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B1 Certified Spanish and Portuguese Tutor at Hyderabad - Can Teach A1, A2 and B1 levels

I teach Spanish and Portuguese in a simplified and easy to understand manner. Focus is on mastering the basics in grammar and common expressions first and then expanding vocabulary with further levels. I provide worksheets, audio and video resources for self-study.

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Native portuguese speaker with 15 years of experience in teaching and translation (call center)

My teaching method is a modern and easy, made thinking on the good of those busy student of a 21 century, and I base my class on the need of the student and I approach the topic by the purpose of the class on a day to day bases.

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Lets learn together to be the best within ourselves mastering our favourites

I take everything lightly.Nothing has a good gravity to make things worse if a person will not concentrate on a good things in life.I will accumulate everything together and then start pouring it one by one.I will relate things with current affairs and the things which is happening in their own surrounding.

Paris 11e
(35 reviews)
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BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE COURSES - Adapted to your needs, interests and requests - Native teacher

Olá, I am Brazilian and I am a Portuguese teacher from Brazil! Graduated at the Center of Letters and Arts at UNIRIO University in Rio de Janeiro, I have more than 7 years experience teaching Portuguese as a foreign language. I offer you a dynamic course, with stimulating and contextualized activities, centered on conversation.

(19 reviews)
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Invest in your future and grow with the Portuguese Course for Spanish, English, Italian and French speakers.

Bachelor of Arts and Professor of Portuguese Language (PLE). Born in Portugal and resident in Venezuela with native level of Spanish. Online course with the method of the Portuguese Teaching Manual XXI. We work the exercises of the Student Book and those of the Exercise Book. In addition, any other material that is necessary to improve the learning of the students according to their needs.

Paris 17e
(22 reviews)
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Teacher with 22 years of experience gives Brazilian Portuguese courses in group or individual on the Internet (Paris and Salvador)

I assure a dynamic course with great sense of humor, focused on conversation and ways of speaking in Brazil through texts, simulations, dialogues, music, videos, games and oral histories, without forgetting learning the grammar, of course.

(19 reviews)
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Teacher of experienced Portuguese, for foreigners or natives, with own space (households included)

I bet on unconventional methods, close to the culture and essence of the student (s). I have extensive experience with any age group, with a preference in adult education, due to the delivery that it places in a job, which aims to be serious, judicious and stimulating.

São Paulo
(10 reviews)
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Portuguese for Foreigners - Portuguese teacher with 7 years of experience in São Paulo

I am a graduate and a Master in Portuguese-Language Arts from USP. My master's degree is aimed at the area of ​​Portuguese for Foreigners. I took courses and participated in events and research groups on Portuguese Foreign Language. I developed and taught preparatory course on Celpe-Bras. I adapt my classes according to the need, the interest and the objective of each student.

Ciudad de México
(7 reviews)
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Project Manager and Computer Technician, native from Brazil, teaches Portuguese, for young people and adults. Use 100% digital learning material in Google's cloud, just one click of your smartphone

I am Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro, I have lived in Mexico City since 2006, I am a lover of technology, especially the Internet. I try to give my students the facilities of technology for a performance according to the present day. My classes are relaxed, uncensored, tailored to the needs of the student, whether young or businessman or retired senior adult.

(12 reviews)
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Portuguese teacher and journalist graduate with experience in 7 countries teaches foreigners

I gave classes to foreigners of different nationalities, such as from Canada and Japan. Also, I taught Portuguese for years since college, including for high school, on grammar and writing; lately also teaching narrative creation.

Goiânia (Goiás)
(15 reviews)
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Be amazed and be enchanted by the Portuguese language. Learn or recycle. Native teacher.

Own methodology, aiming at student goals. Approach to all skills: listening, writing, speaking, reading. Preparatory for Celpe-Bras. Material included. Solve your specific questions or learn from the beginning. Work from beginners to more advanced levels. Delight yourself with everything the LP has to offer.

Lyon 5e
(2 reviews)
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PORTUGUESE experienced teacher - Native language (Portuguese / Brazilian) - Lessons for students of all ages and levels, at home or online - SKYPE

Bom dia, I'm a BRAZILIAN Portuguese teacher with 10 years of experience teaching music (gradueted in a conservatory of music in Brazil), with Portuguese language and literature degree also in Brazil and another universtiy degree in French Arts and literature in Lyon. Ten years of experience teaching Portuguese as a second language in Brazil, in Italy and in France.

(1 review)
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Portuguese through Music: Learn the language through amazing songs from Brazil, Angola, Cabo Verde, Portugal, Mozambique...!

My name is Desta. Born in Bangkok, I'm British-Eritrean and I've lived in Thailand, Barbados, France, the Ivory Coast, Jordan, Belgium, Brazil, Turkey & The Philippines.

(4 reviews)
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Portuguese Language PhD candidate teaches Portuguese to foreigners in Coimbra or online

I have a Master's degree in Portuguese Literature and I'm taking a PhD in the same area. I teach Portuguese for ten years in high school and college. I also teach Portuguese for foreigners and have years of experience in preparation for the National Exams (Brazil and Portugal) and Brazilian university entrance exams.

(10 reviews)
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Portuguese for foreigners - teacher graduated in Portuguese - Classes in English or Spanish

I will develop your fluency in Portuguese language through the progressive development of vocabulary and new language structures, reading of written texts and dialogues. I will know your characteristics as a student and use the rhythm and method appropriate to your needs.

São José dos Campos
(6 reviews)
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Learn Portuguese with a native Brazilian fluent in 4 languages, who lived in different countries, graduation and M.Sc. from USP (Architecture and Urbanism)

The teaching method is personalized according to the student's (1) GOAL (e.g. business conversation, travelling, living abroad, improving accent/vocabulary, etc.) and (2) LEARNING STYLE (e.g. visual/auditory/writing memory, learning speed, topics of interest, taste for music/movies/series/arts, etc.). In addition to fundamentals (grammar, vocabulary, etc.

