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The average rate of maths tuition in Rajkot is ₹500.

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From a sample of 25 recommendations, students rated their maths tutors an average of 5.0 out of 5.

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On Superprof, you can learn maths online with a private tutor. Whether you need help revising for your Class 12 exams, are struggling with maths concepts, or would just like to work on your maths skills, our teachers can help you.

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Best Maths Coaching classes in Rajkot

Mathematics is the most basic subject you need in life. Nothing would have happened without mathematics. From sleeping in your bed at night to the rover landing on Mars. So, let's get to the business of understanding maths and see why it is an important subject. It is also important to see why it is so important for students in Rajkot. We will also share with you some hacks to improve in maths.

Why is Mathematics Important?

Mathematics forms an integral part of all science subjects. All big theories- relativity, gravity, chemical bonding, bacteria were established by mathematics. Mathematical calculations can best estimate every physical theory's application.

All-India entrance examinations like JEE, NEET, JAM, JEST, NET, etc., and subsequent interviews for admission at reputed institutions demand smooth hands and minds in Maths. So, you can imagine now why it is important to look after mathematics.

Striving for Maths as a student in Rajkot

Rajkot has a reputable history in education. Mahatma Gandhi studied in what we know today as Alfred High School. It is a home of numerous good educational institutes ranging over all fields of education from arts to medicine.

For higher education, the mathematics department of the universities of Rajkot are also well-equipped for maths. This city will prepare for the world and, in return, may only expect you to implement your knowledge for the growth of this city.

Best Institutions for Mathematics in Rajkot

To be good in a subject like mathematics, it is important that you strengthen your base in the subject as well. One of the ways to do this is to get enrolled in premier institutions. Rajkot boasts of having some reputable schools and colleges where students can cultivate a proper learning of mathematics. Here is the list of schools and colleges a student can benefit from in Rajkot-

Schools (ICSE Board)

  • MSB educational institute
  • Paul's English Medium School
  • Christ School
  • Virani High School
  • TGES- S N Kansagra School
  • Saint Mary's School
  • Holy Saints School
  • SNSD Kids & School
  • Pathak School Rajkot

Schools (CBSE Board)

  • Innovative International School
  • Gangotri International School
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
  • Shree Green Farm Residential English School
  • Delhi Public School
  • Vidyaniketan School

State Board Schools

  • Apexa School
  • Adarsh Bal Niketan
  • Arjun English High School
  • Arunodaya Primary School
  • Bal Kishor Vidyalaya


  • Marwadi University
  • Harivandana College
  • Atmiya University
  • Saurashtra University
  • Virani Science and Shri Yogiji Maharaj Arts, Commerce and Science.

Easy Tips to Improve in Mathematics

There are as many students who dread Mathematics as there are who love it. But mathematics is a beautiful subject and certainly not a subject to fear. We are providing you with some tips to bridge this gap-

Focus on Understanding Concepts

There's more to maths than just formulas. As you move to higher classes, the number of formulas per chapter will increase. One of the most common problems among students is that they can't remember such a large number of formulas.

The main reason behind this is that they don't know where these formulas come from. If you understand how these formulas are derived, you will remember all of them. You will start finding a pattern among them. So, focus on understanding the theory. Then you will also know how to apply this concept to another problem.

Keep Practising

There's no alternative to practice. It would be best if you practice every day for one hour at least and then slowly increase the time. This way, your hands will adapt to solving problems. Your head will not feel jammed during exams, and it also increases your writing speed. Go through the same sums exam that you have already done.

Choose two to three type sums from each chapter you have already completed and solve them again. If you face solving a particular type of problem, practice more sums on it. Start with simple ones and slowly increase the difficulty level as you get used to them.

Draw Word Problems out

Word problems may seem a bit puzzling. For better grip, draw what has been told in the question stepwise. If it's said that there's a rectangular yard, then draw a rectangle on your page. This will help you visualize the problem, and finding the solution becomes easier.

Get a Private Tutor for Maths at Superprof India

Another way in which you can improve in maths is by getting a quality private tutor who can assess your strengths and weaknesses in the subject and help accordingly. But where to find a quality teacher? The answer is simple: at Superprof.

Superprof is an online platform where a student can find teachers for any subject. For instance, if you are looking for a maths teacher in Rajkot, you just need to enter the name of the subject and the city you are from in Superprof. A filtered list of maths teachers available at Rajkot will pop up on your screen. From this list that includes important information about the teachers, you can contact a teacher of your preference. When everything is settled, your classes will begin immediately.

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