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I'm passionate at teaching. My focus is always to start from basics and build up to the advanced level. I motivate students. Students always feel comfortable around me.

Teaching style: I like to build up from fundamentals right upto to the level of GATE exam or course levels that is being taught at IITs. I have motivated and inspired wide spectrum of students. I work around their individual potential. Students generally feel very comfortable learning and being around me. I'm sure you will definitely learn something good if you give me an opportunity to tutor you.

New Delhi
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I passed out Mechanical Engineering with 8 CGPA from reputed Govt. College. I live in New Delhi. I can teach Mathematics, Physics, Mech. Engg. Subjects etc.

I mainly focused on concepts , i think if you are good in concepts then you will not face any problem, while solving problems. For understanding of concepts i will give practical examples and my experience which i get till now.

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Professional Mechanical Designer and expert in 3D modelling and CFD analysis. I provide classes in Design, Mechanical Engineering and Computational Mathematics MATLAB

I believe in teaching the basic concept and then letting the person work on it. If he/she has any problem first I let them work in the second step I help them. My class are for anyone who is interested in Physics concepts, Design and Mechanical Engineering. No Age bar, No class bar, just interest is what I need.

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Faculty of an engineering college offers knowledge on Mechanical Engineering and Nanotechnology and class 12 physics knowledge

I always aim to give the practical view of the theory while teaching so that student absorbs maximum. I offer my teaching for the Polytechnic students, B.Tech Mechanical, Material Science and Production Engineering students. Civil engineering students also can be taught for some common subjects. Students having Nanotechnology as their subject also can contact me.

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Theory and practice with concepts for Power Plant engineering from an Independent Consultant

I am an Independent consultant who has associated with power and IT companys after initial period of pure service with various employers like BHEL.Tata Power,IFFCO,Engineers India,ROLTA ,Tata Consulting Engineers etc.

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Assistant professor in sr group of institutions wants to teach students in mechanical subjects and maths, physics, chemistry for the students of class 6-12

My teaching method is to make every student to develop the basic fundamentals about the subject. The main structure of my class is to develop the concepts and when those concepts are being developed by the students i shall rather go for advanced learning. Proper learning with assignments makes a effortive approach for studying.

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Engineering knowledge with industrial application experience. Concept to reality and Reality to practice.

My explaination involves all details about construction , functionality and necessity of the given syllabus topics. Every topic is handled with examples and applications from industries and daily routine observations. Every lecture is instensive and entertaining. Every lesson will have test and 3-5 full syllabus test in exam pattern.

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Student in engineering school gives tuitions in MECHANICAL subjects from diploma to college in Visakhapatnam

My teaching methadalogy will be very friendly and start with a application approach how it helps in understanding them the main theme of concept

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I am a mechanical graduate from NIT raipur. and i want to help students from this stream to excel in their academics.

My teaching methodology is very interactive. i like two way communication where we both can make it better and more interesting Usually i used to start a subject with its basics , then i give some questions for practice , and then cross checks them so that we both can interact .

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I give tutions to diploma students in mechanical enginneering. I also teach engineering drawing alongwith all the subjects

I always keep my technique of teaching very simple so that the students find it very easy and quick to understand and score good

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Learning is never limited to a certain extent. Learn what i know, flourish how you want.

There are no such methodologies to make you understand. All you need to know is the trick and technique as to how you can proceed with the subject.

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Mechanical Engineering Private/Group Tutor - Mumbai - Gold medalist MTech/ BTech - 12years of experience. - Personalized learning with concepts

I approach each student based on thier needs. Learning of topic with concepts and cracking the examination go parallel. Personal guidance to strategize through each subject is chalked out with each individual. We analyse needs of students and prepare them accordingly.

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Diploma/B. Tech in mechanical engineering can get tutions for all subjects i, e thermal engineering, strength of materials, drawing, etc

My teaching method is based on the subject to be tought, generally it goes on topic wise,, i make u to understand the concept of the particular topic in that way u can answer any type of question from that topic

Sanjeev kumar
(2 reviews)
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U can change the things around you by educating masses .. education = a key to success .. smart teaching = smart learning.. come and take a tour of my tutorial world

My teaching method is unique, simple and understanding.. I make basic things clear first and use to give as much knowledge as I can .. I also have unique and easy ways to solve mathematical problems .. I use to teach students with the help of diagrams..

(9 reviews)
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I am a student of mechanical engineering want to give tutions for specially in electricity as hard study from childhood to this age! Having great holdings on concept to give simple mind catching facts

Observe student's catching power and how they will enjoy the class, so firstly find the way they like something to learn new, and provide a picture like a scientific conceptual movie of a subject, then easily every student can catch.

