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Can Clears Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Physics, Maths & Social Science. Organic as well as Inorganic Chemistry.

My main focus is on providing knowledge to the student by clearing every basic concept of every topic. I can also provide Notes to weak students so he can revise that at any time. Regular homework will be given to the student and the regular test will be taken.

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Chemistry with sound understanding and easy studying Method for Class 11-12 and NEET-IIT-JAM-NET-Exam

Teaching with fun and connecting science with day to day experience in life. Conceptual teaching so that it will last in memory forever. No more mugging up. Chemistry with core understanding. Discussion from exam point of view to crack any exam .

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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at its simplified version. Come and explore knowledge.

My methodology in teaching is Actively involve students in their own learning. Help students experience science in varied, interesting, and enjoyable ways.Teach scientific ways of thinking.Using social media and internet in developing knowledge.And giving the them professional guidance how industrial life works.

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Will create CHEMISTRY Between you and the Subject, want to Know how get back to me - LOVE :)

My methods are Dynamic, i start with basics, if they are strong at basics then learning concepts are FUN! No matter how the student mindset is start with basics , make them comfortable with basics and then learning concepts are as easy as they play :)

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A postgraduate MSc Chemistry student from NIT Calicut provides tuition for high secondary school and BSc chemistry students from hometown calicut, kerala

Hope every teacher approach his students differently.... My teaching method include explanations, note preparations, problematic, and will make improvisations if required. Able to handle both school and degree level topics of chemistry. Goal oriented lectures. Clearly focusing on the objectives .

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Highly experienced Post graduate chemistry teacher (CTET and PSTET qualified)giving science and chemistry lessons in gurgaon.

If you are looking for a friendly,knowledgeable,caring and engaging tutor, look no further.Sound knowledge of my subject. I have more than 10 years of experience in tutoring different age groups right from my graduation days. I try make students understand from daily life examples.I use different strategies of teaching.

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Ph.D student in Chemistry with 8 years teaching and research experience- Online Classes

Chemistry is simple when you think. I train students to think in the language of Chemistry and speak it. I'm a Ph.D student and give classes upto Master's level students. Employ conventional method of teaching along with new avenues and recent examples from research papers.

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Post Graduate in Chemistry, teaching experience of six years in Mumbai, presently residing in Hyderabad.

I generally start the topic from the very base and level up the student gradually so as to let the student keep a hold of the topic.

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1st class FREE!

Chemistry for 11& 12 science for Gujarati medium students by Ajay hadiyal

My teaching method is very easy And I am teaching other subjects like maths and science for std 6 7 8 9 10

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A chemical technologist with profound applied chemistry and chemical engineering can teach Chemistry, Chemical engineering in Vadodara

I teach the fundamentals and also teach the ways to crack the exams based on the repetitive question papers .The doubts are cleared then and there in the lucid manner and the student gains the confidence of facing the exam.

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A Ph.D. teacher giving tuitions in Chemistry and guiding to explore science

I am very much interested in teaching science students especially the students who in future wants to peruse higher doctoral studies. I focus both on theoretical as well as practical studies. I want a bunch of students to attend my lecture with good friendly environment.

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Unique Chemistry teaching methods with the subject taught in a much simpler and precise manner...

Basically, my teaching methodology keenly focuses on one's basics and then nurturing the concepts which are basically tough to get in one's head.I have been excellent in teaching Chemistry over the time since I started studying this subject. Also currently pursuing Bsc(Hons) in chemistry with a great good cumulative marks.

New Delhi
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Student of Industrial Chemistry, gives maths and science tuitions till class 10

My teaching method is simple. I try to be friends with the student, analyse his/her issues and then work with him towards strengthening the concepts of Science and Mathematics.

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"Industrial Chemistry is not just a subject, It's an Identity" Myself Bhavin Vekariya, I'm a Senior Executive Officer at Reliance Industries Ltd. I would like to share my knowledge about Oil & Energ

I believe in dynamic teaching method as every person grasps in a different manner and needs versatile gestures to understand what is being taught. My methods is always focused on vibrant interaction among the teacher and the students. The topic clarity is always been my focal point.

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Will teach you a better and perfectly. maths and chemistry subjects only

i gives class for the students who are studying in 8th,9th,and 10th.when i take class recently ask questions,because i beleive that when a tutor ask questions that answer students will never forget,[i learned it from my experience}.i always be like friend with students.

