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Brazilian native gives Portuguese remote classes focusing on speaking and comprehension! Agora você vai sair falando ;)

I believe that the ultimate purpose of language learning is communication, and that topics like grammar and vocabulary are only aids to this ultimate goal. Almost all of my lessons then begin with a dialogue and use this as a focus and jumping off point to discuss cultural points, vocabulary, and topics in grammar.

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B1 Certified Spanish and Portuguese Tutor at Hyderabad - Can Teach A1, A2 and B1 levels

I teach Spanish and Portuguese in a simplified and easy to understand manner. Focus is on mastering the basics in grammar and common expressions first and then expanding vocabulary with further levels. I provide worksheets, audio and video resources for self-study.

New Delhi
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Do you want to learn Portuguese? Have online classes with a Brazilian teacher.

I base my classes on each student's needs, approaching each topic as necessary. Based on your level, I'll adapt our classes so you can make the best of them. That's why I don't follow specific materials, and I don't use a single method. ONLINE CLASSES ONLY - I'm just accepting students who want online classes.

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Are you in Hyderabad and would like to learn Portuguese? Here is a native speaker and teacher.

I am an easy-going teacher and passionate about spreading across borders the knowledge what I have acquired so far! As preference I like teaching people who are in business world or /and employees of companies. I am personally available for 14 hours a week...

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Fascination of Learning Portuguese - Brazil and Portugal and shine your career in Delhi

My teaching method is -- I approach my class with enthusiasm and provides basic knowledge of the subject to perfection. I cover all the topics in an appropriate manner and discuss about the aspect of the topic in a specific...

(21 reviews)
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Invest in your future and grow with the Portuguese Course for Spanish, English, Italian and French speakers.

Bachelor of Arts and Professor of Portuguese Language (PLE). Born in Portugal and resident in Venezuela with native level of Spanish. Online course with the method of the Portuguese Teaching Manual XXI. We work the exercises of the Student Book and those of the Exercise Book. In addition, any other material that is necessary to improve the learning of the students according to their needs.

Paris 17e
(22 reviews)
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Teacher with 22 years of experience gives Brazilian Portuguese courses in group or individual on the Internet (Paris and Salvador)

I assure a dynamic course with great sense of humor, focused on conversation and ways of speaking in Brazil through texts, simulations, dialogues, music, videos, games and oral histories, without forgetting learning the grammar, of course.

São Paulo
(10 reviews)
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Portuguese for Foreigners - Portuguese teacher with 7 years of experience in São Paulo

I am a graduate and a Master in Portuguese-Language Arts from USP. My master's degree is aimed at the area of ​​Portuguese for Foreigners. I took courses and participated in events and research groups on Portuguese Foreign Language. I developed and taught preparatory course on Celpe-Bras. I adapt my classes according to the need, the interest and the objective of each student.

(19 reviews)
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Teacher of experienced Portuguese, for foreigners or natives, with own space (households included)

I bet on unconventional methods, close to the culture and essence of the student (s). I have extensive experience with any age group, with a preference in adult education, due to the delivery that it places in a job, which aims to be serious, judicious and stimulating.

(19 reviews)
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Translator of ING-ESP-PT and student of Portuguese for foreigners teaches Portuguese in Lisbon!

Being native of the Portuguese language I feel able to teach my language to speakers of Portuguese non-maternal language of any level. I would love to put into practice all the teaching methods I have learned in my course and to create my own techniques according to the student and their type of learning.

Ciudad de México
(7 reviews)
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Project Manager and Computer Technician, native from Brazil, teaches Portuguese, for young people and adults. Use 100% digital learning material in Google's cloud, just one click of your smartphone

I am Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro, I have lived in Mexico City since 2006, I am a lover of technology, especially the Internet. I try to give my students the facilities of technology for a performance according to the present day. My classes are relaxed, uncensored, tailored to the needs of the student, whether young or businessman or retired senior adult.

