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I want to learning waacking, popping or locking dance. please let me know if you teach any form thanks

I am learning waacking and bollywood style dance since last 2 years and now I want to learn waacking, popping or locking dance. please so that I can dance in many styles.

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International style Dance Teacher, Mumbai, Professional, Postgraduate, Owns Dance Studio in Thane

I teach beginners, non dancers as well as dancers. Dancing teaches one to be more socially open and helps when interacting with people.

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Position of Choreographer, dance teacher and aerobic instructor Learnt dance 2 years from SDIPA

Pursuing Graduation in dance. Pursuing Diploma in Yoga. Pursued B.A. programming from Delhi University. Passed class 12th from National Institute of Open Learning, CBSE. Passed class 10th from Carmel Convent School, CBSE.

Paris 7e
(37 reviews)
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Oriental Dance and Latin Dance (Salsa, Bachata, Samba) with Catherine Tadger :)

Discover a new concept of dance that combines Oriental dance, Latin dance (salsa, bachata, merengue, samba, kizomba, bolero), body language and theater techniques and interpretation. In this innovative and unique course you will free your body and explore your creativity by creating a new style of dance. Ask our special prices for students (es) and job seekers! Soon ...

(30 reviews)
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Dance teacher, contemporary dance classes, latin dances, bachata, salsa and other genres, body expression, flexibility and endurance. Ballroom dancing, world dances .

The structure is flexible depending on your needs. All the bodies are different, we will work based on what I need as my student. Time, dedication and constant work is essential to achieve the objectives. Having or not experience in dance.

Paris 1er
(110 reviews)
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Professor of Cuban salsa, Puerto Rican, Colombian, bachata, merengue, Paris, home study courses

Teacher Puerto Rican salsa since 2013 in various cultural centers and associations, Matthew was able to acquire a pedagogy refined through the years that allow him to convey not only his knowledge but also a pedagogy based on personal creativity and focus on oneself by the belief in the opening of our own potential and our originality we can all bring to the dance.

Paris 11e
(17 reviews)

Dance classes, all levels and styles. E-learning and video all over the world

Former student of Duo Dance School of hip-hop professional training Kim Kan and Broadway Center Studio (New York). I teach hiphop, break dance, salsa, street jazz! . I currently give 25 classes a week.

(5 reviews)

Professor of Latin dances gives salsa classes, bachata. Six years of experience (Masterclass Cumbé, Brooklyn, NewYork). Course on Paris / Vincennes.

Hello I am namboua sossou 35years old. I've been dancing forever. I have been teaching Latin dances for 6 years. I give courses at beginner, intermediate level. For me it is important to love and understand music before anything else. My courses take place in this way ... Learning techniques, games of musicality and knowledge of one's body. All in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Paris 16e
(26 reviews)
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Private dance lessons in Paris (Valse, Tango, Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha, Rock ...)

Hello everyone, I am a dance teacher, I'm certified by the American franchise Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios. I live in paris. I'm 27. I speak French and English. I dance since I was 15 years. I can teach you how to dance Salsa, Bachata and Rock very quickly even if you've never danced before.

(18 reviews)
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Sambista & Passista, I give courses of Samba No Pé any level, individual and collective

Above all, it is necessary to adapt to the student's level and objectives. It is a constructive and fulfilling work. After a short warm-up and stretching, work on the basics, then on the student's goals. Finally, I choreographed everything before ending with 5 minutes of scenario (enredo). Culture will also be discussed.

(6 reviews)
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KIZOMBA / SEMBA, international teacher, individual and group lessons on Paris area

Feel free to send me a message if you want to see videos of my demonstrations. My biography: Florian is a French teacher Kizomba / Semba whose career in the world of dance can inspire more than one. Without any background in dance, he discovered kizomba in September 2012 and immediately fell in love.

(5 reviews)
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Qualified and experienced teacher of Salsa and Latin Dance gives private lessons (at home / at home) in Paris and South Suburbs

Hola to all and all, I teach Salsa and Latin Dances in several schools in Paris. I am Spanish and I teach Cuban Salsa / Mambo, Bachata and Chachacha. For beginners, intermediate and advanced. Dynamic, patient and pedagogic. Private lessons, choregraphies for weddings, shows ...

(1 review)
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Classes Dance Modern Twerking Dancehall Afro Elasticity Tenerife South Private and Collective

Private and group classes From the age of 8 Modern Dance Twerking Hip Hop Afrobeats New style Dancehall Elasticity Resistance Acrobatics Motivation and safety gained through dance classes. Increased self-esteem and Ease of learning after the first month. I'm in South Tenerife.

(4 reviews)
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Professor of salsa and Latin dances, beginner - intermediate. Professional training followed at Salsabor, Paris

My courses in Latin dance: -Salsa Puerto Rican (solo or couple) -Salsa Cuban (solo or couple) -Bachata (solo or couple) -Chachacha (solo or couple) Specific courses: -Technique tours (beginner level - intermediate) - Movement Technique (Beginner - Intermediate Level) - Technique of Support and Hipster (Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced) My teaching method will depend on the needs and objectives...