Someswara rao
(3 reviews)
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I can teach any core subject in Mechanical Engineering .online Tutions for MECH subjects

My teaching methodology depends on the level of students knowledge base on subjects. It will change depending on the students understanding capabilities. All the students may not have same understating levels and grasping powers so it will change from students to student.

Navi Mumbai
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I am an experienced online tutor. I have been teaching Math and Physics and Mechanical Engineering Subjects.

I always want that whenever a student comes to me he/she must have a full understanding of whatever we go through in the session, after the end of the session.

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Strength of materials thermodynamics and production technology and physics for school students

My teaching method is starting from base as per student knowledge and I will go depth of that subject and explain clearly given topics

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Much passionate for teaching. Persuing my Masters in Machine Design. Is available for teaching in Trivandrum area.

Teaching using the importance of concept and its practical application. Making the student feel the inportance of the subject in real life rather than mugging up of formulaes.

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Join with me to hit the GATE- MECHANICAL pot with runaway success.

My teaching Methodology is based on practical approach in solving problems to clear the concept of students regarding preparation for GATE-Mechanical and General knowledge exam. I will stress-upon syntax error in grammar and word power development with regard to increase the General Knowledge of the students. In Mechanical Engineering part, I have divided the same in Thermal and Non Thermal part.

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Researcher in IIT Madras gives classes for mechanical engineering and physics class 12th and 10th

To teach by practical examples in every topic and create a flow irrespective of syllabus so that we grasp subject rather than simply preparing for exams

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Flow of the Mechanical Engineering from a B.Tech student to the beginners of Indian decent

I simply believe on studying by analysing. A pictorial view to the subject easily clears the data. After completing one topic/chapter, assignments as well as tests will be taken such that I can check the learner's improvement on the subject.

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Student in Mechanical Engineering with a handful of experience in teaching from basic level to advanced and promotes innovative ideas. 24*7 ready for online teaching.

I have completed my engineering degree and I work for a living now. I have taken lectures in schools colleges. Teaching is my passion and I've devoted myself to spread knowledge. I have a collection of various mechanical books. Online classes will be taken in depth with lots of theorotical as well applicantion oriented basis.

Md taquee
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I am Mechanical Engineer from JNTUH Hyderabad... Train Your Brain by Taquee

I am Mechanical Engineer From JNTUH Hyderabad,look for teaching any Diploma and B.tech mechanical subject and high school science (Physic). My Teaching technique is to explain all topics with full physical diagram and graph untill student get full concept .

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A mechanical engineer to help other engineering students and Robotics enthusiasts in bangalore

I would like to give students with pursuing engineering(Mechanical) or below qualification. "Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach" -So I try to understand my students and where the are, what they know & what to be improved.

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Classes of Mechanical Engineering leads to success in career (Experience- 5 years)

My teaching method is from BASICS, I ave great expertise in Thermodynamics,Fluid Mechanics,Strength of Materials,Heat and Mass transfer and Manufacturing science.My teaching perspective is not to earn money but of Sharing Knowledge with my juniors. Always available to support students.

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Tuition for Engineering and majority for Automobile aspirants as well as career advice [ Quants and Management Classes too]

My Teaching method is basically concentrated in creating awareness about the topic rather than just imbibing things forcibly. I feel that the flow of information must be simultaneous from both the ends.

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Mechanical Engineer specializing in automobile. 6+ years of Experience as an Assistant Professor.

My methodology of teaching is being simple and understandable. Explaining in English or Hindi, whatever student is comfortable with. Taught to both degree and diploma students. Interactive sessions I like so that concept will be cleared thoroughly. Self made ppts also been used.

(8 reviews)
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I am engineering graduate taking online classes from the last two years in different platforms and getting applaud from all the tutions.

My teaching method is little bit different because my teaching style vary with student to student to bring out the best out of him.

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Perfect! The course has been great for learning about my choice of subject. The tutor is very thorough with his work and is clearly passionate about teaching. I highly recommend this tutor to everyone.

Rishabh, Student
3 days ago

Perfect! Really good teacher.Has clarified all my concepts.

Rahul , Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! He is a very good and sincere teacher providing a clear conception on each and every part of the concerned subject.

Partha, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! Excellent teaching very happy with the hardwork he puts for explaining each and every topic

Shabana, Student
2 months ago

Perfect! he is a very good teacher who knows the subject very well. He has helped a lot in understanding the concepts of subjects like Statics, Thermodynamics, Dynamics. kudos to him .

Varoun, Student
7 months ago

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