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Shreya bollywood dance Teacher

My son is attending the classes and likes it very much. He really enjoys the whole 1 hour and even shows interest in practicing. Shreya is really good with kids, friendly and the steps taught are easy to follow.

Umesh bollywood dance Teacher

Extremely professional, respectful, punctual and friendly. It is a pleasure to learn from him. He has abundant knowledge about the art of performing, he is a very dedicated teacher and will find a way for you to have fun and most importantly...

Omar, 2 weeks ago

Akshatha bollywood dance Teacher

She keeps the children engaged throughout the session. There is never a dull moment. She instills the passion in the children. Every session is extremely enjoyable and also a great workout for the children.

Krithika, 1 month ago

Geetika p bollywood dance Teacher

Geetika Mam is a rare diamond who turns her students into diamonds by slowly polishing their skills such as focusing on their strengths. She uses various methods to get them reach upto their optimum potential without them knowing it which makes it...

Neha, 1 month ago

Siya bollywood dance Teacher

She is very sweet with my 7 year old daughter, well mannered and even though she is too young but knows her subject very well. My daughter is very comfortable with her even on online platform and she looks forward for her ballet class.

Akanki, 1 month ago

Mannat bollywood dance Teacher

Mannat is very good in dance & it's great to see her teaching & inspiring other girls for dancing.

Raj, 2 months ago

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Know All About the Bollywood Dance Form

Bollywood dance is immensely popular all across India. People, irrespective of age, gender, and economic background are interested in this dance form. It is an amalgamation of several dance forms and that where the beauty of it lies.

Bollywood movies are extremely popular and every mainstream film is studded with several iconic songs. These songs are choreographed by famous choreographers like Farah Khan, Shamak Davar, Remo D’Souza, and so on. These talented dancers make Bollywood evergreen with unique dance steps. Certain steps are so famous that they have become symbols for certain actors or even movies.

One of the reasons why Hindi movies are so popular in India has to be the dance items. They have often made careers for several actors. This particular dance form borrows and modifies several forms all across the world especially the classical Indian forms and western contemporary.

The dance has evolved in an almost magical way. It is no longer restricted to movies. Different dancers and choreographers take it up and re-create their masterpieces and fusions.

Bolly dance has encouraged several people to take up dancing and build their careers on it. TV reality shows on dance are extremely common and popular. Millions of people come to audition and most of them display their dancing talents on Bollywood songs and win billion hearts.

So if you are a fan of Hindi movies and the dance style that has extended and developed like none other, this could be your chance to shine and stand out. With proper guidance and training, you can be the next face of the biggest reality show. You can construct your career in the line of Bollywood dance and witness a hundred opportunities open up for you. Have the courage to dream big and take small steps for it.

The Evolution of Bollywood Dance Form

The earliest form of dancing we witnessed in Bollywood films was purely classical or folk dance forms. These were inspired from different parts of the country and often brought together to render a touch of appeal.

Choreographers in the 50s and 60s began managing a bigger troupe of dancers but the influences were still from folk and classical.

With the advent of color cinemas, the approach underwent a significant change. Talented dancers like Helen, Mahipla, Gitanjali, and Sandhya graced the industry and with their mesmerizing performance and energy changed the course of not just dance but also music that accompanied the beat.  The dances were rooted in the classical and semi-classical forms with some minor changes to fit the mood.

The form now began to change drastically as we moved into the 70s. The cabaret-style was immensely popular and almost all mainstream films had one. Later it was replaced by Disco which was a worldwide phenomenon, thanks to Elvis Presley.

In the 90s, freestyle was implemented in movies. Dancers like Govinda and Karisma Kapoor represented this style. A lot of improvisations were done in this period and no pure form was followed.

Around this period, we see the emergence of MTV and the influence of western dance styles. And slowly it found its way into the Indian cinema. The beginning of the 21st century witnessed one of the greatest dance icons- Hrithik Roshan. Western dance forms like hip-hop since then have influenced Bollywood dance majorly. 

The present scenario is more influenced by western dance forms and several styles like salsa, contemporary, tap dance, jazz, and a lot more are finding their way into present choreographies.

Famous Bollywood Dancers and Choreographers

Choreographers in Bollywood

Prabhu Deva- known for his exceptional dance moves and expertise in hip-hop and pop and lock. He has revolutionized the entire scene of Hindi songs and dance numbers.

Saroj Khan- The late Saroj Khan is known for her collaborations with Madhuri Dixit. They have together created unforgettable dance moves.

Shamak Davar- has created several group dance items with perfect coordination. Several dancers like Shahid Kapoor were students in his academy.

Best Dancers in Bollywood

Hrithik Roshan- the biggest dance sensation Bollywood has ever seen. His scintillating moves have made his style stand out.

Rekha- this beauty has claimed millions of hearts solely through her dance moves. Her graceful classical dance is popular even to this day.

Mithun Chakraborty- he is called the king of dance as he had done something absolutely unprecedented in Bollywood in his time. He was responsible for bringing Disco to mainstream Bollywood and made it immensely popular. It was his brand of dance for a very long time.

Take Online Classes on Superprof India

No matter what goal you want to achieve in life, the importance of a mentor is undeniable. Even a self-made man has his source of inspiration. Thus finding the right teacher can make your career.

The pandemic has taught us an important lesson- we need not leave home for everything. The world has shrunk to our computers and mobile phones. In a situation like this, online classes become the need as well as the convenience of the day.

There are several online platforms where you find a teacher and instantly get enrolled for classes. But think about it, is the site transparent about its teachers and their qualifications? What fees are they charging for forwarding the contact and why are they doing so?

There is one site that satisfies all the aforementioned queries and more. Superprof is a community of learners and educators who come together to support each other. There are several teachers registered and you can pick your choice based not on mere word of mouth but more concrete considerations like their degrees, their skills and feedback from previous students.

Some of the dance teachers there have been students of famous choreographers in the film world. It is impossible to teach a huge number of students online thus you can expect almost undivided attention from the trainer which is rare if you go to an academy.

With Superprof, you get the guarantee of decent training and that too from the comfort of your home. It is a great opportunity not only for budding dancers but also for people who had to give up on their dreams due to responsibilities and lack of time. You can always find some time in your busy schedule to go back to the old dream.

Superprof is an opportunity that the learning community had never seen before. This unprecedented platform can make you the next star of the Bollywood dance form.


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The average price of Bollywood dance  lessons is ₹703.

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