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Student at SKEMA Business School in Sophia Antipolis gives Romanian course and math

I approach the matter in a structured way. For example, for a foreign language I prefer that the student has not so much a lot of information for the student. I prefer to do more exercises of communication, and in this mode the student can learn more easily the new elements. In math and chemistry I prefer to use a lot of examples. For example, the definition followed by 3-4 example.

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Teacher of Romanian mother tongue, I give foreign language lessons since 1998.

I easily evaluate the strengths of each student and organize the courses according to their abilities. One can use to memorize a song, an advertisement, a menu of the restaurant, an identity card. The documents are authentic. Cultural anthropology helps me to present Romanian culture.

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Law student giving private classes in English, French, Romanian, Spanish, Arabic, as well as first year law subjects

Student L2 law at the University of Strasbourg, I give level law courses L1 by following a disciplined approach while addressing several sources in order to achieve a complex understanding of subjects such as constitutional law, private law, law extrapatrimonial family, the history of the state and of Europe, as well as ancillary materials such political economic and judicial institutions.

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Assistant Manager gives online private lessons of French (Foreign Language), Romanian and English

I describe myself as a language lover always smiling, highly motivated and thorough, who had her dream come true when arriving in France, with an Erasmus scholarship, in her 3rd year as a Bachelor. I endeavor to translate and also interpret, in order to improve the languages that I master, mainly French, English and Romanian.

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Economics and Psychology student, experienced translator, offering Romanian language lessons in London

From my own experience with teaching, I believe that everyone learns things differently and at their own pace, so it is only natural that all lessons will be tailor made to the student's best way to learn and grow.

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Student in communication (master) and Bachelor of Arts offers French foreign language courses, English and Romanian in Liege

I am currently studying communication at the University of Liege and I offer remedial classes in French (A1, A2, B1, B2), English (A1, A2, B1, B2) and Romanian (A, B, C) adapted to the needs of the pupils. I will emphasis on speech, pragmatics and written expression while taking in account theoretical explanations and grammatical rules. The approach will be communicative and enthusiastic.

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Teacher of Romanian with 20 years experience offering online tutoring for students of all ages and backgrounds.

My teaching 'philosophy' is based on two principles: (i) help your student to master the basics and then (ii) design a working programme that fits his/her unique personal needs. For some people, Romanian is a means to a purpose while for others is a purpose in itself; having different motivations, their learning journey requires a different kind of support.

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Romanian born and educated gives Romanian lessons online via skype or zoom

For beginners, I provide basic vocabulary and pronunciation, which enable conversation. For advanced students I offer grammar lessons, guiding them towards oral and written proficiency. For those interested in Romanian literature, I introduce them to the best productions, from medieval texts to contemporary novels, poetry and drama.

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Psychology gradute working in recruitment passionate about teaching others her native language.

My teching method is custom made. I tailor my approach according to the individual needs of each of my pupils. I use traditiobal wys of teaching but creative ones.

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Ofer cursuri si meditatii de limba romana, inclusiv gramatica online, whatsup, skype, messenger , preturi 10 eur/ora Provide Romanian language courses and meditations, including grammar online, whatsu

The methodology I'm working on is the printed manuals used in primary and high school classes. Courses are held online with modern means of communication (whattsup, messenger or skype), pay hours are paid by paypall or bank transfer after the end of each course Metodologia dupa care lucrez sunt manualele tiparite folosite din clasele primare si pana in liceu.

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Native Romanian Speaker offering language lessons up to advanced level in Birmingham

My approach in learning is Student-Centered, where teachers and students play an equally active role in the learning process. My primary role is to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material. Other commonly used teaching methods may include demonstration, recitation, memorization, or combinations of these.

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Aviation first-year student keen to teach Romanian lessons in Birmingham, no experience

Hello, I'm an ambitious undergraduate student, ready to teach anyone who finds an interest in my mother tongue language, Romanian. I don't have any past experience but I would like to learn as well in this field. My plan is to start from basics such as simple conversations and furthermore. Exercises and practising verbally.

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Passionate teacher offering Romanian and French lessons from Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania

I worked as a teacher of English for a few years, and I studied French simply because I liked it. In teaching it and my native tongue to British people, I will try to adjust the TEFL lesson structure (which I learnt during a training in Thaliland) to the specifics of the other two languages.

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Native Romanian Linguist offering Romanian language tuition at any level and encompassing a wide variety of specialist fields

My methodology aims to be interactive, with topics based on true life situations, offering flexibility and enjoyment for my students. I am creative in my methods and approaches so that my students will be able to assimilate even the most difficult notions.