Parque Residencial Laranjeiras
(2 reviews)
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Portuguese Basic and Advanced - Serra / Vitória / Vila Velha - Trained Professor and Exclusive Methodology

All classes aim solely and exclusively at the student, thinking about the ways he can develop more in the subject in which he has difficulties, previous studies already carried out show that students can develop better in different ways, so it is impossible to tax a fixed form of teaching, considering the diversity of each individual, with the time of experience working with several students,...

(2 reviews)
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Simple Portuguese Language How It Should Be - Uncomplicated Grammar - From Text to Text GUARANTEE YOUR 1000 IN ENEM WRITING

Always using genres and textual types to comprehend grammatical concepts without the famous "decoreba" of rules and their exceptions, which are already behind, my classes are structured in the linguistic analysis of texts, grammatical reflection and production. This makes the student the owner of his own speech and able to understand the words of others.

Lyon 5e
(2 reviews)
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PORTUGUESE experienced teacher - Native language (Portuguese / Brazilian) - Lessons for students of all ages and levels, at home or online - SKYPE

Bom dia, I'm a BRAZILIAN Portuguese teacher with 10 years of experience teaching music (gradueted in a conservatory of music in Brazil), with Portuguese language and literature degree also in Brazil and another universtiy degree in French Arts and literature in Lyon. Ten years of experience teaching Portuguese as a second language in Brazil, in Italy and in France.

(4 reviews)
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Portuguese Language PhD candidate teaches Portuguese to foreigners in Coimbra or online

I have a Master's degree in Portuguese Literature and I'm taking a PhD in the same area. I teach Portuguese for ten years in high school and college. I also teach Portuguese for foreigners and have years of experience in preparation for the National Exams (Brazil and Portugal) and Brazilian university entrance exams.

(6 reviews)
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Brazilian PhD student teaches Brazilian Portuguese course (expression and oral and written comprehension, translation, vocabulary, conversation) - affordable price!

Before deciding on the program, I assess the student's level (for example, during a conversation or editing a copy) and then plan the activities for specific purposes. I like working with news texts and videos rather than using grammar or spelling methods (though sometimes it's necessary). Finally, the whole program is organized according to the objectives envisaged by the student.

Recreio dos Bandeirantes
(4 reviews)
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Foreign Language Teacher with a degree in languages from UFF and a masters in education from Trinity College Dublin teaches Portuguese as a foreign language in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

I have been teaching English and Portuguese for over ten years. I have a masters degree in education from Trinity College Dublin, a diploma in English language teaching from UFMG and a degree in languages and literature from UFF. I have worked in several language courses and schools in Rio, which enabled me to get in touch with several teaching methodologies.

Bela Vista
(2 reviews)
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Improve your pronunciation: Portuguese and Brazilian Culture classes with exclusive method and dynamic classes in São Paulo. Classes for foreigners face-to-face or by Skype.

Editor and Professor of Portuguese in São Paulo. Writing by profession allowed me a broad knowledge not only of spoken and written language, but also of the variations of Portuguese and rich Brazilian culture. If you want to learn Portuguese in a practical, didactic and light, do not forget to schedule your experimental lesson.

Bergisch Gladbach
(4 reviews)

PORTUGUESE to get to know from the practicing traveler with fun and needs oriented

I am fascinated by languages, because for me it is not only a gateway to other people, cultures and the connection between us humans, but because it is itself part of the culture and thus offers insight into completely new worlds. I would like to fascinate you for this insight and offer you new ways of communicating in other cultures.

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Qualified translator and experienced teacher of Portuguese gives online instruction in Portuguese

In general, I like to work with a textbook, so that the students / participants have a common thread and can follow up the lessons and in case of doubt can look up. But I also go into the individual wishes of the students. Oral expression, reading and pronunciation training, vocabulary as well as the culture of Portugal and Brazil are focused in the classroom.

