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A percussionist with more than 15 years of experience in teaching Drums, Mridangam, Kanchera, Ghatam, Konakkol and other percussion instruments.

My teaching is tailored to the students' knowledge base. For those who have not gotten any prior exposure to percussion, I start from the scratch teaching the much needed nuances and techniques whereas for students who are already learning or have learnt percussion from some other Gurus, I provide the advance lessons as well to improve the speed, tonal quality and to accompany the songs.

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Coastal percussion and drumset tutor from the Bellarine Peninsula providing the groove.

Scott's teaching methods draw from many world drumming traditions. Learning how to speak rhythms and internalize them is an eastern approach from the Arabian and Indian percussive traditions. Western traditions of drumming notation are included for modern/ contemporary music performance.

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Musician teaches percussion lessons, flute nay and oud (lute) from the Middle East

Learn the rhythms by singing, typing, walking. Learn instrumental techniques. Sing the melodies. I work darbouka (all levels, up to professional musician), riqq and daff, as well as Davul.

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Percussion classes: Zarb/Tombak, Framedrums, Daf. Montpellier, Sète and surroundings. All levels welcome

Do you want to discover the world of handdrums? This is your first instrument or you already play another instrument? You are percussionist / drummer, and you want to expand your techniques, your instrumentarium and your knowledge of oriental rhythms? You are all very welcome to discover this world of handdrums with me! Having more than 4 years of teaching experience at the...

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Student in Master of Instrumental Pedagogy gives Drum and Percussion lessons in Geneva and surroundings

My approach aims to stimulate students by focusing on fun and fun, which should remain master from the beginning to the advanced level. • Learning rhythms, grooves, or traditions studied • Practice of improvisation, stimulation of listening and sensitivity. • Creation of rhythms with students, development of creativity, imagination Any level, any age.

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Private percussions lessons for all ages and all levels since 2 years old

The courses I teach are intended to develop a sense of rhythm and music in my students or perfect the technique of those who have already acquired the basics. Particular emphasis is given to improvisation and the development of a style unique to each of my students.

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Learn The Techniques, and History of African Carribean Drumming, and Percussion Performance

Maurice is respected internationally for his outstanding contributions to contemporary music, he has been entrusted by many labels and artists as a remix specialist, knowing that he can re-imagine classic music into a more contemporary interpretation while retaining full respect for the artistic vision of the originator.

Alhaurín de la Torre
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Experienced teacher, I offer drum lessons, all styles, basic and intermediate levels

My teaching method is, seeing the interest and orientation that the student has, to see how I can help him progress and contribute what I think he will need to achieve his objectives.

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Percussion classes in darbuka, bendir, riq, davul, daf, konnakol etc. Toulouse or Skype.

I base my teaching on the needs and desires of the students. Techniques, development of sentences, solo, accompaniment, odd rhythms and creation of his own sound. Traditional rhythms of Turkey, Balkans, Egypt. I can teach darbuka and bendir from beginner to advanced level. Riq, tabla, konnakol, tombak (zarb), cajon, daf can also be taught or incorporated into lessons.

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Group and individual darbuka classes online via skype or face to face in the Lorraine region in France

I offer individual and group darbuka classes for beginners. I teach in Thionville, Metz, Luxembourg and neighboring towns as well as online via skype. I start with presenting the instrument and the ideal way to hold it. I introduce the rhythmic notation and rhythm basics before addressing the simple techniques (different types of strikes) and the more advanced ones (ornamentation).

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