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A fashion designer gives tuitions in designs of garments & home decor from students to houswives. There is no age limit.

My methods of teaching are very practical & theoretical. Concepts are very basic and clear and also deals with the personality development of students . Always ready to deal with queries even after class. Main motive is to satisfy students.

Ar vivek
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Private as well as Group tutions for Architecture students who al are pursuing their bachelores degree, for all subjects from first year to final year, including theory of structures. Model Making of

Teaching with maximum practical knowledge by taking students on ongoing projects. Providing students with study materials and books which are too expensive in the market to buy. Teaching execution of work on practical basis which includes interior designing projects. Teaching students how to prepare a BOQ(bill of quantities) which we commonly call as Quotation.

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Professional Architect to help tutor and prep you for the the entrance exams.

I enjoy teaching through invoking the passion for original creativity and to create something soulful and full of self pride; and working out the technicalities to achieve the desired aesthetics and arrive at the best design solutions over a project.

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To an architect good enough means perfect.... _ With an artist there’s no such thing as perfect.

My teaching methods are approaching subject in practical way by doing live case study, review of work done earlier and discuss all with live examples. Cross questioning with students, motivating them to discuss the problem, literature, history, technical points of subject.

Mira Bhayandar
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Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections etc. "come let's plan for some unique designs".

Will teach the students manually for better understanding of drawings and also with the help of softwares. Will guide on how to start with a design drawing till the student is perfect at drawing and commands. Will provide better understanding of theory subjects.

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Highly motivated individual with the ability to manage a team, deliver clean and high-quality design following customer guidelines, creative ideas and existing style guides expected in a fast-paced po

Highly motivated individual with the ability to manage a team, deliver clean and high-quality design following customer guidelines, creative ideas and existing style guides expected in a fast-paced production environment while exceeding customer expectations in creating advertisements, logos, flyer’s, and concepts for the company’s brand.

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Best Interior Design faculty who can keep his word till he make others achive.

my teaching is more practical and elegant. Although some sketches or drawings may be freehand, most interior designers use computer-aided design (CAD) software for the majority of their drawings.

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Design Skills in Architecture, Resolve design problems, Discussions and guidance for concepts.

my teaching methodology is based on the problem. there cannot be one thumb rule to each design problem. I listen to the student, and based on the context, i try to give similar examples, and then try and help them resolve.

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Studying a degree course by investing 4-5 years or learning froman interior designer having practical experience..."your choice"

it is same for all, sometimes it vary according persons experience, starts with some concept, perspectives,sketches,views on colours,layout designing,brainstorming,group discussions.visiting shops and showrooms related to interior.discussionof material,fabric,type of company, cost effective things.best from low cost things,budjet making.practicing on autocad .

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Interior design,building construction, green buildings, sustainable architecture and other architecture related subjects will be teached in visakhaptnam.

I have completed my bachelor degree of architecture and now persuing masters in sustainable architecture. I have an experience of teaching for one year.i will be taking classes in a friendly manner which helps students get interacted with the teaching person easily.In this way students can learn lot many things in the form of general discussions.

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Interior Design professor with 20 years of experience gives online lectures on Interior Design and Building Science at home

TULIKA ROHATGI - DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE PROFESSOR RPS SAVANA TOWER B8 FARIDABAD 1. Analytical, critical, and creative thinking. The students are asked to list assumptions, problems, errors, or ethical dilemmas in a case study or design; explain a technical concept in jargon-free terms.

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Architecture students can get their solutions for their design problems, up to a graduation. Available for saturday and sunday class at amritsar, punjab

My name is ROHIT DEVGAN, I believe in "The more the knowledge gets, the more it will grow" and candidates who believe in creativity and wanted to do the same, will get their all answers. Related notes will be provided too. Humbleness in teaching is the major priority for better relationship between students and their relevant subjects.

Sr. prof . ar. uk.bhoobalan
1st class FREE!

From Scratch freehand sketches/sketchup tools -Responsible for appraising and compiling the client’s brief, Concept Design, schematic design, detail design, tender documents, specifications and site f

January 2012-….. India. Design Architect Current 2017- LPU-Punjab, Senior Professor/Urban designer B.arcg classes, Handling students project-Amritsar smart city Architecture/Planning/Urban design Vice Principal/Sr.professor Prime School of Architecture -Anna University, students project-Puducherry smart city introduced 2015-2016-Chennai- Bharath University M.Arch general Architecture Sr.

