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Teacher learning to eat well

Jasleen is a very compassionate, kind, flexible and an understanding person. She has helped many people and including this particular client with multiple psychological disabilities. She has a very open and custom approach which helps the client in...


Teacher learning to eat well

She took time to understand my issues patiently and she helped me with various techniques. I have been learning meditation from her for over a year and I can truly feel like a changed person- I feel calmer and happier. Also, since she is helping me...

Robert, 2 months ago


Teacher learning to eat well

Insightful, intuitive, deeply spiritual, and compassionate. Venkatamrudula brings one into their deepest self where God can be approached. A rare blessing to have as a mentor.

Joe, 3 months ago


Teacher learning to eat well

She has really helped me with my anxiety issues with amazing meditation techniques. I feel calmer, more confident and I am able to manage issues better. I will definitely continue with her as my teacher.

Priyanka, 5 months ago


Teacher learning to eat well

Harshit was great working with he did explain to me some question, we did not do further study as i was not availabel to continue but over haul he is very understanding and great person to work with

Errol, 5 months ago


Teacher learning to eat well

She is a very good teacher. She listens to the problems carefully , uses her expertise be and insights and offers a customised solution. She us very up-to-date in her field. She has excellent communication skills and communicates her thoughts and...

Ps, 8 months ago


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Be taught with a private teacher: an essential requirement sometimes

Learning to become a Nutritionist has no age bar. Try Superprof today!

Nutrition has become a part and parcel of our lives. Now more than ever people are becoming vigilant towards what they eat, at what time do they eat and how they eat their food. It all depends on your basic knowledge about human anatomy and about the food that you are going to take. From keeping a check on the daily calorie count to structuring your diabetic diet, each and everything is connected with your nutritional values acquired by the food we all eat. Hence, studying nutrition is not just something to get you ahead in academics but it can also help you stay fit and healthy.

But, who is going to provide you with the required knowledge about your nutritional intake and its values. The dieticians and doctors in India are not very keen on giving free advice. Moreover, nutrition in India is a buzzing topic today, so everyone wants to take a piece of it. You need a source, be it a tutor, a coach, a dietician, or even a mentor who has the relevant experience and knowledge of this subject. And that is exactly what you are going to get on Superprof.

How does Nutritional Studies work?

There is a thin line difference between a dietetics course and a nutritional course. Dietetics is more concerned with what food you are eating, and nutrition takes care of the aspect of the betterment of health via the food you eat.

As a nutritionist, your job is to advise people on what kind of diet they should eat. For instance, there is a Mediterranean diet, diabetic diet, keto diet, and whatnot. All these food clusters comprise different health benefits. What comes in these diets is the job of a dietician. Understand the difference between these two.

The colleges and universities offering nutritional study courses are basically training you in various aspects of the human body. This includes the metabolism, microbiology, chemistry, and other such fields that have a direct or indirect relation with the food that we eat.

As a nutritionist you need to develop a sound understanding of your body and how does it react to the food we eat. And if not for others, you can easily learn a lot about your own nutrition and plan your diet accordingly to get the best out of your diet plan.

Sportspersons, bodybuilders or even celebrities rely on such nutritionists to help them understand their body requirements and eat food accordingly. It all takes some experience and intricate knowledge of your internal body system.

Why is Nutrition Important for me?

Isn’t that the million-dollar question? Well, to begin with, nutrition is not just an important aspect for you, but everybody that you see around yourself. Be it in your families, friends, colleagues, among others.

The benefits of a balanced nutritional diet are unmatched and you need to make sure that you are taking an adequate amount of nutrition every day. There are a lot of medical conditions, both physical and mental, that can be attenuated with the help of a good nutritional diet.

For instance, conditions related to your heart, lungs, kidneys, bones, and whatnot are all somehow affected by your diet. A Mediterranean diet is recommended for those who are looking to shed some weight along with maintaining a strong body. Keto diet is specifically good for the overweight and those who cannot indulge in much exercise.

The decisiveness of these diets depends on the present conditions and a few other variables. And only a nutritionist can understand the intricate requirements of the body and match them with the kind of food that is best for those conditions.

Academic Courses for Nutrition:

In India, nutritional studies have recently gained a lot of importance. Although, these kind of courses were available as attachments to other streams and courses, but today we see a dedicated degree or diploma course for this field.

On a school level, you or your child needs to study physics, chemistry, and biology. This is the basic educational achievement that is needed for taking up higher studies in nutrition.

Colleges like the National Institute of Nutrition in Hyderabad, or the Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi have degree courses in nutrition. There is BSc in Food Science and Nutrition or even MSc in Nutrition. For diploma courses, you can go for PG Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition.

And these aren’t the only courses that can help you get educated in this field. You will find a lot of other courses offered by both private and state-run institutions. Academic institutions like the National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad is totally dedicated to covering all the aspects of nutrition. It aims to train, coach, and tutor students to excel in this field as well.

Private Tutoring for Nutritional Studies:

Be it academic help or you want to train yourself to be a good nutritionist, private tutoring can get you there. Because the majority of the students and parents are not very eager to make a career in nutrition, most of the coaching institutes that you find won’t offer any sort of help.

But private tutoring on Superprof, where you will find more than 2800 teachers from this field will certainly help you get there. At Superprof, we have curated a list of the best teachers and coaches in the country only to get them to share their expertise and knowledge with those who require it.

It is here that you can get online or face to face classes from tutors spanning from all over the country. Choose the one you like the best, ask them questions, and get tutored only to excel as a nutritionist.

The purposes can be varied, but the knowledge that you will gain will certainly be promising and helpful. Join Superprof today and start searching for your best nutrition teacher in India. And not only this, you will get the first class free from almost all the teachers on our platform. You can also choose teachers based on your location, your schedule, and the pricing structure. Everything is sorted to get you started.

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