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New Delhi
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Do you want to learn Portuguese? Have online classes with a Brazilian teacher.

I don't follow specific materials, and I don't use a single method. I base my classes on each student's needs, approaching each topic as necessary. Based on your level, I'll adapt our classes so you can make the best of them.

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Fascination of Learning Portuguese - Brazil and Portugal and shine your career in Delhi

My teaching method is -- I approach my class with enthusiasm and provides basic knowledge of the subject to perfection. I cover all the topics in an appropriate manner and discuss about the aspect of the topic in a specific...

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A local brasilian gives portuguese classes here in mumbai and thane to anyone who wants to learn

The course is divided in basic and intermediate. Basic covers around 12-15 topics and takes a session of two weeks , two hours per day.

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Learn Portuguese with JOHN - Enhance language skills by adding trendy lingo to your profile for superior prospect

>> Accentuating on LRSW – Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing >>Starting from scratch of language (i,e.

Paris 11e
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BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE COURSES - Adapted to your needs, interests and requests - Native teacher

Olá, I am Brazilian and I am a Portuguese teacher from Brazil! Graduated at the Center of Letters and Arts at UNIRIO University in Rio de Janeiro, I have more than 7 years experience teaching Portuguese as a foreign language. I offer you a dynamic course, with stimulating and contextualized activities, centered on conversation.

Paris 8e
(9 reviews)
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Native Portuguese from Porto, gives Portuguese lessons in Paris (75000) - Home and Webcam - simple and effective methodology.

Olá, I am Portuguese and I am Portuguese teacher from Portugal! Graduated at IPAM Porto, I have more than 7 years of experience in teaching especially children. I propose a dynamic course, with stimulating and contextualized activities, focused on conversation and pronunciation. I use themes that integrate into the conversation: grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, reading and writing.

São Paulo
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Portuguese for Foreigners - Portuguese teacher with 7 years of experience in São Paulo

I am a graduate and a Master in Portuguese-Language Arts from USP. My master's degree is aimed at the area of ​​Portuguese for Foreigners. I took courses and participated in events and research groups on Portuguese Foreign Language. I developed and taught preparatory course on Celpe-Bras. I adapt my classes according to the need, the interest and the objective of each student.

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Invest in your future and grow with the Portuguese Course for Spanish, English, Italian and French speakers.

Bachelor of Arts and Professor of Portuguese Language (PLE). Born in Portugal and resident in Venezuela with native level of Spanish. Online course with the method of the Portuguese Teaching Manual XXI. We work the exercises of the Student Book and those of the Exercise Book. In addition, any other material that is necessary to improve the learning of the students according to their needs.

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Teacher of experienced Portuguese, for foreigners or natives, with own space (households included)

I bet on unconventional methods, close to the culture and essence of the student (s). I have extensive experience with any age group, with a preference in adult education, due to the delivery that it places in a job, which aims to be serious, judicious and stimulating.

(17 reviews)

Individual Portuguese classes for all levels, including Literacy and Language Teaching for Foreigners

I am graduated in International Relations from La Salle Canoas University. I have proficiency in English and Spanish. I worked for 5 years in a multinational of technology, which made me acquire international experience living in Panama for 1 year. In that country, I also had the opportunity to work voluntarily in an NGO teaching the Portuguese language to low-income children.

São Paulo
(64 reviews)

Portuguese education for foreigners who wish to increase their communication capacity in Brazil in order to reach their goals

My goal is to enable foreigners to understand Portuguese in a light and dynamic way. In order for learning to take place effectively, I seek to create a personalized material for each student, always based on the practice of exercises along the theoretical basis.

São Paulo
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Portuguese for foreigners - (Need to speak English, or have some fluency with Portuguese)

I believe that learning grammar is secondary (although necessary) when you want to learn a new language. Speaking and listening are what really matter when you want to learn a new language. Children do not learn to talk through books and classes, they watch people talk and try to do the same. Practice and repetition are the best ways to learn a new language.

Central Eastbourne
(10 reviews)

Leonor - Central Eastbourne - Portuguese

Emphasis on speaking and rapid progress. We offer pronunciation improvement and a focus on communicating in complete phrases. We can quickly push your progress to the next level. We can really impact your fluency. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Spanish at any level, any age, and have a long experience face to face as well as on internet.

Lyon 5e
(2 reviews)
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PORTUGUESE experienced teacher - Native language (Portuguese / Brazilian) - Lessons for students of all ages and levels, at home or online - SKYPE

Bom dia, I'm a BRAZILIAN Portuguese teacher with 10 years of experience teaching music (gradueted in a conservatory of music in Brazil), with Portuguese language and literature degree also in Brazil and another universtiy degree in French Arts and literature in Lyon. Ten years of experience teaching Portuguese as a second language in Brazil, in Italy and in France.

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Experienced brazilian teacher teaches Portuguese in Winnipeg all ages and goals / one a one / in person or distance learning.

My teaching methods are defined based on some elements: student age, goal of learning Portuguese, available time, previous level of knowledge of the language and personal learning profile. I base my classes on topics of interest to the student and the personal specificities of each one, defining an objective, flexible and interesting teaching program.

