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The average price of maths lessons per hour in Hyderabad is ₹633.

Tutoring rates for maths lessons will differ depending on:

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13,249 private maths tutors are available to teach maths tuition in Hyderabad and nearby.

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From a sample of 555 recommendations, pupils gave their maths teachers an average of 5.0 out of 5.

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On Superprof, you can learn maths online with a private tutor. Whether you need help revising for your Class 10 exams, are struggling with maths concepts, or would just like to work on your maths skills, our teachers can help you.

Many of our maths teachers also offer private online tuition. Around 80% of the private tutors on Superprof offer maths classes via Skype and most of them offer their first lessons free!

To find the available online lessons, just enter your subject criteria into the search engine and select the webcam filter to see the available teachers who are currently offering online classes in your desired subject.

Online classes via Skype offer you more advantages. You can plan your classes to fit around your schedule and online lessons are often less expensive as the tutor does not need to travel.


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Students find maths easy if they are taught correctly. Many children do not like the subject and fear it because they lack the correct guidance. Usually, schools introduce maths at an early age in the curriculum so that the students can learn better. They get more time to be familiar with the subject.

The fear creates a gap between the students and the subject which stays forever. Therefore, finding the right tutor is very important if one wants to learn maths in an easy and fun manner.

Students in Hyderabad have the opportunity to learn maths by seeking help from private classes. They can either learn online or offline at their convenience. Even though the students receive guidance in school, it is important to have a private tutor who can provide individual guidance and attention.

Why is Maths Important?

Learning maths not only helps to score good marks but also helps in the overall development of children. It helps them to learn life skills and grow in life by taking the right decisions. The subject also helps a person grow in their career. It is said that people who are good at maths also score well in other subjects because they have strong rationalising and learning power. It is the only subject that requires more understanding than learning.

Here are a few reasons that can help to understand why maths is important in a person’s life:

  • Good for the Brain

Studies have proved that children who are good at maths have a greater amount of grey matter in their brains. Maths involves a lot of calculation and one needs to think properly while solving a sum. The brain gets activated while solving difficult sums. One needs to choose the correct formula and method in order to get the right answer.

This cannot be achieved if a person just keeps mugging and does not apply their common sense while solving a math problem.

  • Helps to Manage Finances

People who are good at maths can also make better financial decisions. They can balance their budget better than any other person and also save more money. They are also great with calculation. Those who constantly experiment with maths can solve some problems mentally as well. This saves time as one does not have to spend hours behind the calculation.

  • Better Analysing of Situations

Maths helps people to respond quicker in stressful situations. A person who constantly solves math problems has a better analysing capacity. They analyse and come up with better responses in less time. Another person is more likely to take more stress during tough situations. However, a person who is used to solving difficult sums knows to stay calm and think of creative solutions instead of panicking.

  • Better Career Prospect

Maths is required in almost every field. However, the subject also allows students to specialise in certain aspects and choose a career of their interest. People who are good at maths and want to choose a career in this specific field can become an accountant, statisticians, teachers, market researchers, professors, etc. There are numerous options for a person to choose from as the subject is vast. The career options are also more because of this reason.

Mathematicians usually have a very bright future as the salaries are also high in this field. To bag a good career opportunity, one needs to prove their skills in the subject. A student can gain training and experience in the subject by choosing proper tutoring. They need to find a teacher who will cater to their needs.

Skill Yourself in Maths with Tutors from Superprof

The basic step in learning any subject is to find an appropriate tutor. Many students land up finding the wrong tutor because they do not have access to many options. Students in Hyderabad can learn maths with the help of tutors from Superprof. The website gives students various options to choose from. They can find a Math tutor easily near their locality, without having to go out searching for one.

Superprof has made the process of finding a teacher seamless for students all over India. They just need to enter their area pin code on the website and it will display all the math tutors nearby. Students in Hyderabad can start the learning process whenever they want at their convenience. They can also solve doubts and ask questions related to the subject to the teachers so that they can learn better. The teachers can also give proper career advice to the students who are confused regarding which field interests them the most.

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