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New Delhi
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Must Always Play from your heart! A Drummer is always heard, always

to listen, understand and learn. Music is always played from the heart, not from the brains. We need to hear and understand what the music is talking. Once we achieve that, it comes naturally. Be it singing/ drums or guitar, we will have everything for you.

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Self-taught drummer and member of a local band can teach you to be a rockstar and jam to your own beats

My teaching is fun, practical, and quick. You will play like a seasoned professional in a matter of months. I can also help you chose out the ideal drum kit for your level and budget.

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Learn the art of playing drums in a creative way . Incorporating Technique,styles and sight reading.

I base my teaching on emphasis education on the history of drum set playing,which includes focus on pioneering drummers of the past & present.Focus on different styles and genres of music.Technique and dynamics are a major part.The ultimate goal will be for the students to express themselves through the art of rhythm.

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Drum lessons in Guwahati and online by working professional in Entertainment business.

My teaching is open for both Basic and Advance Drumming. Added I have special double bass drum technique and exercise for dedicated drummers.

Trill route
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Learn from the best Guitar, Piano, Drums, Vocal & Music Production school in Bangalore.

We come to work everyday to find new ways to musically... ​inspire a child. Imbibe knowledge in the most potent form. engage the elderly. introduce a different style of music to a saturated ear/mind. ​give direction to a budding artist. de stress a workaholic. correct wrongly acquired techniques that causes stagnation in playing.

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Explore and learn how to play Drums in Pune and express yourself.

Custom/Tailor made Concept sharing and reviewing. Classes will be for an hour minimum.

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Wana be a drummer just join my class and get used to it

I havw an experience of about 12 years so i can teach you and make you play drums for sure. I can tell you in your comfortable language. You can ask anu doubt that you have in drums and ill also say how to fix drums and to tune drums.

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Drummer from past 5 years gives drums lesson and also an educated musician.

I'm a performing artist and I'm playing drums from past 5 years and al well I did my diplmoa in music performance from Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music,Chennai.I teach beginner, intermidiate students and sometime advance level also and I do teach with proper technique and with charts.

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I have experience of teaching drums of 10 years, attached with multiple music schools of kolkata

I believe on passion..because music is all about passion..I like to motivate my students and praise there creativity and share my learning with them. I love to share my creativity with them and open to discuss their thinking too. I like to create friendly phenomena rather than strict classes. because music or instrument is all about passion.

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Giving Drum lessons and professional tips for building and enhancing your music skills. Based in Jaipur, India

I'll teach you by giving some perfect and pretty good exercises to work on through videos or sometimes in writing format or sometimes in person.

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SOUND WAVES - private drums classes for Beginner, Advanved and Intermediate levels.

Theory and practical sessions for Beginner, Advanced and Intermediate levels. One on one tutoring for passionate learners.

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Professional western drumming all over Gujarat including trinity courses and staff notations

I can teach professional western drumming from beginners to advanced drum courses. I also do Skype classes for long distance teaching through video call. I give one to one coaching to the students. Only one student at a time.

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Richmans music The power of music is for you, come let's enjoy learning.

My teaching method will be by online and by direct teachings, from basics to grades, preferred by learner's and students

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Sound waves drum classes for the beginner, advanced and intermediate levels in and around DELHI / GURGAON

Theory and practical sessions for Beginner, Advanced and Intermediate levels. One on one tutoring not only to help skilfully but also to boost the student's moral.

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Student in Music School teaches Drums,Staff Notations and Rudiment study in Kolkata,Garia

I teach totally western style of music and i teach several genres like Metal,Pop,Blues,Jazz,Rock and i focus on teaching the musical knowledge and the grades and help the students to get their diploma and I always help students to share equipments for their better knowledge.

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Drum teacher. Played drums and various other percussions at various gigs. College student in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Rock and pop drumming according to the course provided by Trinity rock. Drum Theory is also covered. Also experienced in other percussions like Cajon, Tabla, Darbuka. Performed at various gigs. A drum set is not mandatory. Must have sticks and a practice pad.For beginners.