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Discover the beauty of Romanian, with lessons offered by a student in Liverpool

I approach each topic in a interactive manner and I am trying to look not only at the basics of the grammar, but also at the cultural side, for a better understanding. It's a romance language,so it is very captivating.

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Civil Engineering student offering Romanian classes in Glasgow, schedule to be announced

If I am to do this classes then I will put a lot of emphasis on communication between students. I feel like most of the times people fail to learn a foreign language because they feel like they pronounce words they are supposed to be pronnounced. And I think that this is a huge regarding how languages are being taught in schools these days.

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A Romanian Native Speaker and inspiring teacher offers you on-line Romanian lessons.

The process of teaching-learning a language is like a ”cuisine” and how good it is depends on the chef... During our lessons I will teach you how ”to prepare different dishes” (this is how to communicate in different situations so that you and the other participants can feel good and comfortable).

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Business and human resource management student offering Romanian and English lessons in Sheffield.

I base my classes on trying to understand each member and to find a way of explaining them the things that they don t understand much easier. The people that I gave lessons were students like me who could t understand English language and I worked hard with them to help them pass their exams.

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Hello :). My name is Alina and i will be more than happy to teach you Romanian language. I have patience, I am kind and we will play while you learn:)

There is no best teaching method. If there was, it would have been discovered, and every teacher would learn and use it. The challenge of teaching is that what worked in one situation may not work in another situation. There are different teaching methods and every teacher should adopt the one that best suits to his/her subject and the need of students.

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Grade B in English GCSE, willing to teach people how to speak Romanian in Ballymena or online.

I am a very friendly person and patient. My teaching methods would be to first teach the pupil the basics of Romanian, and then to teach them how to formulate basic sentences, diction in speech by teaching them tongue twisters, which can help them articulate the words. I would like to teach GCSE pupils or lower ages.

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A level student ofering Romanian lessons to children and adults any age.

My teaching method is to start with the basics, such as the Romanian alphabet and work from there to learning word and putting together sentances and learg the grammer. My leasons are adaptable to the student, weather the student ia a visual, oral, written student.

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A native Romanian, teaching her language. Living in the UK, I have experience with learning and teaching foreign languages.

I discovered a long time ago that each and every one of us has a different learning method. I like to start my lessons by finding that method and taking advantage of it. I change my style depending on the student, make it practical, theoretical or mnemonic.

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Fashion Business and Management student, happily offering Romanian grammar and literature lessons

For grammar, comparisons and translates are the key! Few new letters are added to the alphabet. :) For literature, interpretation is the key! There are many literary currents with rich operas. Both poems and epic operas. Patience and practice for each means success.

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A product of Romanian and Canadian culture, former teacher gives Romanian lessons from beautiful Montreal.

My teaching methods are learner-oriented. First, I have a discussion with the student to find out what is their purpose in wanting to learn a new language. Then, we discuss objectives together. Based on these objectives, I come up with a proposal of learning strategies that I submit to my student.

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I am a graduate in Languages ​​and I am a native Romanian speaker. I offer Romanian lessons for any level.

Everyone is unique! Starting from this very important reality, I offer my services according to the personal profile of each student. There will therefore be an initial evaluation of the student's personal profile so as to be able to propose the best possible method.

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Psychology student at the University of Bedfordshire offering Romanian lessons in Luton

I give lessons that focus on practice with me, as the tutor. The Romanian language is hard and therefore the correct practice is required to learn it. Also, since I lived in Romania for 19 years and my A levels were focused an this subject I can give lessons both to young children and late teenagers.

Kirkby in Ashfield
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On-line romanian language lessons and in pearson in Mansfield area for any kind of students

I have a free approach in teaching because everyone has a unique personality and a personal type of learning. I addapt to the student's needs and propose the easiest way to achieve the goal. That is why I am able to work with any type of student.

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I'm Romanian so I think I can teach you to speak my language as fast as you can say Romanian :)

Haven't done this before but I'd start with the basics .... Teaching you guys how we pronounce words back home and how our accents are before teaching you anything big.

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Native romanian student gives romanian classes cor everyone who wants to learn romanian language in Windsor, ON.

I like to have my students engaged and this is why I am very patient If you just need to leran to write and speak romanian language, learn it from native with degrees in the field.

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Theology student passionate about philosophy, psychology, sports, arts and poetry giving lessons in Edinburgh.

I approach the person with questions or statements that are meant to help him/her get a better taste of his/her own personality.

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