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Professional choreographer who teaches Bollywood, salsa,western,contemporary dance forms with ease in bangalore to the people who love dance.

I teach from the basics accompanied by few warmups as it will be helpful for beginners by alleviating cramps and other physical discomforts and making them fit and fine. I teach people of all age groups. I am located in electronic city ,bangalore.I take classes at electronic city as well as confortable in teaching at client's place.

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I teach specially Bollywood and bhangra with fitness exercise thank you guys.

You can see my teaching style with a free trial class..

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A well qualified and enthusiastic teacher having specialisation in western Dance in Dehradun

First of all I get familiar with my student and then I try to find out his interest and earlier dance experience. I not only make them to learn dance, also I motivate them to become a responsible citizen in life.

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I am teach dance to any age of people,i have 6 year experience and i have diploma in dance from 'Big dance center' (Delhi).

teaching dance skills to students with interesting elements,with true knowledge of dance style and also focus on zero injuries in students body from dance.Conceptualized, explained and demonstrated dance choreographies, formations, facial expressions, bodily gestures and techniques.Helped students feel appreciated and rewarded for sharing their talents and having the proper discipline.

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Why just walk when you can Dance?! Dancing is not just an art but it's a way of living! Remove your stress and give your body to the music! The Best Medicine over Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Over

I am a Dance Choreographer holding 5 years of experiences, Trained under famous titles of Shaimak Davar, Kings United, Remo Dsouza and other personalities. I've choreographer several shows, wedding sangeets and college festivals when solo or group performance is the requirement. I've mastered in Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Urban and Folk Dance styles.

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Any body can dance, learn dance to express your heart Dance isn't something that can be explained in words. It has to be danced With My You Can Learn Dance/Zumba/Aerobics/Weight Loss

My method is very simple, First brief my students about and start with all type of dance workout for flexibility and body relax then i start with song and with step by step we done dance part . Step by step we teach and on count i make them practice.

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Dance HAi agar Dil Main , To Dance karo Dil Se,Dil Se dil TAk

Our methodology is very simple we first find out the interest of the candidate then we start teaching them.

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Student in engineering gives coaching to all ages all types of dance.

Warmup before any dance is first preference then comes the basic steps and after that polishing steps with more techniques

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Dance classes online Salsa, bachata, bhangra, bollywood classes, wedding choreography and more

We are one of the best dance academy in tricity with various branches in chandigarh, mohali and panchkula. We deals in Salsa, bachata, hiphop, bollywood, bhangra, zumba, yoga classes. We do provide personal classes at our premises and home instructor.

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I would love to share the art I learnt. Interested people please contact

From basic I try to give my full attention. Really dedicated towards whatever I do. Believes in regularity of both, teacher and student.

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M e a n d m y g r o u p t e a c h s h o t d a n c e w i t h f e e l i n g l o v e

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Stay fit and express yourself with salsa dancing . Say yes to dance .

I make the foundation strong and then I teach combination which you can perform anywhere. Total 16 session are required to complete 1st level.

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Position of Choreographer, dance teacher and aerobic instructor Learnt dance 2 years from SDIPA

Pursuing Graduation in dance. Pursuing Diploma in Yoga. Pursued B.A. programming from Delhi University. Passed class 12th from National Institute of Open Learning, CBSE. Passed class 10th from Carmel Convent School, CBSE.

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Dance is not a just steps its a feel of happiness

i can give happiness by dance i can teach for children up to 10th std and i can teach who begins dance to any person i can teach salsa folk Hip hop Bollywood expression like fitness stress free positive minded Balancing body Good posture lose weight These benefits with dance Be healthy with dance

Navi Mumbai
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Dance teacher for all type of dancers and non dancer.hurry contact now

i provide a very simple and easy approach towards dancing and adaptive choreography for my students.i teach all age groups from kids to adults .i can teach a variety of styles.mix and match styles according to students requirment .

New Delhi
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Learning with Nvi - best salsa teacher for beginners for home tutor

I'm Navneet, I'm doing undergraduate. I'm from delhi, and I love salsa very much that's why I'm into teaching salsa to the beginners, I don't care for my stipend ever. I just want my students to be satisfied in all possible way. And best of all is I'm very funny coz I can't be so serious all the time. So let's learn with some fun.

