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Be taught with a private teacher: an essential requirement sometimes

Master the Art of Contemporary Dance With Private Classes

Dance is the hidden language of the Soul! - Martha Graham

Well, if you are a dancing enthusiast, then you might be aware of various dancing styles. The key thing that differentiates different dancing styles is the way they are done. But, contemporary dance is the one that is a bit unique from the others. The contemporary expressive dance is an awesome mix of various dances like modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical.

And that’s what makes it way different from others. Here are some aspects that you need to have if you want to be an expressive dancer.

Knowledge about Dancing Genres

It is pretty obvious that if the dance is a mix of different genres, you should be able to perform the steps of all of them. And this is not enough. You also need to have enough practice about the various dance styles.

  • Floorwork

As it is one of the required aspects of contemporary dance, it is necessary for you to know how to do floor work. As the contemporary dancers rely a lot on gravity for pulling them back to the floor. Floorwork helps a dancer’s body in building a relationship with the floor. Moreover, it also helps the dancer to balance their dance moves easily. It increases flexibility, reduces hip tension, and also allows more muscle activity.

  • Balance

Well, no offence to overweight people, but if you want to perform the moves of the contemporary dance, you need to fit slim and fit. As it requires a lot of close to the body and flexible moves, people who have extra weight will not be able to maintain balance while performing the moves of contemporary dance.

  • Workout

Just linked slightly to the previous point, it is necessary for you to focus on your fitness and workout if you want to join private classes for contemporary dance. Make sure you do all the necessary workouts properly. This is really necessary as if not taken care of properly; you may get yourself injured while performing.

  • Timing

If you listen to music, you must have observed that the lyrics are perfectly aligned or synchronised with the music. This is really helpful in developing timing when you are dancing. You can add high-intensity steps when the music is high and light steps when it is low. This way, you can develop awesome timing with the music playing in the background.

  • Adaptability

When you are in private classes of contemporary dance, it is a small stage for you. But, when you become a professional and experienced dancer, your audience is expected to increase. Maybe, you will get offers for films and TV series. In this case, you need to have the adaptability to a new type of dance environments as their requirements will be different.

  • Teamwork

Now, when you are a solo performer, you just have to focus on yourself. But, when you get into private classes for contemporary dance, it is necessary for you to be a team player. If someone needs your help, you should be able to help that person.

Get a tutor

 Now, all of this may seem like you can do it, but it is not at all a cakewalk. You need to be consistent with everything on the list, and for that, it is best if you hire a tutor. A tutor will help you develop these skills faster and help you polish them in better ways. You can go for various types of tutors based on your preference like:


Private tutor: You should opt for this choice if you have a loose budget. As private tutors come to your homes for tutoring you, they charge you relatively more as compared to any other type of tutor. A great thing about private tutoring is that you get dedicated attention from the tutor. This way, you can learn more and faster.


Group tutor: One other way to get dance tutoring is group tutoring. This method is much affordable as compared to private tutoring and requires more time for learning. As there are multiple students in a batch, it takes more time for the tutor to teach each one of them, and there is nothing like personal attention in it.

So, you can go for any of these tutors to get the best results in the end. There is another choice that you can opt for, and that is online tutoring.

Where to find tutors for private classes of contemporary dance?

Now, if you want to go for private classes of contemporary dance in India, you can go search online. Superprof is the platform that helps you do it. It is an online tutoring platform that helps you get professional tutors. Here are some of the pros of registering on the Superprof platform:


A lot of tutors: The best thing about the Superprof platform is the number of tutors it has. No matter where you live in India, you will definitely get a huge number of tutors. Not only for dancing but you will get tutors for all the skills and subjects. The platform also offers you the facility of checking the authenticity of the tutors by referring to their bio where you can find their experience and skills.


Ability to verify the tutor: It is really necessary to check if you are comfortable with the tutoring style of the tutor. For this, the tutors registered on Superprof provide their first lecture free of cost. This way you can attend their class and thus choose the one whose teaching style suits you the best. Moreover, Superprof does not charge you any fee for registering on the platform. You just need to pay the tutors for their services. You can opt for both online and private tutors on Superprof.


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The average price of Contemporary Dance  lessons is ₹1,482.

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