Jardim Sumare
1st class FREE!

Learn Brazilian Portuguese in practical and fun classes, with communicative approach and content that is relevant for your day-to-day life.

I have a degree in Language & Literature from UNESP and I've been teaching Portuguese for Foreigners for more than 15 years. I have worked with students from several countries, including Colombia, Italy, the UK, Japan, China, Austria and Germany. My knowledge of languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian &c.

(4 reviews)
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Graduating in Architecture proposes lessons of PORTUGUESE in Bari and in the province

My approach to the subject is free. Start by evaluating the level of the pupil and then establish a gradual growth plan. My methodology is based on the acquisition of phonetics: when someone manages to repeat the sound produced in the other language, he is able to understand what he is told, to read a text aloud, and to write the words of I need. Work gradually on fluency and oral comprehension.

(4 reviews)
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English classes for all levels, classes adapted to the needs of each student. Learn to speak this language quickly and fun!

My classes are dynamic and fun, my methodology is always adapted to the needs of each student, locating in different areas of learning, conversation, grammar, vocabulary, etc. They are aimed at people who want to travel to Brazil either for pleasure or who need the language to develop in a work environment.

Saint Lucia
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Fun and Efficient Portuguese Classes with Native Brazilian PhD Teacher - LEARN NOW!

My teaching methodologies are very flexible, interactive, engaging and suitable to personal needs, focusing on the beauty of Portuguese language in all of its aspects: grammar, pronunciation, spelling, conversation, writing, vocabulary and, of course, lots of music! Feel free to contact me and learn now!

(4 reviews)
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I am a master's student at USP, I love the area of ​​text, grammar and languages, I have experience in private lessons in Portuguese, Writing, English and History.

My name is Victor, I´m a Master in Social History from USP. I love words, texts and languages. They are fields totally linked to my training area. I teach writing classes / Portuguese / English/ History for Elementary School students II, Middle, Pre-Vestibular Courses and even adults. I can go at the student´s house, at a common (combined) meeting point or i can teach via Skype.

(7 reviews)
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UFBA Master Student offers Portuguese classes to foreigners in Salvador - (BA)

As a teacher, I always try to be very dynamic and avoid the old and traditional way of teaching. I believe that the lighter and more fun a lesson, the more positive the student's results will be.

Vila Sa
(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Native Portuguese gives classes and support to all who need to learn.

I am friendly, educated, patient and give all the necessary support so that the student / students can learn and understand all the necessary subjects to the execution of its objectives. I intend to help as much as possible and that the student intends.

New York
(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

I am a brazilian teacher, I had bachelor in art literature (portuguese and english), and I would like to teacher my language and culture for you.

Firstly, I try to understand the students' needs in order to apply the appropriate methodologies. I seek, for example, to work with videos of international television programs (interviews, news programs, etc.) so that the student understands oral speech in a more realistic way.

Jardim Vinte e Cinco de Agosto
1st class FREE!

Portuguese Language Teacher (Specialized in Reading and Production of Texts by UFF) - Private classes

My teaching method is thorough, so that the student can understand the content in a soft way. It is known that the Portuguese Language contains many rules and exceptions. My job is to present the content and launch the activities as a proposal of fixation so that it is not something decorated, but rather understood.

1st class FREE!

Portuguese native, UNI Studies in Psychology in Lisbon. Lessons available in any area. Holidays, School, Relationships or just move to Portugal. I live in Andover/Hampshire, I can travel around my geo

My methodology is based on your doubts, quests, curiosity, and "needs to know". I will fulfill that. No boring books, but a lot of guidance and roads to go for you to learn how to find what you looking for without long hours under a candle but a very bright bulb over your head.

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Perfect! Clarice is a super teacher and a great person. It makes our classes really cool and pleasant. She is patient, very easy to get along with and funny. She understands and adapts her course to your needs and target in terms of context you’ll use the...

Johanna, Student
1 year ago

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