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Belly Dance Classes Across India

Belly Dance is known as one of the oldest forms of dance. It is an Arabian dance form that emphasizes complex movements of the torso. Belly dance involves an individual to focus on the abdominal muscles to create graceful moves. It is a little tricky and technical to get the right form. Therefore, you should consult a professional to learn and excel. We have discussed some ways you can find belly dance classes across India. 

The dance is a delight to watch and even more fun to learn. It is a great way to get your body moving and acquire a new skill. Both men and women can learn this dance form without feeling the inhibitions and limits. With professional guidance and patience, you can achieve perfection. 

Benefits of Belly Dance

Belly Dance is a highly expressive form of dance which helps you to stay in shape and keeps you healthy. It helps to boost the confidence of an individual with the newly attained skill. Belly dance lessons across India are open to everyone which offer following benefits :

Gain Strength and Tone Muscles

Belly dancing movements involve engaging Glutes, Oblique’s (stomach), and Quads (thighs). These will significantly work to aid muscle toning. Moreover, it acts as a great workout for a healthy body.

Balance and Posture

This form of dance works on the spine, knees, and pelvic areas of the body. It involves movements and flexible approach of Yoga and Pilates that work on balance and posture of the body. Moreover, it relieves stress and provides perfect alignment to an individual’s physique. 

Increase Confidence

Belly-dance lessons are highly beneficial to improve the coordination of your physical body and mental stimulus. Like many other dance forms, belly dance also allows your body to secrete endorphins and dopamine, which will act as a ‘feel-good’ hormone. These hormones help you feel great about your productivity after learning new movements each day.


Belly dancing classes wrap up with the captivating music, which can be a meditative experience. It is known as the ‘cool-down’ part of the class. This dance will make you feel as if you are fully present in a calm atmosphere.

Helps in Losing weight

It helps to lose weight irrespective of the intensity of dancing. You will use the muscle groups in the abdomen, trunk, spine, and neck. This will help in releasing the calories from the body and boost a positive feeling in you. 

Best Tips for Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is one of the famous dance styles worldwide that inspires millions of people to pursue dance passion in this form. While choosing belly dance classes across India, you can use these tips for further improvement, 

  • Practice Isolating the Abdominals: For this dance form, a person needs to practice rolling the muscles and contracting them in sequence, mainly from top to bottom.

  • Express Yourself: Dance is an amazing way for an individual to express themselves. Belly dancing demands an individual to put its personality and emotion into it.

  • Use Your Arms: You can practice stretching your arms and do some rotations to get them ready for belly dancing. It involves graceful hands and arm movements for expression and goes with the wavy dance moves. 

  • Don’t Hold Your Breath: Belly dance classes teach people to synchronize breathing patterns while learning steps. Some people usually try to control their breathing while learning new steps, which should be avoided. During the dance, try to maintain a regular breathing pattern.

  • Broaden your Knowledge: Regular practice of belly dance makes an individual learn different rhythms of steps and know the ways to express them. You can practice and reach an intermediate level in no time. 

Where to find Belly-Dance Lessons In India?

Dance rhythmically involves movements of the body by expressing an idea or emotion and taking delight in each movement. You can learn to sway on your own by some apps and video tutorials dedicated to belly dance. However, this will lack the feedback and individual attention in case you make any mistakes. 

You can enrol in belly dance lessons at a reputed centre and learn in groups. This will need you to be physically present at a scheduled time. The classes are usually centric on basic exercises and warm-up required to begin dancing. You can choose from weekly or weekend classes as per your schedule. 

Apart from these, there are many more dance classes across India. You can register online to learn belly dance from experts in the field. All you need is a good internet connection and a webcam. Refer to the next section if you need a special private tutor.

Belly Dance Lessons with Superprof India

Superprof is an online platform for learning various dance forms, including belly dance. You can get belly dance classes across India on the platform from the professionals with years of experience. Their website has an easy interface with a number of teachers along with their profile. You can communicate with the teacher via inbox and schedule a class. 

The first class on the platform is free, which will enable you to judge the teaching methods and chemistry with the teacher. You can find a dedicated personal teacher on Superprof and begin your belly-dance lessons. The teaching method involves real-time calls through webcam. You can watch and learn the dance in the presence of the teacher. The teacher can also guide you to perform better and correct your mistakes. 

You can read reviews from the students on the platform to narrow down on a teacher. One of the amazing things about learning online is the comfort of your home. You do not need to step out and commute to get professional services. This helps in focusing on learning dancing and helps in saving your precious time. With online classes, you won’t need to worry about getting to the learning centre. All you need to do is get into your belly dance attire and enjoy the classes.


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The average price of Belly Dance  lessons is ₹1,102.

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