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Concert level drummer with 8 years of experience looking for students with a knack of rhythm to work upon. Young and dedicated towards bringing out the best in you.

My methodology is teaching subjectively as each and every person has a different way of learning. I tend to harness the innate potential of the student as a musician and develop a wholesome skill set as per requirements and liking of the student.

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Drums are backbone of a band, an amazing instrument to be learned

i started drumming at age of 20, i believe if i can start music at this age the anyone can learn it at any age. there's no age limit to learn music, it's in the heart.

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Ronald's musicals , hyderabad , (grade 4 drummers , 8 years of experience ).

hey folks this id Ronald Lincoln and im a drummer by profession with 8 years if experience in music industry ,and i teach beginner and intermediate students, i believe there are no short cuts to learn any instrument and that's what i implement in my teaching method as well , right from reading the notations and techniques ...

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

There are a lot of people who want to help. Some of them just need to know how.

If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.

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Hello fellas I play TABLA on the Drums do u wanna learn I belong from India and I want to spread the music I know. I am a bachelor in performing arts .

I teach through music books and music theory . I also teach konakol the language of rythm I also teach basic music theory.

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Young teacher 26years, experienced, give drum lessons in Essonne

From 0 to 77 years old. Men / Women. All levels, all styles of music. The design study of the greatest drummers possible. As the use of the double pedal. Nice atmosphere, this is not the conservatory. I do not impose anything, the choice of styles and songs are free for each student, depending on the level.

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Drummer, percussionist and professional school facilitator gives private lessons in drums, djembe and calabash both adults and children of all ages.

The course is aimed at both beginners as people development research musicians. Listening exercises, learning the basics, coordination and independence systems percussion, improvisation tools are the intuitive learning method. Listening and working of the body is the basis of the transmitted teaching.

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Singing guitar lessons and group (Bass / Drums / keyboard ...) at home 84 and 06

. Great experience groups and scenes. Free exchanges with musicians of all ages and all countries ... Pluri-instrumentalist. Holds a technical diploma for Careers in Music (3 years of study of harmony, composition, arrangements, sound recording, mixing, editing ...). classical musical training at the age of 6 years ... Cursus Conservatory for over 10 years ....

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During individual and group guitar Meaux and idf with or without music theory

Good morning, everyone, I teach individual guitar at home or at my home (Meaux 77100) and group sessions in the studio to Meaux. I travel all over the island to France. All styles, all levels, all ages because the practice of the guitar should be accessible to all.

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Drum lessons in madrid (at my local rehearsal space or at home)

Custom classes tailored to the concerns and needs of the student. Local fully equipped and conditioned in Madrid (Porto Metro) have everything you need for classes correctly. (There is also the option to commute to your home) I deliver training materials so you can work on your own and keep learning.

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Personalized battery classes, from level 0. Madrid. You always thought to learn to play drums? Reading, technique, rhythms.

Have you always thought about learning to play drums? Free trial class for beginners.from level 0. You'll want more, for sure! If you keep the rhythm inside, take it out and enjoy this incredible feeling of letting go. Technique and body placement, knowledge of the instrument, coordination, reading, independence ... Different rhythms and styles.

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Graduating at the Saint Louis Conservatory of Rome, he teaches drum lessons in his own box at Stroncone or at home.

Graduating at the Saint Louis Conservatory of Rome, I teach drum lessons for all ages and all kinds of music. The program, which can be customized according to the needs and age of the student, will cover the following topics: -Architecture on the instrument - Rhythmic and rhythmic solfice - Artistic independence - Technique -Timing-endurance- Development of the hand and left foot.

Ciudad de México
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Enjoy while learning drums or percussions from Basic to Licentiate, Mexico City

Whether you want to be a professional or play as a hobby, you can achieve it through the battery! Using various methods in addition to my own books, step by step you'll learn about technique, theory, reading and execution in different styles, so like how to play drum soloing and play along with music tracks.

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