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Private Tuition of Brazilian Portuguese in Bordeaux / Gironde - For adults and children - Lawyer in Brazil and Marster 2 student of Law in Bordeaux (native Brazilian)

Hello, I am Brazilian and a lawyer in Brazil. I arrived in France since February 2016 and I am a student of Master 2 Alternative Modes of Dispute Settlement at University of Bordeaux! I have more than 1 years of experience as a Portuguese teacher and I teach classes for children and adults. I work grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, reading and writing.

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Portuguese through Music: Learn the language through amazing songs from Brazil, Angola, Cabo Verde, Portugal, Mozambique...!

My name is Desta. Born in Bangkok, I'm British-Eritrean and I've lived in Thailand, Barbados, France, the Ivory Coast, Jordan, Belgium, Brazil, Turkey & The Philippines.

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Prof. of language institute in Brazil in Recife and Lisbon offer LANGUAGES COURSES

My learning methods match my personality and my way of teaching (dramatize, play to learn, enjoyable teaching and success). I have been trained on the Neuro-Linguistic Program which allows the method to be adapted to each student. After living in seven different countries, I have a great open-mindedness and a strong capacity for flexibility.

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Brazilian Portuguese teacher, native language, with 10 years of experience, private or group classes.

I use different teaching methods that vary according to the needs of each student. That's why I do not adopt a specific book. The use of classroom material and home study will be defined during the lessons. This procedure allows me to leave the class more dynamic and closer to the student's reality.

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Private Portuguese class with a Brazilian teacher online or at home in Matelica

I specialized in pedagogy at the State University of Campinas, Brazil. During college I studied in the United States and I started teaching English for children and adults. I have certified TEFL to teach English. Today I live in Matelica with my husband and I give private lessons in English and Portuguese.

Brook Green

Claudia - Brook Green - Portuguese

From early years to adults of all ages, I enjoy teaching MFL to everyone! I'm a CLTA qualified teacher as well as a Montessori tutor. My lessons are focused in a communicative approach, helping students to use the language straight away. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I'm a native speaker of both Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

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Brazilian Portuguese lessons (children, teens and adults), all levels, including preparation for Celpe-Bras

I am Brazilian, graduated in Portuguese Language and Literature at the University of São Paulo (Brazil). I live in Lisbon and I am currently doing my Master's in English and American Studies at the University of Lisbon.

São Paulo
(25 reviews)

Brazilian Portuguese for students who would like to learn grammar and vocabulary

I use the situational methodology, widely disseminated in the most modern foreign language learning books (Novo Avenida Brasil as an example). My classes can last from 60 to 90 minutes and can be adapted to the students. Classes are taught via Skype and with access to Dropbox for extra material.

Shepherd's Bush
(1 review)

Brazilian Portuguese Tutor Shepherds Bush London

I am a qualified Brazilian teacher. In 2009 I started teaching Portuguese as a foreign language and since then I have dedicated myself to obtaining the best possible results for my students in the teaching-learning process. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Brazilian Portuguese language to adults. I am a specialist in this subject.

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Brazilian Portuguese online courses. Prof native for all levels and ages.

Coucou =) I am Brazilian, I have already finished my studies in foreign language, I am professor of Portuguese and English. By the time I just give courses online, I already lived in France, Caen and Sète and I will go back next year to study in Montpellier. I offer courses of Brazilian Portuguese via skype.

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University Professor with more than ten years of experience teaches Portuguese for foreigners in Lisbon

My classes are based on oral development, stimulating the student to feel confident to speak and express themselves in the new language. I use audiovisual resources like films and music, to familiarize the student with the culture and the universe of Portuguese language.

1st class FREE!

Young teacher in junior high school , of Portuguese mother tongue, teaches Portuguese (all levels), Spanish and English (college level).

I offer fun classes, adapted to each level, as well as methods to learn foreign languages. For Portuguese (all levels), Spanish and English (junior high school level): culture-based teaching, grammar and oral expression (role play). English tests at the end of each unit.

Vila Nova de Gaia
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Portuguese teacher teaches Portuguese for foreigners in the city of Porto, Portugal

My methodology has to do with the level of the student, but I focus mainly on the four skills that the knowledge of a language requires: reading / writing / speaking / understanding. There will usually be written text and exercises (with an emphasis on grammar and vocabulary) but also oral exercises to exercise understanding and language production.

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Brazilian student in Letters gives Portuguese lessons. All levels, classes in small groups possible.

Hello ! My name is Rita and I think learning a new language is the richest way to travel without leaving home. After a few years working on the Brazilian book market, I am delighted to share my knowledge of Portuguese with others. I believe each individual has a unique way to learn and I prefer to create a specific plan with my students to achieve these goals more effectively.

1st class FREE!

Journalism student teaches Portuguese for foreigners in Salvador in Bahia! Please, Welcome

The classes are aimed at foreigners who want to become familiar with the language. The conversation will be in English and we will have practical classes of conversation and writing in Portuguese, besides providing programmatic content and didactic material.

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Perfect! Clarice is a super teacher and a great person. It makes our classes really cool and pleasant. She is patient, very easy to get along with and funny. She understands and adapts her course to your needs and target in terms of context you’ll use the...

Johanna, Student
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