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The average price of Russian  lessons is ₹1,587.

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Willing To Learn Russian In India? Take Classes From The Best Language Trainers Across The Country

Did you know that Russian is the second-most widespread and popular language on the internet after English? It is the largest and most widely spoken native language in Europe. There are as many as 258 million Russian speakers worldwide, and you could be the next from India if you want to learn it. It is a member of the Indo-European languages and is official in Russia and three other countries. The consonants of the Russian language have two counterparts; hard and soft. The distinction between these two parts is what stands as the unique aspect of the language. All the renowned organisations in the world also have Russian as one of their official languages, including the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the World Bank.

In India, Russian language is one of the rarest foreign languages that speakers tend to learn. You should take it as a positive point given second foreign languages must always be the one that is less in supply and high in demand. If you start serving something that a limited number of people can do, you will never run out of work. Learning new languages is a passion for a lot of people in India which is why the demand for foreign language institutes is high. While you must search for the best language trainers for learning a foreign dialect, it is vital to keep practising personally as well.

Tips For Practising And Improving Russian Language

Once you start your Russian classes, you will have to dedicate a fixed amount of time every day for practising your lessons and enhancing your skills. You cannot rely entirely upon the talent of your teacher to make you speak the language. There has to be your inputs and efforts along the way to becoming a successful speaker one day!

  • Learn the alphabets of Cyrillic script

Russian is a mocktail of both Cyrillic and English alphabets. The language adopts a few English letters with its script to form its alphabet order. Therefore, you will have to spend a lot of time identifying the Cyrillic letters and learning their pronunciation. Russian letters have weird and dual pronunciations so it will take you time to master them all.

  • Start With Common Words First

We always climb stairs from the first to eighth. The ones who tend to take long strands and jump a few steps play with the risk of falling. You should not ride the same boat by desiring to become an influential speaker from day one. Start with simple words and then increase the difficulty level.

  • Shortlist The Common Words That You Know

Just like letters, Russian and English also have a lot of words in common. You would not know these words until you start reading and finding out yourself. For instance, the words that originate from Greek and Latin are common in the two languages. You should take the help of your tutor to find these words and make a note.

  • Take Help Of The Authentic Media

There are so many online and mobile applications available these days that make it easier to listen to the Russian language and practise along with it. The development of OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms has also contributed to removing the geographical gap between viewers. So, you can also download the latest web series and movies to listen to Russian every day without any failure. These activities will have a more positive impact than you believe they will.

  • Immerse Yourself In The Learning Process

For the initial six to twelve months of your learning venture, you have to constantly keep practising for long hours. Adapting something new is not as easy as it sounds, and therefore, you cannot hope to learn it if you do not dedicate enough time. The best way to learn a language is through the immersion of mind. Make a plan, weekly or monthly, and execute it every day to achieve success.

  • Befriend A Native Russian Speaker

If you are a “social birdie” and you love making friends, try finding them in places where native speakers reside. If you start conversing with someone regularly in the language, you will be able to learn it without even realising the extra effort.

  • Read And Write Russian Everyday

Reading and writing a language makes a huge difference in the learning process if you do it regularly. Remember, consistency has more power than we seem to believe. If you do the reading and writing exercise every day, you will experience visible improvements within a few months.

  • Never Let A Day Go Without Practice

You have to continue your practice sessions regularly to learn Russian efficiently. The more time you dedicate to the process, the higher will be your chances of improvement. Do not miss a day during the initial period of your learning venture. Clarify your doubts with your trainer and take notes of whatever he explains.

Learn Russian With The Tutors From Superprof India

Now that you know all the tips and tricks that you must follow for learning fluent Russian, it is crucial to decide the best place for mastering the skills. You can either do a certification course from reputed colleges of top universities in the country or learn from a private institution. Some of the significant names in this category include the Delhi University, IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University), Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages, etc. However, these certification courses are beneficial only if you wish to use the language in the professional field. If you are learning for your passion or just for improving your linguistic proficiency, it is better to opt for online classes. Superprof will allow you to contact the best language instructors across the country who have mastered their skills and are ready to teach other aspirants. Superprof will also help you in shortlisting the available options using the location filter so you can find teachers from your city. You can view several profiles, compare the skills and fees of the tutors and then choose the best option for you! Follow the tips, take lessons from your online tutor and practise as much as you can to become the speaker you have always wanted to be!

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