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How To Learn Drums? Master Your Skills With The Superior Drummers In India

“You only get better by playing”, said Buddy Rich, one of the greatest drummers of all times! Every musical instrument requires a tremendous amount of practice and time for players to get better at them. But drumming is something different altogether! It is nothing as it looks to the viewers. As a drumming aspirant, you must have been looking for the best classes in India to give wings to your desire. However, you should not get into the learning zone without getting to know the other side of the coin. Yes, did you know that drummers use both their hands and legs to play the instrument? We habitually look at the hand movements, but the legs are also active performers!

In India, we have a list of some exceptional drummers who have made their mark in the music industry by showcasing their talent to the world! Sivamani, Darshan Doshi, Trilok Gurtu, and Ranjit Barot are the top four drummers in the country today! You can take inspiration from them and their journey to start your lessons. Most beginners hold the misconception that it is a matter of a few months to learn to play drums as it is all about hitting the batter’s head. So, you should start your musical venture with a few essential tips that will be helpful in your practice rounds and sessions at home.

Essential Practice Tips For Budding Drummers

As a beginner, you might feel highly nervous and anxious about your learning venture. There are so many queries, doubts and questions, after all! The best you can do is follow the given practice tips to become a diligent learner. Your impression as a drummer will directly depend on the number of successful practice sessions you attend. Remember, playing a musical instrument is not a theoretical but practical skill.

Try Different Hand Techniques

Drummers use different types of hand techniques to produce different frequencies and sounds. Every technique requires vigorous practice as you will need to keep changing the pressure of your hands as per the same. Grip, Fulcrum, Tight vs Loose, the Angle of Attack, are the most common hand techniques of all. You must master each one of them to become a well-trained drummer.

Experiment With The Learning Methods

Heel Down vs Heel Up is the most popular learning method that drummers teach beginners to make them comfortable with the instrument. You should also start with the same and practise your lessons to get a grip over this method. Remember, many like you start with their passion of becoming a drummer but leave it midway because they do not cope up with the learning process. Take guidance from your teacher whenever you feel low or distracted.

Pick The Right Timings

Banging the drums at the right time in coordination with the sound of other instruments is what we call the art of an expert drummer. You will only have a stick and a few drums to create music out of them. Therefore, you must earn from your teacher the “art of timing” when it comes to playing the drums melodiously.

Coordination Between Your Limbs

As mentioned earlier, drummers use all their limbs to play the instrument as there are leg gears too! This task can be a tricky one as you need to keep shifting between your legs and have movements. Practise as much as you can to bring coordination between your hands and legs as this requires a lot of concentration.

Analyse Various Drumming Patterns

Just like hand techniques, there are several drumming patterns that you need to learn from your teacher. Each one will need you to study the music notes and play the instrument accordingly. Therefore, if you are thinking that musicians never use a pen and paper, then you must start believing otherwise.

Study The Music

Music requires a lot of dedication and patience as you cannot become a successful drummer if you keep playing the tunes people are already familiar with! Creating music is the actual art of every drummer, and for that, you need to study a lot and master your knowledge of the art to become the ideal artist.

Practise Sticking Vigorously!

Sticking requires coordination and a lot of practice! You will stumble, get confused with the sticking pattern, and might even find it difficult to hit the drums at the right time. Practise every day without any failure, as a beginner, you will need to be in touch with the instrument.

Get Into The Dynamics

To become the best drummer (if that is what you desire to be) you need to get into the theoretical knowledge and get into the dynamics of the subject matter. Therefore, find the best teacher that you can to be the best in this arena!

Learn Drumming Online With The Help Of Superprof India

The drum is quite a large instrument that you will have to install in your house before you start looking for the best teachers in your city. There is no shortage of potential music academies in India, and you will not spend an eternity in finding your music instructor. But you have to be sure of making the right choices! If you want to be a certified drummer, you must join a music academy or otherwise, there are plenty of options available in the market. You can join popular music schools like Northern School Of Music (Kolkata), The Music Academy (Chennai), Nathaniel School Of Music (Bangalore), etc. You will find these kinds of options in your city as well. However, if you fail to find an appropriate learning centre near you, switching to online classes will be the right choice. And if you do, Superprof is here to guide you and help you in finding your best drum instructor. The website works as a networking panel where teachers and students can find one another and start their online classes. You can learn drumming online without having to invest a lot of money or time in travelling to physical classrooms. Superprof has curated the best online teachers in the country who are as efficient as the offline ones. Visit the site and find your teacher today!