(5 reviews)
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Latin dances, Afrocuban, Bridal Dance and Sevillanas in Seville. Private and group classes

If you were always passionate about dancing, it's never too late to discover the magic of Latin dances: the most social way to tone up your body and have fun! Salsa (On1 & On2), Cuban Salsa, Bachata, Chachachá, Afrocuban dances and more. I can help you prepare your wedding dance choreography and I also teach Sevillanas, typical dance of Seville.

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Female Salsa tutor for all levels and all styles! London and South London

I believe with Latin music you need to learn how to listen to the music and enjoy it as you dance. Not only learning the steps but feeling the music is important. I will teach you this during the lessons and include some instruments so its more real for you.

Paris 11e
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Manu dancer # smile4life come to learn kizomba, semba and urban kiz

Hello, Dancer and choreographer, I also give private lessons of African Dance for Adults / Adospour all levels from beginner to advanced.

(8 reviews)
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Bellydancer and Latin dancer (salsa, bachata, etc) offers you to discover the bellydance through many Latin inspirations.

I start the class with a calm warm-up to connect to his body. During this warm-up, you wake up the different parts of your body. Thereafter, I begin with simple exercises based on the posture (essential for a beautiful poise), on the position of the hands, and on the walk. The details and finish of each movement is essential on stage.

(5 reviews)
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Learn to dance Afro! Private face-to-face or online classes of Afrodance in Málaga

I have a lot of empathy so the private classes are totally adapted for you. I prepare my classes with a boss, but I adapt in terms of methodology since each person learns differently.

(10 reviews)
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Teacher, International Dancer Teaches in Lausanne and all of Switzerland Private or group lessons (max) 4 people

My teaching method is atypical and innovative. An original and personalized approach according to the student I base my courses on the consensual opening of the mind and the acceptance of the body and its language. I approach the subject in a free adapted and structured way.

(2 reviews)
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Dancer with 5 years experience as a teacher gives lessons at home.

professional dancer with 5 years experience as a teacher gives lessons at home in different time according to your convenience. Dance Salsa: all styles and levels. Flamenco: Sevillanas for beginners levels. The courses are aimed at both children as teenagers and adults.

Ciudad de México
(8 reviews)
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Hi, my name is Iñaki, I give clases of salsa, bachata and kizomba and more. Cadence, technique, connection and fun, dare and know yourself through dancing.

The teaching methodology is based on the student's learning rhythm. It begins at the basic level to know the mobility of the body, and focuses on the elements of the rhythm for the desired gender. Then he focuses from lower to higher speed with rhythm and music. The second part of the class comes with the couple, learn the connection of carrying and being led.

(7 reviews)
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Professor of dance, in the discipline of Latin rhythms (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba), with great experience in private classes, groups, choreographies, etc ... Great availability

Teacher and dancer with 15 years of experience in the area of ​​Latin rhythms (salsa, bachata and Kizomba). Classes directed to needs of any level, whether you want to start from scratch or want to dance at a high level. The work system is focused on technique, understanding and musical interpretation in a carefree environment.

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Brazilian Zouk and Kizomba classes in Western Sydney (beginners to intermediate level)

The classes will be targeted towards new students who haven't tried Zouk or Kizomba before. 1 hour weekly classes for 4, 6 or 8 weeks package. The course will cover material starting from the very basics of the music and rhythm, posture and breathing, then progress to basic steps, turn patterns, body isolations and movements, variations and sequences, lead and follow techniques.

(4 reviews)
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My name is Cesar I am Venezuelan, salsa casino instructor (Cuban salsa) ... If your phrase when you are invited to dance is "Do not dance" or "I have two left feet" it is time to c

The classes are mostly practical, you learn body movements but also there is a theoretical knowledge for the dance to make sense, the idea is that the student gets the tools that will allow him to create his dance based on the practices and knowledge taught in class.

(1 review)
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Two left feet? I can make one of them right! North West

I teach each class or individual to their personal needs, I bring out the best in every students I have trained, taking things slowly and moving at their pace, breaking down the barriers and showing different ideas if there are problems

(2 reviews)
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Learn to Salsa with Patient and Creative Bay Area Latin Dance Teacher

I am one of the best at learning how students learn within the first lesson, so I can devise a plan of action allowing my students to gain skills and confidence quickly in order to get out on the social dance floor sooner.

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Claudio Professional Dancer Tutor gives lessons to all level of students who want to dance.

I developed a teaching technique based on the personal characteristics of the students respecting their limits and individuality. Knowing why and what the student looks for in dance is one of the main pillars of learning. Each teaching strategy in dance is compatible with each student.

(1 review)
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Bachata Class, Cuban Salsa, Urban Dance and Sports Program are nutritional if needed! Can also give lessons in different languages! Let's have fun and improve our bodies :)

The main thing is to feel the pleasure of doing the dance, and then it depends on the final goal of each student. I will teach you to understand music and find harmony with your body. For every dance, you also need a good athletic form, so we will also work on the development of the body to be able to feel better the muscles and communicate with oneself.

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Perfect! Ms. Nazareth was a great teacher! She definitely made the most of our session time (ballet lesson), using it efficiently. I received some good con-crit, and she was very nice (dance teachers are unfortunately often harsh with their corrections, but...

Gabrielle, Student
1 year ago

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