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I am an IIT Kharagpur graduate with 12 years of experience in top national level IIT JEE coachings. More than 200 of my students have qualified in IIT within 100 rank. If you are really passionate to

Simply conceptual approach is my key. Once you start learning, I am sure, you will fall in love with the subject. I hate to memorise and teach everything on the basis of logic.

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Here tuition for chemistry, applied chemistry, material science, industrial chemistry are available

My teaching method is very interactive with student. I belive on a theory that teacher must motivate his student that why he/she should learn a topic.

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Easy way to learn "Chemistry - The science behind all the Science"

Understand the IQ level of students, its requirement to learn, Curiosity to learn, find his/her interest and accordingly teach as per the requirement. Teaching techniques are unique, For every subject/topic, I used to explain it's importance in daily and professional life and create an interest to learn each topic.

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A highly qualified Instrumentation Engineer ready to serve community with teaching maths ,physics and other subjects. Be ready.

Teaching through various means.giving personal attention,assuring that each and every student had understand the topic,next day recap,revision lectures,extra knowledge,giving proper and best knowledge about the topic,important question bank provided,extra revision lectures before and during exams.maths and physics practical help if needed.

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Tuitions for Chemistry, helping in a better understanding of the subject from high school to college

I like a layered approach to the topic, and try to explain the situations using natural circumstances. I believe in the thorough build-up a concept regarding a particular topic and focus on making my approach lucid. My classes will be applicable for those who are in high school level or studying B.Sc Chemistry.

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Chemistry basic lessons in a simplified way from well experienced teacher near calicut.

My teaching methodology is quite different. I simplify each topic as much as possible using examples so that students will not feel the difficulty in understanding the concept. I have three years of experience in teaching at reputed tuition centres. I have passed out my undergraduation in chemistry with very good score. I am simple and you can approach me any time you wish.

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Student of class 10 & 12th can teach by me maths and tricky math

my teaching method is based on how you want to teach by me. method is very simple and tricky and smart, you faund everything in my teaching and only intellegent student teach by me and caring student also thank you.

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Here you will get solution for every problem in Chemistry for 10+2, B.Sc. and Engineering students.

I use chalk and board and Power point presentations for teaching. I explain the topic in details with basic concepts related to that topic. I have Ph.D. and yet I have taught chemistry of Engneering, 11th, 12th and B.Sc. students.

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'Chemistry' is subject which can be teach and learn effectively from Mumbai

My teaching method is going from bottom to top i.e. teaching from base to advanced. I prefer writing method is excellent technique. My class is for every student. Ranging from 5th to 12th Maharashtra board (only science). I can teach F.Y. and S.Y.B.Sc. chemistry student also.

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Engineering Professional in a Mnc company gives tuition for maths, chemistry & biology in trivandrum

My teaching method is understanding. I enable the students to understand the core subjects so it will help them memorise things easier. I personally first understand the subject first and then enable them to understand.

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Student in Electrical Engineering gives tuitions in Maths,Physics,Chemistry & biology in Konnagar,Hooghly,KOLKATA

Firstly, I look upon my students as my own brothers and sisters. Secondly,I teach mainly school students i.e from nursery to class 10 Thirdly,I mainly teach the science subjects but upto class 8 I teach all subjects including Arts also Fourthly,I teach to the point of school syllabus.extra questions and queries are always welcome I would try to give my best and effort to your child.

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Doctorate in chemistry, teach higher classes and college students having chemistry as subject at jalore(Rajasthan).

Everyone teaches from the base but my methodology is not explaining but throwing the concept at the core of brain.i run my classes online as well as at home.

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Tutoring chemistry for grades from high school to college with interesting real time examples in Bangalore

My teaching technique will include real time examples. Special methods are followed for remembering formulas and equations. Simple & easiest ways are followed for learning reactions. I will tutor chemistry subject for grades from high school to college.

Kuldeep kumar
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I teach chemistry from highschool to graduation level in Kanpur and online

My teaching method is based on easy tricks and basic concepts so every one easily understood it hurry up join me.

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Perfect! He is great tutor. Explains all the needed topics with much care. Because of him i scored more marks in my exam. He will surely take your chemistry to another level. Please join him. He is a great teacher, mentor.

Varun, Student
9 months ago

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