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Are Drums Your Passion? Get Online Classes From the Best Trainers

Human beings have always been inclined to rhyme and rhythm. Drums are primitive instruments that have evolved alongside civilization. The appearance has remained the same throughout ages with changes in parts. The drum we see today is a part of the percussion groups of instruments used in music.

Drums are of different kinds and some can be played individually while others come in a set. Some are played with sticks while some by hands. Drums are the most common and versatile instruments. You can behold it in a small religious ceremony and also in a rock band concert.

Great drummers like John Lennon, John Bonham, Neil Peart, Gene Krupa, etc all have become icons for budding drummers. Their skills have shaped the entire culture of music that we see today. There is an unbelievable craze for drums and one cannot deny the contribution made by these legendary musicians.

People who are into music often have their love reserved for a particular instrument and if you are someone who has this love reserved for drums, chase your dream. Drums are used mostly by rock bands and professional artists who are a part of a musical group. Pune is the youth city of the country and young people make up the most audience for rock songs.

Students and youngsters love to either visit concerts or form their own bands and thus it is not difficult to find either an academy or audience in the city. If you are a resident of Pune and planning to pursue drumming, this could be the best decision. Whether you are career-driven or pursuing your passion or simply experimenting, having an additional skill can help you in several ways.

However, you must know where to start. Finding the right mentor is the beginning of a shining career. You must not take any hasty decisions in this department. 

What is Drum Notation and How to Read it?

Drum notation is not similar to sheet music, although both look similar and are constructed with the same concepts. In drum notation, symbols represent the different parts that are to be played (snare, bass drum, hi-hat, etc.) This helps beginners in learning how to coordinate their limbs and develop skills to maintain stability.

The musical notes, in a drum notation, are denoted on the staff and separated by vertical lines.

You must learn to understand and read the musical language if you wish to strengthen your grip on the instrument and be creative. You can read the drum notations from left to right. Five lines and four spaces make up the staff. The notes are positioned either above the staff or below it. The placing of notes depends on the part which has to be played at a given time.

There are different symbols to denote different parts. Dots stand for drums while we denote cymbals with an “x”.

Parts of a Drum Set | Things To Know About Your Drums Lessons

The Bass Drum

The Bass Drum is also known as the ‘Kick Drum’. It is the largest piece of the set. The kick drum is played by a foot pedal that is attached to the hoop of the drum. The front head generally has a hole in it that is used to change the tone while playing.

The Drum Stool

The drum stool is where you sit and hence it is often called the ‘drum throne’. It is a round stool that has three legs with a padded seat. While height is a personal choice, one must be careful about posture. While you sit, your feet must be flat on the floor and your thighs sloping downwards.

The Hi-Hats

These are two cymbals that are situated close to each other. They are typically 14 inches in diameter but may also come in different sizes.  They are an extremely dynamic and versatile element of the drum set. There are different kinds of cymbals to choose from.

The Snare Drum

The snare drum forms the connecting centre of the set and is played in a variety of ways. It is the most important and determining part. The size of this drum is generally 14 inches in diameter and somewhere around 6 inches in depth but you may come across drums that vary in size and depth. The drum is made of a metal or wooden shell. It also has a top and bottom head.

The Toms

The toms come in different sizes that vary between 10 inches to 6 inches depending upon the form and style of music it is expected to be used for.  There are three types of toms in a standard drum set- high, mid, and floor tom.

Reasons to Choose Superprof India

There are many musical academies in Pune that teach students, but how credible and reliable are those? By now, you must have understood that drumming is not at all easy. It is almost multi-tasking that requires you to practically learn a new language. Thus you cannot experiment and ruin your base if you are serious about it. The first few lessons are crucial for any discipline as it determines the foundation of the student.

Superprof brings you the best mentors and has no foul play involved. You need not pay any registration fees or commission. The site ensures that you can access details of the trainers- their degrees, achievements, certificates, and methodology. If you are still skeptical, you can check out the feedback and reviews from previous students. These are authentic reviews and not tampered with in any way.

The best teachers create their accounts in search of passionate students. These mentors have had their training from prestigious institutions and are often part of bands or themselves are professional musicians.

You need not haggle for fees as you can choose to contact the one whose rate is most suitable for you. Superprof does not ask a penny from either you or the teacher. Moreover, you can schedule class timings according to your convenience and need not abide by the strict schedule of a training academy. It is extremely difficult in today’s time to pursue passion along with studies or a job. But online classes make it easier for us to chase our dreams without losing security.


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The average price of Drum  lessons is £738.

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