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Love your curiosity ! It’s the best way to go about it.

My teaching method is to bond with the students, make them unleash their creativity because that’s the most important part of the subject. My job will be to help and polish their skills. Don’t worry, every kid (or an adult) has some edge to every subject.

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Working as a freelancer, designer, architect, interior designer, product designer, mentor for software's.

I like to approach every student individually at personal level, as I have always considered every person as an individual with a different set of pros and cons. In a world following a trend of software's I personally feel and like to take my design concepts to its final stage with hand sketches while working with 3D models to understand the real composition as well as working of the problem.

1st class FREE!

B.arch ,Designer, Music with architecture,experience in teaching,NASA design trophy,Bangalore,lets make it fun

My teaching method is simple and straight. Approaching to one's deed is important.I have my own type of teaching with fun. I have my own set of pace to give understanding.A practical strategy for managing design studios is also determined.

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Join Master Diploma Courses In Interior Architecture Design & Get Laptop Free

The field of Interior Designing is remarkably growing as our modern world has started leveraging aesthetic appeal to capitalize business gains. This has created huge career prospects for interior designers. Students with innate creativity with technical proficiency can shine in this industry.

1st class FREE!

Students those who have interest in interior design arround chennai and all over world i will teach

One of my teaching method is give an suitable example to the students and group of student ,my structure of class is Architecture interior designing,Model making, like i can do anything as a model with the different materials, so having lots of ideas, kindly use it , interested people no age and gender limit children's included

1st class FREE!

Interior designer available for designing tips, tricks and basic designing including how to measure and make plans furniture designing tips and with residential and commercial building designs, best o

My way of teaching includes mental contact and mental health and teaching either in group or single as per the need of the students convening proper knowledge and information answering all doubts of students and understanding of student is very important for me

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Arts is a intangible activity and free minded. but where is it........

Hii, friends... i have to invited in my classes but i have no ideas so how invited in my classes so basically i have to request for attend my classes. and one more thing i have no saying is my teaching level different but i have one say you are also enjoying my classes ....

1st class FREE!

Tution regarding Architecture , design , building construction, autocad , sketch up. Building services, landscaping.

Providing practical education to students by practical nd sustainable means, so that they understand things practically nd it's implementations in real life.

1st class FREE!

I will teach designing course and cake decorat, Arabic Quran class taken

My teaching method is..I based class on .. I approach the student and they're mind concept their happy.

1st class FREE!

Learn art and architecture in a unique style as your wishes and needs

My teaching method will be according to the needs and requirement of the student which will be both convinent for the student as well as me myself... Requesting students co orperation for better results and better achievements..

1st class FREE!

I'm student of architecture from hiray college and also good in art

First I will make Student's base stronger and then I will make it's hand drafting better which will help student in there architectural course

Chaman singh
1st class FREE!

A Civil Engineer and an Interior designer running his own business successfully

I have read this quote somewhere which states be a kind of mentor you wanted when you were younger, i don't know if it's exactly this but you got the point right! I don't have any methodology but i believe in practical knowledge and hands on experience more than theory, so yeah thats pretty much it.

M santhosh
1st class FREE!

Architect with 9yrs of experience gives design coaching for nata exams

I have-been giving classes for past 6yrears , classed were based on architectural design and practice.teaching for around 60-students in a class for about 3hrs, like how to do design, how to arrive concepts, modelling etc.. students achieved around 75% grade of their exam results.

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Decorations makes our mind blow and free to think new and better things and also makes us creative

My teaching method is student centered approach in which we see student doing abilities of doing and learning things and recognition.

Greater Noida
1st class FREE!

New professional of interior design, can give tutions related to that, and can give an excellent knowledge of project management

My teaching method is, I teach students with practical and live examples so that they can understand properly.

Syed shah
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Get a professional training for all computer aided design course. AutoCAD. Best Wishes

My teaching method is very professional. I am very friendly I can explain with more and more examples. Depends to students.

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