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Students from engineering college giving engineer drawing and engineering graphics tuition in gujrat, navsari

My teaching methods are to teach them tricks and different techniques to ease in learning and so they can do things quicker

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I have done my B.Tech from VIT Vellore and M.Tech from VNIT (NIT Nagpur)

I can teach B.Tech just subject knowledge for completion there graduation and also can teach for competitive exams i.e GATE/ISRO/BARC etc.. With various methods to solve problems within given time and teach short tricks to crack lengthy questions.

Md hamid
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Teach basics of mechanical enginering, specially theory parts and applications of theory part

I focus on basics of Mechanical engineering as basics of thermodynamics ,basics of theory of machine , basics of manufacturing ,heat transfer etc. specially my classes is very beneficial for begginer and students who are facing language understanding specially students from Hindi or Urdu background.

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Faculty of an engineering college offers knowledge on Mechanical Engineering and Nanotechnology and class 12 physics knowledge

I always aim to give the practical view of the theory while teaching so that student absorbs maximum. I offer my teaching for the Polytechnic students, B.Tech Mechanical, Material Science and Production Engineering students. Civil engineering students also can be taught for some common subjects. Students having Nanotechnology as their subject also can contact me.

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Science classes upto 10th standard Hindi or English Medium and Mechanical engineering subjects like Fluid systems, Strength of materials, Production Technology.

Using Pictures, Using Easy English, Lecturing, Demonstrating through images and videos, Debriefing, Case based study. My Teaching methodology mainly based on maximum problem solving using ICT Methods & chalk and Talk. I usually take problems from easier to harder based on subject and syllabus.

Mr. sanjeev
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Classes on Mechanical Engineering subjects with good quality notes. B.Tech and M. Tech in Mechanical engineering. 1 year teaching experience as assistant professor in engineering college. From H.P.

I love to teach the students and make then strong in their concepts .I will cover every topic of the subject which is Important.I can taught u basic thermodynamics, manufacturing science, material science, Strength of material and IC engines. I have my own notes and can share with students if they want.

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Assistant professor in sr group of institutions wants to teach students in mechanical subjects and maths, physics, chemistry for the students of class 6-12

My teaching method is to make every student to develop the basic fundamentals about the subject. The main structure of my class is to develop the concepts and when those concepts are being developed by the students i shall rather go for advanced learning. Proper learning with assignments makes a effortive approach for studying.

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I am a mechanical graduate from NIT raipur. and i want to help students from this stream to excel in their academics.

My teaching methodology is very interactive. i like two way communication where we both can make it better and more interesting Usually i used to start a subject with its basics , then i give some questions for practice , and then cross checks them so that we both can interact .

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Learning is never limited to a certain extent. Learn what i know, flourish how you want.

There are no such methodologies to make you understand. All you need to know is the trick and technique as to how you can proceed with the subject.

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I'm passionate at teaching. My focus is always to start from basics and build up to the advanced level. I motivate students. Students always feel comfortable around me.

I like to build up from fundamentals right upto to the level of GATE exam or course levels that is being taught at IITs. I have motivated and inspired wide spectrum of students. I don't discriminate students with respect to their intelligence level. I work around their individual potential. Students generally feel very comfortable learning and being around me.

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I am pursuing batchleor's degree in mechanical engineering, andi am intended to teach thermodynamics, heat transfer som for 2nd and 3rd year students and also for backlog student, have an effective te

i am in final year of BE mechanical engineering FROM skn sinhgad institute of technology and science,lonavala. i would like to teach to 2nd, 3rd, and backlog student with heat transfer and som. i have ability to deliver efficient notes and concept clearance is my main motive. u can trust me with your backlog clearance and i also promise to give u 100% of my knowledge.

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Assistant Professor of an Engineering college teaching all Mechanical and Automobile subject in Kolkata, Howrah and Hooghly

My teaching method could be any thing like chalk and talk, PPT, Video even by one to one communication. I mainly teach degree and diploma college students. I always start from the beginning by explaining the prerequisites of the subject.

Navi Mumbai
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I am an experienced online tutor. I have been teaching Math and Physics and Mechanical Engineering Subjects.

I always want that whenever a student comes to me he/she must have a full understanding of whatever we go through in the session, after the end of the session.

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Lecturer in Mumbai having several years of experience can give her 100% to achieve your goals. Special coaching includes all mechanical engineering subjects like som, fluid mechanics, refrigeration et

Iam not a bored stuffed tape recorder ;) as students would get bored by my lectures rather than I make study interesting by my unique rules e.g. colourful diagrams,study methods, tips on each concepts.