Paris 7e
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Oriental Dance and Latin Dance (Salsa, Bachata, Samba) with Catherine Tadger :)

Discover a new concept of dance that combines Oriental dance, Latin dance (salsa, bachata, merengue, samba, kizomba, bolero), body language and theater techniques and interpretation. In this innovative and unique course you will free your body and explore your creativity by creating a new style of dance. Ask our special prices for students (es) and job seekers! Soon ...

Paris 11e
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Birthday animation at the student's home, all styles, in Ile de France

You want an animation that makes your guests dance or your child's guests at a discounted price? I propose a flexibility throughout the Ile de France for a rate of 100 euros for less than 30 people and 150 euros for more than 30 people.

Paris 1er
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Professor of Cuban salsa, Puerto Rican, Colombian, bachata, merengue, Paris, home study courses

Teacher Puerto Rican salsa since 2013 in various cultural centers and associations, Matthew was able to acquire a pedagogy refined through the years that allow him to convey not only his knowledge but also a pedagogy based on personal creativity and focus on oneself by the belief in the opening of our own potential and our originality we can all bring to the dance.

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Dance teacher, contemporary dance classes, latin dances, bachata, salsa and other genres, body expression, flexibility and endurance. Ballroom dancing, world dances .

The structure is flexible depending on your needs. All the bodies are different, we will work based on what I need as my student. Time, dedication and constant work is essential to achieve the objectives. Having or not experience in dance.

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Dance Classes in Medellin. Spanish, English and German. With somatic methodology. Salsa, bachata, contemporary, physical conditioning and stretching.

Always willing to listen to my students to develop personalized learning programs in order to achieve their goals efficiently. From the somatic approach the classes are varied, using resources such as: Imitation, voice-word, visual, imagination, among others. In addition to personalized classes, also learning programs for couples and groups.

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Professor of Latin dances gives salsa classes, bachata. Six years of experience (Masterclass Cumbé, Brooklyn, NewYork). Course on Paris / Vincennes.

Hello I am namboua sossou 35years old. I've been dancing forever. I have been teaching Latin dances for 6 years. I give courses at beginner, intermediate level. For me it is important to love and understand music before anything else. My courses take place in this way ... Learning techniques, games of musicality and knowledge of one's body. All in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

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Qualified and experienced teacher of Salsa and Latin Dance gives private lessons (at home / at home) in Paris and South Suburbs

Hola to all and all, I teach Salsa and Latin Dances in several schools in Paris. I am Spanish and I teach Cuban Salsa / Mambo, Bachata and Chachacha. For beginners, intermediate and advanced. Dynamic, patient and pedagogic. Private lessons, choregraphies for weddings, shows ...

Paris 9e
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Start in Argentine tango, lindy hop, 6-time rock with an experienced teacher.

I give lessons for beginners and false beginners in Argentine tango, rock and lindy hop. Classes emphasize good mood, rhythm, guidance and connection. Classes are held in a room. The emphasis is on the relaxation, necessary for a natural communication. Secondary activity, hence the advantageous fees.

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Professor of salsa and Latin dances, beginner - intermediate. Professional training followed at Salsabor, Paris

My courses in Latin dance: -Salsa Puerto Rican (solo or couple) -Salsa Cuban (solo or couple) -Bachata (solo or couple) -Chachacha (solo or couple) Specific courses: -Technique tours (beginner level - intermediate) - Movement Technique (Beginner - Intermediate Level) - Technique of Support and Hipster (Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced) My teaching method will depend on the needs and objectives...

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Teacher with 15 years of experience in Wedding Dance - Lisbon and Setúbal

Licensed professor at the School of Dance of Lisbon, she created and developed an effective and fast method especially for choreographies for opening of lane in weddings. Customized choreographies adapted to each couple with original elements. Classes can be at home or in a studio Rented: Setúbal, Montijo, Lisboa, Corroios.

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Latin Dances Instructor (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue & Kizomba) teaches you to dance from scratch!

My classes are trully focused on the social dance, where I give my students all the tips and tools,so that they can defend themselves and enjoy themselves on a dance floor, be it a party, a romantic date with their couple, marriages or any celebration.

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Linda, Your Dance Teacher, Choreographer, (10 years experience) Dancer Pro Moderator: Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Couples, Solo, Jazz, Samba, Latin, Modern, Dynamic, Professional, which

Dance Teacher Diploma, Professional Dancer Multidisciplinary Intermittent Show, Choreographer large varied experience and quality, graduate, experienced, wishes to convey his knowledge, his passion, his dance skills, his love for dance.

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