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Everything can wait except agriculture. Learn agriculture for a better future even from your home place

I shall teach students in good english, all the basic concepts of agriculture.

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Knowledge makes you great so share what you know and ask what you don't know.

My method of teaching starts with very basic concepts to advanced level which everyone could understand by showing models and practical videos. At the end of the lecture I hope everyone one of you get your doubts clear. I can teach anyone up to graduate level.

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Student in master engineering gives spectacular tuition in civil engineering and english

My teaching is based on the lecture comes a discussion method. I would give a good demonstration over the topic in detail. develop reciprocity and cooperation among students. respect diverse talents and give brainstorming learning method. emphasize time on task.

Niruban chakkaravarthy
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Madurai, agricultural expert school" masters in agricultural extension " it is a class for innovation

my teaching method is mainly belonged to Agriculture. My teaching method is mainly help to research level as well as basic level. my teaching method will focus on mainly individual or group of students.

New Delhi
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Master in Agriculture gives tuitions in Agronomy & Soil Science from High School to college.

I teach as an expert approach with examples and references. And I also approach to inquiry-based learning for students to think themselves and become more independent learners. Encouraging students to ask questions and investigate their own ideas helps improve their problem-solving and logical skills as well as gain a deeper understanding of academic concepts.

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M tech student from NIT Warangal likes to teach any Civil engineering subject

I always start from basics in a subject while teaching. Then only I think that it is fully grasped by student. If it is numerical problem,I used to explain each step in detail.And about theoretical topics,I use some codes and tricks to remember it rather than mugging up it blindly. Afterall I am a cool friendly teacher.....

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Student in Engineering School giving tuitions in Maths & Electrical electronics for diploma college in Gulbarga

My teaching method is I will first explain about the chapter and clear all doubts .Diploma students or engineering student I can take class. I can take the class for two hours for one subject and conduct test weekly once.

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I'm in graduation and teaching with 12 th agriculture students with all subjects.

My teaching method is so simple and shortcut tricks for better understanding knowledge and I have make a better idea to learn

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Teaching is lifelong learning process.!There is no age for teaching from child to Adult.

Learning by doing,seeing is believing,T a Taecher ment to Chang the knowledge,skill and Attitude of students in a real life situation that’s called a successful Tescer.

New Delhi
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Just studing in class12 want to teach students of cbse till class 10

i will each and every things to my students if they will face any problems then it will be solved i teach like that their friend is explaining them something i just sit with students and their problems and teach them

Praveena e
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Students of engineering teach Civil Engineering subjects such as Majorly design subjects

My Teaching method is "i will concentrate more technical points" Group class or individual class Am specify as design subjects.

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Students of agriculture after can visit us and save time and money both. It's a great opportunity so let's begin a new revolution in agricultural science.

My teaching method to bring every student and to deliver maximum knowledge i have in agriculture science field. I teach every topic from basic that was important in exam point of view. I can also give answer to question you have.

Haringhata Farm
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PhD in Agricultural Extension interested in offering classes on agriculture sciences for competitive exams.

My teaching method is based on creating a basic conceptual understanding of the subject matter, followed by explaining the various keywords. The subject matter is selected based on its relevance and the current thrust areas for agriculture in India and around the world.

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Assistant professor at the department of civil engineering with healthy experience in academics available foe guiding students and providing technical support related to their subject.

I believe in giving lectures in both black board mode or by presentation mode with the help of better examples, facts, etc. I believe in making my student understand the topic to its core so that he/ she is capable of developing a better understanding to the topic.

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A horticulturist by profession, looking forward to share my experience and knowledge

My teaching method is based on PowerPoint presentations. My classes are basically for those who are currently pursuing B.

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Topic - Study of Groundwater Depletion & Building Drawing from diploma students in Gujarat

My teaching method is based on practical or drawing. I teach by power point presentation or sum. Of Drawings and videos. I give a some lessons or instresting assignment. I study to you about AutoCAD drawing and planning about building or house.

S vishnudevi
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Recent trends in agriculture and agronomy climate change and global warming chidambaram degree

i am completed master degree in agriculture with a specialization of agronomy and also i know the student interest in agriculture. for ex. nowadays all are speaking about organic farming and house gardening from this we can know in our daily life agriculture is a part of it. hence i can teach basics of sustainable agriculture through organic farming and environmentally safe too.

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Agricultural Professional with Expertise in Agril Economy, Agronomy, AgriBusiness, Commodity Trading (12 Years of Practical Ex till date and counting) Ahmedabad

Practical and practice is key for Agricultural / Commodity subjects. Real market studies and examples from current scenario and past database. Across standards students and industry learners who deals with agricultural production, marketing and trading. Literature as well as self made notes.

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Autonomic practices for growing different crops and their management for good yield


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Sustainable nature farming and solid waste management, waste water treatment, aqua culture

A professional agriculture consultant working in the areas of sustainable organic farming with out artificial and chemical inputs. To reduce polluting the soil, water and atmosphere by using natural and locally available resource. To start an earth saving revolution and safe food to all. mostly oral seminars and individual farmers and groups.

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12 science class student Nagaur rajasthan B.sc agriculture science I have some time teaching experience

Hindi medium with same english medlearing by teaching and doing with simple language with adjustment with student like as

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Tuitions for students who are preparing for agriculture entrance and other allied sectors

My methodology for teaching,i just gone through the syllabus and describe them indetail according to the lecture wise and topic wise

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Motivation for studying great approach with me yours chilukuri purna aravind kumar

take a topic and read it .....make sure check the different words .......and define words in your order ....less to read ....write the topic on notes in easy format when you studying....

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Inculcating Engineering for students right from their primary education that makes them intellect and boost them to create innovations

I'm an engineering college student in the discipline of electronics and communication. I'm very much interested in pedagogy.students right from primary education are learning about electronics may feel some difficulties in understanding some concepts ,as most in electronics deals with imaginary concepts.such concepts are dealt with simple explanations.

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M a scientist in Indian Council of Agricultural Research, India. Would love to share knowledge. I am a soil science specialist.

My teaching method is to simplify the complex processes in soil science, to make the studemts easier in learning the basics.

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Students who want to learn basic academic agricultural science and those preparing for competitive exams along with Career development skills that include personality development classes

My teaching methodology in academic is purely from basics In competitive exams purely on awarness In personality development purely through example analysis

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Masters student in agriculture can give tuitions to any undergraduate and masters in plant physiology.

My teaching method is black board teaching. But I can teach even with the help of PowerPoint presentations and over head projectors.

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Student who wants to prepare for IBPS AO, JRF, Agri bussiness management can contact.

i can prepare you for JRF as well as for IBPS AO exam... My teaching is based on practical aspect, so you can get nice job easily...

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Experience the best teaching in Agricultural Sciences at Guntur by Ph.D students.

my style of teaching is blackboard based and powerpoint presentation where needed. Some of the classes are experimental,interactive and quiz based classes.

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