Itaim Bibi (São Paulo)
Elisa maria
(9 reviews)
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Let's talk in Portuguese! Light and interesting classes. You will like it.

Nothing to decorate rules! From interesting texts, you will learn to observe the language, to understand its rules and functioning. Reading, comprehension and production of text, spoken language and grammar in light and stimulating lessons. Important things about brazilian costumes and culture.

(10 reviews)
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Portuguese classes for Foreigners and Preparation CELPE-BRAS. Face to face or Online classes!

Hi! I am Roberto! I work with English, Spanish and Portuguese languages. I have been living and teaching in Florianópolis city - Brazil since 1996. Remove the time ha? I work with children, teens, young adults, university students and the elderly. My students range from 7 to 78 years old.

(6 reviews)
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Brazilian PhD student teaches Brazilian Portuguese course (expression and oral and written comprehension, translation, vocabulary, conversation) - affordable price!

Before deciding on the program, I assess the student's level (for example, during a conversation or editing a copy) and then plan the activities for specific purposes. I like working with news texts and videos rather than using grammar or spelling methods (though sometimes it's necessary). Finally, the whole program is organized according to the objectives envisaged by the student.

Recreio dos Bandeirantes
(4 reviews)
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Foreign Language Teacher with a degree in languages from UFF and a masters in education from Trinity College Dublin teaches Portuguese as a foreign language in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

I have been teaching English and Portuguese for over ten years. I have a masters degree in education from Trinity College Dublin, a diploma in English language teaching from UFMG and a degree in languages and literature from UFF. I have worked in several language courses and schools in Rio, which enabled me to get in touch with several teaching methodologies.

Londrina (Paraná)
(10 reviews)
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Native teacher, graduated in Literature and with specialization in Portuguese and foreign language teaching methodologies.

The focus of the classes is according to the student's interest, and the 4 skills (comprehension and oral / written production) can be worked following the communicative approach, as well as the emphasis on conversation with diverse and meaningful subjects for the student.

Bela Vista
(2 reviews)
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Learn Fast: Portuguese and Brazilian Culture with exclusive method and dynamic classes in São Paulo. Classes for foreigners face-to-face or by Skype.

Editor and Professor of Portuguese in São Paulo. Writing by profession allowed me a broad knowledge not only of spoken and written language, but also of the variations of Portuguese and rich Brazilian culture. If you want to learn Portuguese in a practical, didactic and light, do not forget to schedule your experimental lesson.

(4 reviews)
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Learn Portuguese easily and start speaking since your very first class wirh me!

With Direct Methodology, you not only learn the idima, but practice it (speaking from the first lesson) at high speed. In all classes you review previously learned content and also learn new content by always training the 4 language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Bela Vista (São Paulo)
(39 reviews)
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Teacher of Portuguese for foreigners with 10 years of experience, classes for basic, intermediate and advanced. Preparation for CelpeBras.

My name is Rodrigo Oliveira. I am a Portuguese teacher graduated from USP. I have been working with Portuguese abroad for 10 years. I started teaching Portuguese in Colombia and then in São Paulo. I've given classes for countless nationalities. I also worked on the application of the CELPE-BRAS proficiency exam and I have participated in the correction of the exam numerous times.

Rio de Janeiro
(5 reviews)
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Online or face-to-face super dynamic and objective conversation classes tailor made for you

I am an administrator with a postgraduate degree in English and Portuguese translation. I act as a volunteer translator for Global Voices. I had the opportunity to work in 3 multinationals and in one of the biggest events in the world: The Olympic and Paralympic Games.

São Paulo
(70 reviews)

Portuguese education for foreigners who wish to increase their communication capacity in Brazil in order to reach their goals

My goal is to enable foreigners to understand Portuguese in a light and dynamic way. In order for learning to take place effectively, I seek to create a personalized material for each student, always based on the practice of exercises along the theoretical basis.

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Lawyer teaches Portuguese and English for all levels of education. Check it out.

I have always been passionate about the Portuguese language and grammar since school, especially now that I prepare for the government exams! Because of my current relationship, I improved my English about writing, listening and speaking. In this way, I know exactly what the challenges are for us Brazilians to improve our skills.

Jardim Sumare
1st class FREE!

Learn Brazilian Portuguese in practical and fun classes, with communicative approach and content that is relevant for your day-to-day life.

I have a degree in Language & Literature from UNESP and I've been teaching Portuguese for Foreigners for more than 15 years. I have worked with students from several countries, including Colombia, Italy, the UK, Japan, China, Austria and Germany. My knowledge of languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian &c.

(4 reviews)
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Graduating in Architecture proposes lessons of PORTUGUESE in Bari and in the province

My approach to the subject is free. Start by evaluating the level of the pupil and then establish a gradual growth plan. My methodology is based on the acquisition of phonetics: when someone manages to repeat the sound produced in the other language, he is able to understand what he is told, to read a text aloud, and to write the words of I need. Work gradually on fluency and oral comprehension.

(5 reviews)
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Brazilian Portuguese for foreigners. Native speaker. International Business degree and Languages Student at University of Porto

Besides having experience as a teacher, I also have experience in conversation, since I have a degree in International Business and worked as a trader and in the financial sector during 7 years. After this period I lived in Madrid for 9 months and I am currently studying Languages ​​at the University of Porto.

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Perfect! Clarice is a super teacher and a great person. It makes our classes really cool and pleasant. She is patient, very easy to get along with and funny. She understands and adapts her course to your needs and target in terms of context you’ll use the...

Johanna, Student
1 year ago

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