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Disha methi
1st class FREE!

Dance Choreographer | Zumba Instructor | Into Corporate, School and Wedding event Choreography | Hyderabad

My teaching completely depends upon what the learners experience has been. Has he ever or never performed or learned and determine their body style along with there desired dance style they are willing to learn.

1st class FREE!

Student in engineering gives help to enhance your playing Chinese checkers skills

My teaching methods are related mainly to day to day examples and practical basis.

1st class FREE!

Bright future in chess now in Ambernath Chess Academy at your home

We provide chess training, chess books, ebooks, softwares, chess sets, chess training demo board, garden games & organise chess tournaments every weekend Low rated Chess coaches can ruin ur chess basics. Always check ur chess coach rating at world chess body website ratings.fide.

1st class FREE!

I am a chess teacher from bhopal. I am playing chess since 3 years of age and i can teach your little one the basics and understanding of the beautiful game.

chess is a beautiful game and various studies has proven that playing chess regularly can sharp your brain.

1st class FREE!

I am student of business administration management I give class to below 12 year students

My method of teaching is individually for each person according to their time When they are free I go by students

1st class FREE!

I am civil engineer and I love to teach what I know

I will teach some tactics, how a game can be played, what this game can give you back, I can help anyone to move next level and you can learn to play with me and practice with me and many more,

1st class FREE!

Private Chess Coach for students of all skill levels throughout Utah County

I love to teach chess! I offer lessons for all ages and skill levels throughout Utah County. I started playing competitively in 2005. I received private instruction from the late GM Igor Ivanov. I placed 1st in the Utah Amateur Championship in 2007 and 2nd in the National Class Championships, Class D in 2007. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.

1st class FREE!

Passionate chess player who wish to show the exciting culture and skills needed for Chinese chess

To understand the techniques and skills through playing and practicing.

1st class FREE!

Play like a Pro! Want to learn chess? Or improve your skills to beat that pesky Uncle, I will help you become a great Chess player.

Want to Conquor more Kings than Alexander the Great?! Let’s have fun! Chess is a game of strategy, witts and valor! My classes are fun, competitive and will make you fall in love with the game. I teach Beginner to Intermediate Chess starting with the basics and moving to more adavance tequniques and strategies. I am available in person or via Web Cam.

1st class FREE!

You, too can become a Grand Master! Or, at least, have a lot of fun!

My father taught me to play chess when I wad a child. I can teach you, no matter how old you are! The rules are easy, the strategies, complex.

San Benito
1st class FREE!

Chess player for over 9 years, ALL AGES, patience is key, Helper at tournaments

My teaching involves a chess board to get the image across, and repetition of words and plays. The more you practice something, the better you get. But you don't want to just memorize, you want to understand why a move is to be played and the idea behind it.

1st class FREE!

MA graduate in history gives thoughtful online tuition in history and English

I regard myself as a patient and reassuring figure capable of raising the confidence of my students. Usually I begin by introducing the topic, taking approximately ten minutes; the class becomes more interactive from there. In the final ten minutes, my mission is to ask thought-provoking question to measure understanding.

1st class FREE!

Professional chess player 2000 Fide young, offers private lessons. Levels: Medium High Initiation Work will be done: Tactics / Strategy / Openings Preparation of championships and any suggestions

Depending on the age and the level, the methodology will be different but from the beginning it will be to identify the areas that require a greater development on the part of the student to exploit them and maximize them as much as possible, converting the weaknesses into strengths.

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