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"If music be the food of love, play on." Shakespeare quoted this century before, but it still prevails. Music not only relaxes the mind but also enthralls the soul.

And when it comes to music, Indian music clicks the mind at first!. Indian music, primarily the Indian classical music, is the synonym of purity. The techniques, rhythm, and detailing of Indian music are invariable and incredible!

In India, the music's rhythm will change with every state, and so do the instruments that add life to Indian classical music. Indian music is partial without its tools, and the drum is the must!.

Let us dig a bit more in some fine detailing of drums in India.

Types of drums in India

The drum is one, but it has a lot of types:


Indian classical music is known for soothing the soul, and it is partial without dholak. Dholak is an Indian classic two-headed musical instrument that enforces the feet to tap on its beat. Held together with traditional rope lacing, it is primarily and widely used in Indian folktales. Indian classical music, whether it is Qawwali, Kirtan, Bhajan, or Chutney music of films, Dholak is a must. You can hear ladies playing this fantastic instrument all around in an Indian typical wedding.


Tabla and another Indian music instrumental predominantly ruled the subcontinent's classical music in the 18th century and still has its virtue. It is a membranophone, consisting of two drums, that needs an experienced and technical hand to produce the music that touches the soul. The Indian musicians worship the music, and so they do with this instrument. It is believed that one who is blessed with producing beats, deserves to sit in front of the tabla.


When two pure elements from nature come together, they give Mridangam, an instrument that defines music's purity. Mridangam is predominantly the folk instrument of Carnatic music that holds great importance in Hindu mythology.


This two feet cylindrical wooden drum is the soul of Malayali music. It is identified as the hallmark of the beautiful culture of Kerala. You can hear the loud and rigid sound of Chenda in almost every Hindu temple.

What does it take to be an enticing drummer?

You want to be a drummer, and the next day you are the top class drummer, well this only goes in a dream. In reality, the path to be the drummer of your dreams needs the followings:

Buy your first drum

The very first step to becoming a drummer is to start with it. And to start, you need to have your instruments. Go to a nearby shop and get the drum you want to expertise yourself in. Try to find one that suits your budget and does not compromise with the quality.

Hire a trainer

Once you have the drum at your home, you need to practice a lot to give you masterclass skills in playing the drum. There are a lot of fine details and sections of playing drums which you have to study. Though there are many online tutorials and study material available, a teacher who teaches you in practice will help you learn at pace.

Listen to the great drummers

To master the art of drumming, you will have to give a lot of time listening to famous drummers. Try to craft out their techniques of tapping the drum and then bring it in your practice.

Try to reproduce a tone

After you have practiced for a lot of hours, try to reproduce some hit tunes. Keep a metronome for better practice as a lot of professionals do it. You can choose any beat of your choice and try to reproduce the same rhythm. You can also decide to work with simple beats as for now, all you are doing is practice.

Drum classes with Superprof

If you find yourself ready with the tips mentioned above, you are all set to be a drummer. We have discussed that you will need a professional teacher who can assist you in your pre-learning phase. Superprof is there to help you with your dream!. You can choose from the professional drummers in India and call one of your choices to help you learn the detailing of drumming.

Pick the teacher by checking the profile and call him; he will be there in no time to help you. Superprof privileges you to find a dum teacher in your locality who can help you when you want to get a helping hand in learning to play the drums. In case you want to get online virtual classes, the teachers will provide you with that.

So get your drum, select your teacher and master the art of drumming in India with Superprof!

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