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Tuition Classes in Kolkata for Nutrition , Dietetics, Sports Diet , Renal Diet and Diabetology

I understand the different needs of each different and I use my technique accordingly . Classes are for B.Sc to M.Sc Nutrition students . I accommodate maximum 15 students at a time. One to two classes in a week.

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Study abroad in Pharmacy gives tuition in Pharmacology (Full Topic), Pharmacognocy & Pharmaceuticals.

My teaching method is totally conceptual and very interesting to real life. My subjects of teaching are- Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Physical Pharmacy & Cosmetics. I teach by modern technique using Videos lecture, Power Point Presentation and by other useful methods.

Dr s chand
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Community Medicine Professional with Passionate Teaching welcomes you all Health care Professionals

I used to prefer Online Teaching platform so that it reaches Millions in need of quality education in Health care field. My classes will benefit the students of Medicine particularly Community Medicine / Preventive and Social Medicine / Public Health, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Paramedical courses.

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Nurse is not only for serving the society but also to disseminate knowledge to growing buds

My aim is to assist, encourage and support students to achieve their learning goals. In my classroom I believe that all students have the fundamental right to have access to a successful and fulfilling education in order to be productive and valuable members of society. I strongly believe that there is no one size fits all approach to pedagogy and learning.

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Lecturer in nursing...Specialized in paediatric nursing...Taken first aid classes for ug students

My teaching method is lecture cum discussion.I make use of pnemonics and real life examples to make the idea clear.I can explain complex matters in simple terms.Explanation is done quoting examples and active participation from the part of students.

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A MBBS graduate working in hospital as ICU registrar and preparing for post graduation exam

I will be taking up the topics, my students will be interested in and then elaborate them and explaining them from basics and their usage of those concepts in day to day life and how to achieve excellence in them

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Educate Yourself And Be Blessed As Nursing Person That Chrerish and Love

Assess previous Knowledge Give An Intro Develop Interest Among Group Go Through The Topic ,Sideways Feedback Clear doubts, Summarise, Recaptualise and evaluate Power Point Presentations, Images, Animations, Notes my personal notes to help u clear your doubts and updated plus valid information

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I am employ in cancer foundation hospital in operation theater in-charge

my teaching method is very simple and individual class and group classes so my specialty is cardiac surgery and anatomy and massage therapy study and some time nutrition giving a guide line so i am very very happy in teaching point

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Nursing expert gives help in assignments and projects for the theory and practicals

My teaching methods are purely practical and correlated with Theoretical topics also .I will present my teaching in the power point presentation to which the students can easily understand and correlate with the clinical teachings .

Ekta rajkishor
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Teacher in higher secondary school giveing tution in human and social science. i having two year experience.

My teaching method is very sample easy for undersatand any average / weak students. we are conducting weekly test for proper monitering the students. we are sending the weekly and monthly test report to parents for his satisfaction. we are creating the talent.

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Post graduate student in Public health gives tutions in Nursing and Social sciences

My approach of teaching is going from simple to complex, from known facts to unknown facts.

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Approach to practical Orthopaedics. learn how to be an independent and successful.

My methology is to create an interest in the area of Orthopaedics. help individuals to understand the basic sciences, fundamentals, logic and execution. If one is good in foundation the future construct will be strong and predictable. Learning with understanding is the goal.

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I can save life by giving Emergancy first aid! Can you? If not then call me

I teach scientific emergency handling first aid coaching on dummy.

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HELLO, Students i am here to make things easy and interesting.

Discussion Method Inductive Method Deductive Method

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Student in educate all first aid and all medical nursing care and all clinical study doing here.

My teaching method is today world health organization and american nursing association protocols.and I use theoretical and practically knowledge giving.

Dr. anil
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Everyone must know about first aid to help family and all nears

I use mixed pedagogy and some part of learning helped to implement andragogy as well.

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Student in medical school give tutions in health and welfare and biology

My teaching method is friendly and i concentrate on clearing the basics of each and every topic i teach to students

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Antomy & physiology, medicine, surgery, microbiology rajkot gujarat msc. nursing (post graduation (research scholar )

Usually, i use lecture cum discussion for teaching with white board. class structure should be small means it should contain not more than 20 students. i have command at all medical subject thoroughly.

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Basic fire and safety knowledge for freshers, Safety awareness in constrution ,tutorial of nebosh IGC classes

My teaching method is like theory with practical examples through pictures and videos.

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Student in science school or general gives tutions in science , social science and biology from primary to high school in gujrat

my taching method is very simple for understanding student , i base my class on students , i approch the topic from basic so every student are understand what i am trying to say and they understand me properly

Dr rahul
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A great personality completes with a bright SMILE and happyness in you

My teaching will be based on our basic essential needs to maintain good oral hygiene and bright smile in daily life.

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Clinician and Professor in Physiotherapy teach/ guide in Physiotherapy and Academic Administration

My standard method is to specify the purpose of every Lecture and also to justify its need in the curriculum, followed by the lecture and I like to end the class with discussions on the topic taken.

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I agree , a teacher very useful person for improving our society .

My teaching method improving our culture structure . Our society in increasing wrong thing . i want to stop it by our students whices a responsible person of tomorrow . so that this based of my class .

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First aid in emergency and trauma and Basic Life Support for All

Interaction with attendees and try to make their concept clear from basics! Examples,scenarios and live medical examples will make listeners to a understand better

Anuj pratap
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I have a good talent for this position So I can do this

My teaching method is very simple and very strong and student will be so intrested to attend to my class

Dura Bahadurpetta
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Associate Professor in a govt. Medical college in India wants to give lecturer on health topics.

My teaching methodology is oral,blackboard and power point presentation. Sometimes I use video presentation also. I can explain the topic in detail.

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Professional work in Indore.. pharmaceutical company and my graduation B-pharma.... pharmaceutical Pharmacy Allopathic medicine

My teaching methods is first aid for example allopathic medicine and health protection... Environmental problems and pollution.... and advise fully well health..

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