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Are you looking to learn Indian sign language? Do you want to practice Indian sign language? No look further....

My teaching method is verbal and non verbal communication through sign language. During our session I will be signing and voicing if you need me to the entire time.. I will also provide home work for you to complete for practice.

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Kannada tutor in bangalore for better Mark's in exams so for can contact us

History and English teaching Professional for any class for Educational institutions in bangalore base only so can contact us by communication

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Learn Shorthand (Stenography), the art of writing speech, the fun way in Ahmedabad

My teaching methodology is simple, creative & lucrative.

New Delhi
Mr. avi
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Student in stenographer language tpying in earth politecnic Institute of college diploma

My teaching style is not so hard. It is very simple. Actually teaching is based on topic related to stenographer language how we can write easily. .

Naresh kumar
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15 years experience in sign language and speech therapist iam studied DSE()HI)

My teaching method is verbal and non verbal communication.through sign language.

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Sign language is the best to communicate and help us to express our feelings without disturbing anyone specially in library ????

My teaching method is I love to use real objects take objects from environment and use those objects for learning because through real objects we learn very well

New Delhi
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Hello !! Let's learn new language by using your hands which helps you to communicate with deaf people

My teaching method is basically to teach how to communicate with sign language the base of the class is your expression , gestures & body language

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Indian sign language tutorials for deaf and hard if hearing adult and child

My teaching methods is audio /video and bilingual hindi and English and practice and practical /drama practice / games /jokes more and more

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A counsellor with a passion for Sign Language . I know Indian sign language and American Sign Language

My teaching method is start g from basic coupled with exercises and insights about Deaf culture.

Victória da silva
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Student of Libras by the Federal Institute of Brasilia, I give classes to any age group.

I study at UnB where I do Japanese and double letters with Libras, I have experiences with deaf people at 5 years and I was already chosen to represent the IFB in Goiânia. (Matter on ifb website) Study Chinese, French, English and Spanish. And other courses of improvement.

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Are you looking to learn American Sign Language? Do you want to practice ASL with a native Deaffie? Look no further!

I feel the best way to learn any language is with practice and exposure (I speak 4 languages so I know what I’m talking about). During our sessions, I will be signing and voicing if you need me to the entire time. I will also provide homework translation videos for you to complete for practice. These are optional, but highly recommended.

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Level 4 American Sign Language student who can teach very flexibly online.

I believe that in order to learn a language you must be immersed in it. I teach with very little talk and mostly sign. It is important to me that my students are dependent on sign language so that they will be able to fully comprehend it.

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Teaching of the Brazilian Sign Language (Pounds) for beginners,, teachers, improvement and professional qualification.

I had contact with Libras when I was 13 years old and it was because of my mother. She, as a teacher too, took a basic Prasa course and showed me what she had learned over the course of the course. That aroused my curiosity and I enrolled in High School in the same school as she attended Libras. The school was inclusive and, on a weekly basis, taught the subject of Libras as a compulsory subject.

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British Sign Language and Deaf Awareness - Learn not only the vocabulary, but how Sign Language works

I am a qualified British Sign Language interpreter with a decade of experience working with Deaf students in colleges around the UK. BSL is a beautiful language, but there's more than just vocabulary involved.

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College Student in Interpreting gives American Sign Language lessons to anyone in any levels in Paramount.

Aa Degree, willing to give ASL lessons to any level. I will practice with you, teach you, practice makes perfect.I am on my way to becoming an ASL interpreter. I get very excited when talking about ASL or my experience, I want to to share your experiences with your family and show them your skills of what you have learn when I tutor you.

Oklahoma City
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Certified ASL Interpreter with 27 years of experience Interpreting and 2 teaching.

I have taught adult students in a group setting. I have mentored numerous ASL Interpreter students for almost 20 years. I approach teaching by finding out where my students are at and bring them to their fullest potential. I will work with ASL or Interpreting students.

West Henrietta
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Have completed 5 years of ASL classes. Working on my Interpreting Degree at RIT.

My classes would be for anyone interested in learning ASL as well as for people in ASL classes that need some extra help with topics. I will base my lessons off of what you are looking to learn about. I will also do my best to reteach lessons thought by another teacher if needed for clarifications.

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Lessons ranging from basic omprehension to an advanced understanding of American sign language

Taught from experiences dealing with deaf friends and family. Four years of high school classes. Depending on the level you take you will learn basic words and sentence structure as well as the techniques used to create sentences. Have fun and I hope to hear from you.

White Lake charter Township
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Bachelor of Science Political Science and Sociology. Certify State American Sign Language Interpreter and Spanish Sign Languages Interpreter and Translation for over 35 years. Certify Berlitz State f

Bachelor degree of Political Science and Sociology. I thought American Sign Languages and Spanish translation for over 15 years. I work for freelance as an American Sign Languages/Spanish Interpreter for 40 Years working in School, Court, Hospital and Video Relay Services for 9 years.

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I Teach level 1 and level 2 BSL aka British sign language

Well they say seeing is believing. Well with BSL seeing is also Leaning.

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Experienced Signer Tutor for Students to Learn ASL as Their Second Language

I taught a high school ASL Club for 4 years and at Gallaudet University for ELI students and late-deafened students who are learning to sign. I’m a very kind patience person that want to become a teacher when I get my MA in Education.

1st class FREE!

Come and meet a new world by learning Brazilian Sign Language / English! Enjoy it

Lets do it! Interpreter of LIBRAS, with experience and experience with deaf people weekly, we will learn and see how good it is to understand and be understood, and to know this new world that is the world of Sign Language, and English!

1st class FREE!

British sign Language Communication Support Worker offering BSL up to level 3.

I teach using many visual aids and a hands on approach making it easy for students to pick up and remember signs.

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I am an ASL tutor. I am currently learning ASL and I am in love with it. I hope to teach you to love it too.

My teaching method is fun and easy going. I want my students to enjoy what they are learning. I like to start of easy, but get harder as they learn to increase their knowledge.

Grand Prairie
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Worked in Texas with deaf community and working on interpreting certificate 8 years experience

I approach each topic with common words and topics first before deep diving into topics like religion, and work.

West Palm Beach
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ASL instructor/tutor for about 40 years. Am deaf. Live in West Palm Beach, Fl

I graduated from Gallaudet University and am now retired. I do different things.. lessons from text book, view videos if feasible and signing songs. It is hard to explain the characteristics as a tutor.

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Deaf Barista at Starbucks provides ASL tutor services to all grade levels

My name is Gregory Oxley, I provide tutoring for ASL in all age and grade levels. The tutoring services will vary on the student skills and we will start from that and help the students improve their skills to a point it can be used successfully in life situations. I believe that a combination of fun and work would allow the students to enjoy improving their ASL skills.

1st class FREE!

College student majoring in ASL Interpreting. I love ASL and learning more about the language and its culture

I am currently taking ASL 5 and Interpreting Foundations Class. I start with the basics: fingerspelling (beginner), Classifiers (beginner), basic terminology and phrases. I also have experience with body shifting.

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Learn American Sign Language, a visual language in which you can express yourself!!!

I am a seventeen year old in her junior year of college. I am very passionate about sign language and would love to help people learn it.

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