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Masters in Environmental Engineering with more than 5 years experience in industry, research and teaching.

Highlights of my qualifications include: • Creating individualized plans and programs to facilitate a targeted, personalized approach to education while stimulating student’s enjoyment and appreciation for the subject. • Encouraging student participation and progress, to ensure optimal subject comprehension and real-world application.

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Environment professional teaches tuition classes on ecology to school children in Delhi NCR

My teaching methodology includes lectures & discussions, audiovisuals & powerpoint presentation and reading for comprehension by students. Structure of the classes comprises reading comprehension by students, discussions, and feedbacks. of My classes are open to students of high school, 12th standard, and graduation.

New Delhi
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Environment and ecology for upsc, classes 6-12 through crixp and comprehensive notes

My teaching method is both crisp and comprehensive. I try to make things simpler for the students i teach by doing all the necessary research. I try to explain the concepts rather than simply emphasizing on cramming and rote learning.

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For CSIR NET in LIFE SCIENCES only. Ecology, Genetics, Molecular biology, plant physiology, animal physiology. (Selected subjects)

My teaching methods were simple, mainly discussion based. I like to discuss about the previous questions and try to influence students to solve it by their own. I basically follows certain tricks and techniques in preparing for such competitive exams.

Bhairo prasad
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M.Sc. in Environmental Science with NET , I also taken classes in IGNTU Amarkantak a Central University

Teaching methods applied according to strength and previous knowledge of the students. Best method for me oral presentation and power point presentation. Discussion in class about any of the topic can made great effect on class and students can easily understood about topics.

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Experienced professional with a passion for tutoring for ecology, Environment, and HSEW

My teaching is based on using audio-visual aids. Focus more on understanding the basics first before venturing to digest the full subject. Its not about memorising a subject, its about enjoying the subject. Communication and coordination is the key to a successful outcome of a problem. I am sure I will be able to connect and create enablers.

Dr prachi
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Become Envronmental specialist and create a change in the society around you

My teaching method varies according to the reqirement of the students. It is very advanced using advanced technologies, audios, videos, online nteracctions, assignments, test series will be a part of it. Lectures will be bilingual. I will dictate the notes.

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An Undergraduate in Life Sciences, a Postgraduate in Environment Management and a student in life.

I prefer one on one lessons. I believe in Student Centred approach to learning. I will be there to assist you in your learning process. Everyone learns differently and I would like to make the subject fun for you.

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Ecology made simple. I teach at calicut,India. Im Pursuing MSc Environmental science at University of Calicut,I have qualified the ugc net examination for assistant professor in environmental science

I'm an ardent nature explorer,and want people to know about what is happening around them. I would use real life examples to make learning simple. My lectures would be short and crisp. Anyone could understand my lectures not only people who knows science.

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I am Dhivyalakshmi from India. I will teach ecology, Forestry, environmental studies by online mode me

I am Dhivyalakshmi. I completed my BSc Forestry degree from Forest college and Research Institute, Tamilnadu. Now I am doing my final year Msc Environmental studies in Nalanda University.

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Doctorate in Ecology, interested to teach ecological science to students upto post-graduation

I have not done a classroom teaching yet. But if I get a chance, I would like the students to understand the subject in an easy way. I would like to give as many examples/case studies possible. If possible I would like to include videos/documentaries/movies during the course. I believe the lessons are better learnt one enjoys them.

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my teaching method is topic wise, concept wise.My professional degree is phd in biology.This is my interesting field. I am a professional for teaching. Botany ,zoology, environmental science are interesting topic. I have research exprience in the field of biology.

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Wildlife science postgraduate giving tuition in ecology and zoology for high school to college students in Calicut+online.

This class will progress through the development history of each concept. The interesting part is that many of the ecological concepts considered complex are clearly and crisply available in popular science books. This class provide such books to students as well as give concise notes with easy to understand analogies. In this way, the student can remember the concepts for their entire life.

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People can do a lively project in Recycling and Resource Recovery under my guidance

I will teach you by drawing diagrams and make you imagine scientifically and observe the reactions. It would be a lively class.

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12 yrears experience of the field of environmental science and have practical knowledge..

I approach t topic by basic concern,its practical concern and current status in env...so it can easily caught by std...

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Students of MSc / PhD interested in pedological studies related to sustainable production systems

as this is open science , teach soils with good illustrations and simply the concepts using soil- landscape studies made in my service.Exposed to various environmental situations where in soil bodies were reffered to teach how to understand and manage soil resources for enhancing farm productivities.

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In ecology and environment any types of problems and doubts are clear by me in Delhi-NCR regions.

I provide a lecture in detail way to clear the doubt of student on the bases of literature and research work and clear all the doubts through presentation way. I provide the notes on any topic of ecology and environment in proper manner.

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Student in medical school give tuition in ecology/ cellular biology from high school to college in Lucknow

My teaching method is simple fist start basic things about topic,then in deep part of topic gradually,so each and every student s can understand

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A Gold-Medalist Government teacher gives tuitions for geography theory, toposheet and practicals in geography from class 6 to class 12 (I.C.S.E & C.B.S.E board) as well as College students.

My teaching method is lectures, demonstrations,and my target is making the students understand the topics clearly..I teach students from class 6 onwards.. What I believe is making someone understand the concept and meanings..

Sumbal Sonawari
Akhter hussain
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Environmental preservation is must , so be able to conserve your Environment by studying Ecology and Environment.

Interaction and question answering type, and all along discussion of the topics coming accordingly but can be setup according to the situation

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Graduate in Engineering and Post Graduate in Environmental Science to teach students of ecology and related disciplines (including coaching for APSC aspirants) in Guwahati, Assam.

I prefer face to face interactive teaching augmenting it with other required and relevant pedagogical tools to enhance understanding and teaching.

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Sharda Vidhya Mandir school gives a science and evs tution n I have 3 year experience in teaching n I gives a first aids classes .with demo

My teaching methods are practically . My teaching style attractive n creative so stundet are not feel boring the subject.

Manju pargavi.k
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I hold masters in environmental engineering.... Though I have no experience in real teaching I could handle it for my subject

I could teach for students in school & in college....My method of teaching will not only stick to syllabus but also widens up to the other information related to the topic which could be useful to know...

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Funny with study learn in easy and comprehensive way we will solve your queries.

I like to approach the topc from basic to advance level clearing all concepts and in easy way so student can retain

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What will happen to us in future are we in danger....... what about our kids

I uses various methods of teaching mostly i uses practical method , lecture method , powe point presentation

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Students who are curious about Environment can join my class to learn

My approach is topic by topic which gives more clarity about the subject and more doubts can be cleared.

Dr syed maqbool
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1st class FREE!

Well competitive level notes in ecology will be provided for excellent result

My methodology is PowerPoint presentation which is designed by me

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A Post graduate teacher in environmental science provide tuition to graduates and undergraduates in Lucknow

My teaching methods are lecture method, demonstration, group discussion,class interaction, learning by doing,real direct experience etc My class is interactive n lively

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