Ayurveda whose products can cure cancer kidney problems n diabetes too.

1st class FREE!

Yoga Therapy Classes For Disease Management! - Healthy Life Clinic, Baleswar, Odisha, India

I will speak about the importance of Yoga and explain how it can benefit our lives. I would need to know if the person I am teaching has any kind of disease or pain which he or she is suffering from and teach various Yogic techniques or therapy to put an end to such pain. These steps will benefit him or her for a life time.

(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Consultant physician with 2 years of experience gives online classes to Ayurveda enthusiasts

* Based on Classical treatises * Emphasis on applied aspects * Reinforced with case discussions * Introduction to Variant therapies

1st class FREE!

Scientist with more than 6 years of experience in teaching and research in pharmacy

My teaching methodology is simple and interesting. I emphasis on understanding the concept and look for its applications and interesting aspects rather than just engulfing it. I constantly look for practical aspects of a topic and this makes my teaching interesting and motivating.

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

A medico guiding about issues from teaching, health matters, lifestyle, nutrition, sleep to life science.

I teach on rigorous evaluation of the student by finding his\ her strength\ weaknesses, covering more text material than the given one, I am known as a great teacher amongst my students.

1st class FREE!

Healthy Mind lies in healthy body. So lets begin a healthy day with healthy habit!! Train the right way to meditate and right way to live healthy life. I can travel up to 9-10 kms for training an enth

I practice Yoga and have knowledge in field on basis of my learning and practice, so I train those who are interested and value time. Trained many interested candidates. I start with basic knowledge and and then make practice "Pranayam", than move for "asanas" with knowledge their benefits. Which results in better and healthy life of practitioner.

Sp.ranga rao
(1 review)
1st class FREE!

Fundamentals in Ayurveda towards diagnosis and treatment with medicines and their preparations

Answering the questions,of,students,sometimes diagrammatic presentations.following the fundamentals of Ayurvedic doignostic methodologies and taking the advantage of modern diagnostics in helping the ailing individuals.

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

2.5 years in Power Yoga with tremendous weight loss results of approx 10 kg in a month. Have an experience among 100-150 people at a time. Weekend batches also available. Charges are nominal. Diet cha

Power Yoga relates to vigorous combination of standing and sitting asanas, deep breathing activities provided with customized diet chart according to age and health problems. Batches available on weekends also. Special batches for college students, working professionals or a personal class.

1st class FREE!

Yoga and Meditation (Life Energy Functions) Sessions: Circling of +ve & -ve energies in the Human body; Entering into the Etheric body; Anti-Ageing (Breathing Techniques); DNA Activation (O...U...M...

Circling of +ve & -ve energies in Human body Entering into Etheric body Immunity (Natural Theosophy) Meditative Catharsis (Body, Mind & Emotions) Anti-Aging (Breathing methods) ...

1st class FREE!

[ immortal plus + fitness channel (stay fit stay healthy) with hussain ]

Hello I am ARYAN HUSSAIN. My only mission is spread the knowledge of fitness, how to eat healthy & nutritionus food , how to fit, how to get rid from stressed life.

1st class FREE!

Colour Therapy - Online, classroom and whatsapp workshop is available in this topic

For further details on workshop contact us Venue : Classroom workshop , Online Workshop and Whatsapp workshop (Please confirm your program) Age : 18+ Minimum qualification : Basic understanding of colors Benefits : Health , Wealth and spiritual benefits are very abundant in this color therapy.

1st class FREE!

Almost 9 year of experience in Ayurveda exploring true ayurveda to society.

i teach each and every topics from basics to its example. And gives the very practical and logical view of each topic. Explore the ayurveda topic to alopathic database. i preferre two way teaching is the best teaching, both student and teacher involve in the on going topics.

1st class FREE!

BAMS graduate gives relaxation and meditation lessons to secondary school students in nanded maharashtrai

General Practitioner serving primarily uninsured and low income patients. Skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from diseases such as asthma, hypertension, diabetes and strokes. Excellent reputation for patient service and superior clinical skills and Panchkarma. LIKES TO EDUCATE PEOPLE.

1st class FREE!

I am a bams student and I would like to help the students from same field with my knowledge and spread the beauty of ayurved to others

Teaching method based on CCIM syllabus point of view and also describe how to prepare for exam and write exams easily I only teach some subjects like: Dravya guna Agatha tantra Rasasastra Prasuthi tantra swasthavrittam And I provide notes for the subjects .

1st class FREE!

Diploma Panjakarma Body Massage Therapy for 1 month course in Sriperumbudur for central government

we are giving diploma ayurvedic panjakarma massage therapy classes short time classes 7 days to 2 years central government both gender men and woman classes Diploma ayurvedic spa, diploma Panjakarma Spa, aromatherapy, beauty classes also call (concealed information) we have placement too

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