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Impart knowledge in Engg, Physics & Maths from experience gained in Design, Engg from BARC, Nuclear Power Corporation

Starting from basic concepts of various mechanical engineering subjects (Engineering mechanics, Mechanics of Solids, Structural Analysis, Thermodynamics & Heat Engines, Theory Of Machines, Fuid mechanics & Turbo Machinary, Vibrations, Power Plant engineering, Machine Design, Control Systems, etc) to application of these to various engineering problems to bring about about their solution using...

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Join with me to hit the GATE- MECHANICAL pot with runaway success.

My teaching Methodology is based on practical approach in solving problems to clear the concept of students regarding preparation for GATE-Mechanical and General knowledge exam. I will stress-upon syntax error in grammar and word power development with regard to increase the General Knowledge of the students. In Mechanical Engineering part, I have divided the same in Thermal and Non Thermal part.

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Researcher in IIT Madras gives classes for mechanical engineering and physics class 12th and 10th

To teach by practical examples in every topic and create a flow irrespective of syllabus so that we grasp subject rather than simply preparing for exams

Vikram kumar
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Learn modern approach towards : mechanical engineering subjects and its application in industry

Classical theory modern trend with subject linking problem solving approach Student & Curriculum Management Process Enhancement Educational Leadership industry exposure. structure followed by me is 1 subject introduction 2. its application 3.importance in competitive examination; 4.theory part 5.high degree of problem. 6.case studies. 7.researching area 8.presentation. 9.

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Teach and love Mechanical engineering graduated from B-Tech MANIT- BHOPAL live in bhopal.

First i focus on basic and fundamental area and provide the strong base for conceptual understanding. So that we can apply same for other prolem.

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Flow of the Mechanical Engineering from a B.Tech student to the beginners of Indian decent

I simply believe on studying by analysing. A pictorial view to the subject easily clears the data. After completing one topic/chapter, assignments as well as tests will be taken such that I can check the learner's improvement on the subject.

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Student in Mechanical Engineering with a handful of experience in teaching from basic level to advanced and promotes innovative ideas. 24*7 ready for online teaching.

I have completed my engineering degree and I work for a living now. I have taken lectures in schools colleges. Teaching is my passion and I've devoted myself to spread knowledge. I have a collection of various mechanical books. Online classes will be taken in depth with lots of theorotical as well applicantion oriented basis.

Md taquee
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I am Mechanical Engineer from JNTUH Hyderabad... Train Your Brain by Taquee

I am Mechanical Engineer From JNTUH Hyderabad,look for teaching any Diploma and B.tech mechanical subject and high school science (Physic). My Teaching technique is to explain all topics with full physical diagram and graph untill student get full concept .

Deepak kumar
1st class FREE!

Any subject of mechanical engineering related and maths for B.Tech. and M.Tech.

I taught subject from the basics and clear each and every doubt at that time itself. My structure of class is focus on the basics and solve the problem. I taught degree level undergraduates and also in coaching classes to.

1st class FREE!

Mechanical engineer (Delhi Technological University) CGPA - 9.26 having strong knowledge of fluid mechanics and heat transfer.

I believe in teaching from ground basics and building a strong base to reach the epitome of mastery in the subject. I use diagrams, illustrations and relatable examples from daily life to complement my teaching. I have been helping my friends in college to prepare for their exams and have learned a lot while doing so.

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Research Scholar @NITK teaches mechanical Engineering subjects and first year engineering subjects at Mangalore

I understand the students ability to grasp the things, explain them in manner that they are able to understand , explaining concepts with live examples, live models, give freedom to students to think on the topics, interact more on the topics, so that student get confident of the subject

1st class FREE!

Engineering student should know the correct basics and correct methodology of learning.

My teaching method is of representing the actions through body language, expressing relavent technical terms and making suitable suitable notes. Explain them with suitable real life examples including video lectures and providing some homeworks and project works so that they could also enjoy the subject.

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My teaching method is like 'keep it simple'.First I want to build a strong fundamental understanding about any topic and its application in our life with the help my lectures,then an open discussion on each and every topic by maximum participation of students and then learning by doing the problems.

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

I am Post Graduated (M.Tech ) in Mechanical Engineering and Currently Working in Chegg Online Portal As Mechanical Subject Matter Expert.

My aim is to apply effective teaching techniques such as active learning to support students to learn effectively. My methodology include to encourage student-tutor contact, encourage active learning, give prompt feedback, emphasise time on task. respect diverse talents and ways of learning. I would spend time around the topic where the student needs more attention.

1st class FREE!

Strength of Materials, Operations Research taught for 10years in engineering college Bangalore

Depending upon doubts methodology like practical example or easy similar problem leading to the solution. Topic wise theory & lots of numericals will be discussed. One to one doubts will be addressed and clarified. Degree and diploma including AMIE students.

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Perfect! he is a very good teacher who knows the subject very well. He has helped a lot in understanding the concepts of subjects like Statics, Thermodynamics, Dynamics. kudos to him .

Varoun, Student
4 months ago