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Want To Take Hip Hop Dance Lessons With A Private Tutor? Then Try Superprof 


Learning a new dance form is an exciting and challenging task simultaneously, and if you are eager to learn a new dance form, then here we are with this interesting article. In India, you can learn several dance forms, and Hip hop is one of them. Hip Hop dance style possesses a great cultural significance, versatility, and enjoyable nature. 


Before starting any dance form, you should be aware of the style because it will help you to easily grasp the steps. If you are interested to learn this dance form, then a dance trainer or tutor can be your great source of inspiration. In India, finding a tutor is not a big deal because there are many options available. 


You can use many online platforms which will help you to find the best one. If you are thinking of taking Hip Hop dance lessons with a private tutor, then Superprof is the best platform you can try. But before starting, you must have to know the main styles of Hip Hop dance form. 


The main styles of hip hop dance

The hip hop style originated in the Bronx, New York City in the 1970s. Hip hop dance is a pillar of Hip Hop culture. Hip Hop is a combination of energetic street dance forms that have become popular lately among people worldwide. Hip hop possesses different styles and here is the list of the main style of hip hop dance:


  • Popping

It is a dance style whereby a dancer jerks his or her body to resemble having muscle contraction. This dance style is formed by a group of people known as Electric Boogaloos. However, the dance creation is credited to a single individual Sam Solomon who was basically from California.


  • Locking

This dance form or style is discovered by Dan Campbell of California who danced to Original Funk. The dance move consists of the upper body's fast movement, and the arm then can lock different parts of the body with ease and grace for a shorter period. All the movements only happen in tune with the beat and make a dramatic series of moves. 


  • Boogaloo

When it comes to this style, then the whole movement depends on the body's legs and hips. You will get a feel that dancers are moving in a manner that they don't have any bones in their body. And sometimes these movements are known as Snakin or Old man. 


  • Breaking

This hip hop dance style is also known as b-boying and b-girling. It is actually the dance style which is instinctively associated with hip hop. This dance style or move has no real formations as the dancers use improvised moves on their feet, but the most typical part of this move is all the moves performed by the dancers on the ground while performing different poses. 


  • Funk 

Funk is a perfect combination of sharp and fluid movements, locking and popping and animated expressions. You can say that this style is highly choreographed. This style came up in the late 60s from the West Coast of the United States.


  • Uprock 

This style can be said as a soulful, competitive street dance that used souls and funk music rhythms. Uprock is the combination of different movements and expressions such as turns, spins, freestyle movements, jerks and hand gestures known as burns. Every dance practitioner needs some patience and discipline. To master this style, you need to have patience, discipline, soul and knowledge. 


  • Street dance

Many people know hip hop as a street dance. This type of dance style is very physical, and it incorporates the movement of your whole body. This dance form includes all kinds of dance forms from all over the world. It is the combination of style from the hip hop genres. 


These are the popular hip hop dance styles. You can pick one according to your interest, and as we mentioned earlier, we are here to help if you want to take hip hop dance lessons with a private tutor. But before hiring an online private dance tutor, you have to keep these three things in mind.


Three things you have to consider about a dance tutor 


  • Consider his/her experience 

Hiring a private dance teacher is not a difficult task but sometimes getting the desired expectations becomes difficult. So before any rush, check out his/her experience in the same profession. If he or she is a certified dance teacher, then go for it. Also, check reviews on their profile which will help to make your process easy. Don't forget to discuss with your family and friends. 


  • Check out the platform credibility and authenticity 

If you are using an online platform to hire a private tutor from some websites, check out the credibility and transparency of platforms. Many platforms list the private dance tutors with less experience and expertise, so don't come in their influence. Try to find a good platform such as Superprof. 


  • Dedication

Dedication of great dance tutors separates them from the usual crowd. Tutors who are not fully committed to explaining the necessary skills and moulding young dancers often little things slide in the classrooms. Choose teachers who are fully dedicated to their job. You can get a clue about their personality and dedication by taking a demo class.


You have to consider many factors, but these few factors will help you to choose the best private tutor that can make a significant change. 


How is Superprof easy to go platform to take hip hop dance lessons with a private tutor? 


Now you are handy with hip hop dance styles and factors for hiring a tutor, but there is one thing still remaining and that is the platform. Superprof is your one-stop destination to take hip hop dance lessons with a private tutor. This platform is highly secured and provides access to multiple profiles of private tutors who are ready to offer you the best hip hop lessons.


More than 600 tutors are available on Superprof. You can check out the fess and detailed information about every profile before joining the lessons. Moreover, you can take the first demo lesson free of cost on Superprof. 


💰What is the average price of Hip-Hop dance lessons?

The average price of Hip-Hop dance  lessons is ₹1,114.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

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  • the duration and frequency of your lessons

97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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