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Vaishali biology Teacher

Vaishali madam has in-depth knowledge of genomics. She is sincere and dedicated for teaching. She performs proper research to prepare good quality study material for the curriculum and explains the concepts very clearly, which helps a lot in easy...

Saveena biology Teacher

Saveena is the best teacher I have ever come across. Her teaching style is very different and the classes are of more of practical knowledge that helps me to understand better. Thanku saveena for being a great teacher ️

Pragya, 2 months ago

Janavi biology Teacher

Janavi is a very good teacher. She always made biology interesting with detailed powerpoints and images, along with effective explanations that were accompanied by videos. I learnt many concepts and she created a genuine interest in the subject....

Ruth, 3 months ago

Faiz biology Teacher

He is an excellent, professional and a dedicated teacher. His dedication will motivate us to understand and learn the things clearly. He teaches in simple methods which make the understanding, learning and better experience awesome. You won't feel...

Purna, 3 months ago

Piyush biology Teacher

He teaches very nicely.... U all viewers or students must read with this teacher.... To secure a perfect score in your exam

Ŧⱥnᵾsħɍɇɇ, 3 months ago

Dr. mizba biology Teacher

Dr. Mizba is very friendly and kind. Her pace of teaching matches the students'. She explains concepts nicely and clears doubts as well. Learning with her has made me feel more comfortable with biology and not feel like I have to memorize everything...

Rashmi, 4 months ago

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Learn Biology Online or At Home 

India has produced numerous professionals, academicians and scientists in the field of science. These people have changed the way and norms of science and have set high standards in whatever science-related field they work in. This is no surprise since science has been the most popular subject in India for many years, with a majority of Indian students opting for it at the school and college levels. One such fragment of science is biology, one of the popular choices that students make under the field of science.

Education in biology enables students to pursue careers in medical, environmental science, forensic science and even in the government sector. These jobs require years of study and specialization but are also one of the highest paying jobs in the world today. When we study biology, we are indirectly studying about our own life. We get to know about the functions of living organisms and how they interact with each other. Unless and until we study biology, we will not know the diversity in living creatures on our earth.

Tips and Tricks to Study Biology

  • Take Interest in the Subject: It is really important that you are interested to study biology. If you are not then learning new things will be difficult for you. Approach the subject with a positive attitude and you will see the difference.
  • Read the textbook thoroughly: It is the one-stop-shop for all the information you need.
  • Take notes: Note-taking helps you remember the information you are reading and also helps you in revising it.
  • Make Flashcards: A tried and tested method, making flashcards of key terms and their definitions, is the best way to remember important information and helps in quick revision as well.
  • Practice all the diagrams: Just looking at the diagram will not help you remember it for long. Hence, drawing and practising helps you retain information as well as drawing good diagrams.
  • Pay Attention in Class: This assists you clarify doubts on the spot, as well as make note of important information your teacher gives out.
  • Perform Lab Activities Performing labs given in your textbook gives you hands-on experience and helps you understand the concept easily.
  • Solve Past Exam Papers: This is a great way of testing how much you know and the topics that you need to revisit. It also gives you an idea about the type of questions that may appear in the test or exams.

Yet again, these are just some tips and tricks that are commonly used, and you may find some that suit your learning needs the best.

Why should you study Biology?

  1. Curiosity and a Passion to Bring About Positive Change

One of the many important factors involved in choosing a subject is your interest and passion for it. We live in a world where everyone believes one should study and work in a field that interests them the most since it will help to be the best at what they do. Similarly, if you are curious about how various things in our environment work, how can we prepare for a sustainable future or have a passion for helping people, etc. , a career in biology is very apt for you. Keep in mind, you can have totally different reasons for why biology interests you and you want to study it.

  1. Flexible Career Paths

Today, the professional world is nothing but interdisciplinary. This means that every field and every type of job are linked together. Such is the field of biology as well. An education in biology will broaden your career path’s horizons. You can learn about multiple sub-fields about biology and choose one that you like. A presumption that many people make is that studying biology only means that you can pursue a career in the medical field. This is untrue and we will discuss this next. Since your career paths are flexible, you can switch between fields with ease, giving you an ample amount of experience and job satisfaction.

  1.  Careers in Biology

As it was mentioned before, an education in biology is not only limited to a career in the medical field. Biology has multiple sub-fields in which students can specialize as they go further in their education and career. Here is a list of few options you could consider :

  • Ecologist
  • Research Scientist
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Science Writer
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Government Biotechnologist

As you delve deep into the field and get further in your education, you will be able to explore many areas that will interest you. The interdisciplinary nature of this field helps you work in various mediums as mentioned before, hence you will be able to find a job that is best for you.

Biology Classes With Superprof India

Many of you reading this article are looking for Biology tutors all across India. Everyone has different expectations when they look for a tutor. It can be anything from fees to the educational qualifications of the tutor. A tutor plays a major role in your learning process. They help you learn, develop your knowledge, assist you in making informed decisions, devise a learning plan that suits your learning style and makes sure you are doing the right things to excel.

Although teaching centres are popular these days, private tutors are in high demand as well. This is where Superprof comes in with its expansive portfolio of biology tutors based all over India. All you have to do is log on to the Superprof website, enter your search parameters, like “Biology Tutor," your location, etc, and click Search. And there! You will have a variety of biology tutors to choose from. And it is free! You can click on the profiles of each tutor and see their locations, fees, qualifications and background.

This helps you to know your tutor before you sign up for your demo class which is free as well. Once you find the tutor of your choice, all you have to do is agree on fees and timings with then and you are good to go. So, no need to worry if you are from a remote location in India – you can easily find the best tutors for biology in your area through Superprof. Get the information about biology tutor in a single click and start studying this awesome subject.


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