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Take Watercolour Painting Lessons | Find Online watercolor classes in India

Watercolour painting is a quick and easy way to express yourself in art form. This article will give you the particulars of watercolours, how they work, and why you should learn them. Watercolour painting has been around for centuries because it's such an accessible medium, affordable for beginners and professionals alike. Take watercolor painting lessons with a private tutor and watch your skill level elevate!

Besides, it can be done with paper or canvas; basically, anything that absorbs paint well! You'll find everything from tutorials on basic techniques to more advanced tips and tricks. There's so much content available; all you have to do is sit back and start exploring!

Besides, watercolour painting is a popular medium for artists of all skill levels. It's versatile and can be used in many different ways, from landscapes to abstract pieces. There are plenty of reasons why it's such a popular form of art: the colours are bright and opaque, the paint dries quickly, so you don't have to wait hours before working on your next piece, and most importantly, there is no limit to what you can create! 

Reasons to learning watercolour painting

One should learn watercolour painting, regardless of your current skill level in art or just starting to learn about art. I know many artists who find the task too daunting, but there are so many reasons why you should take up this challenge. 

Watercolours teach us to mellow down

Watercolours require a very different approach to other art mediums. You have to work fast and yet be careful at the same time. This approach forces us to focus our attention on being present in each moment of painting because if we get lost in usually thinking about things unrelated to what we're currently doing), it gets ruined very quickly. 

If you've never tried such activity before, then it is highly recommended that you do. It exercises your brain and develops strong concentration skills, and don't forget to enjoy the process!

Watercolours inspire us to view our surroundings differently

When you paint with watercolours, you get to learn about light and shadow in a very intimate way. You have to develop the skill of anticipating the effect that shadows will have on lights etc. 

It is not an easy feat; however, if mastered, it allows us to see the world differently because we are trained into looking for these minute changes in colour tones, contrasts etc. When you spot them, your eyes don't just pass by as they usually do: you stop and take time appreciating it. Once this habit is developed and ingrained into your lifestyle, everything starts to look different and exciting!

Watercolours help us become more observant

Similarly to point number 2 above, when we attempt painting something, then we become more observant of minute details that we usually miss. This makes us more mindful of what's going on around us and notice the small world thriving around us all the time! Things don't just pass by your eyes when you observe, but they enter the consciousness, which can positively affect our mental well-being.

Watercolours help us discover our creativity

Most people are surprised to realize how much creativity is needed when painting with watercolours. There are so many factors that need attention, composition, colours, contrasts etc. These elements make us focus on our creative side because we want our paintings to look interesting and beautiful. I'm sure that almost everyone has a creative spark inside them, which just needs an opportunity to come alive. 

Beginner's guide to watercolour painting

Get familiarized with the whole concept of watercolour painting in a few steps. As a beginner, watercolour painting can be pretty intimidating and unpredictable. So, here are a few pointers and basic guidelines to ease your way into getting started. 

Use proper material

When it comes to painting, your tools make all the difference. Using quality materials is essential for giving you results that will put a smile on your face and encourage you to further your skill! Plus, using poor-quality products can lead to wasted time and money. It can also deter someone from continuing with their project due to the frustration of working with low-grade supplies. 

Your primary painting tool kit will comprise paper, watercolours, and paintbrushes. Listed below are pointers to help you pick the suitable material for your watercolour painting adventure. 


Make sure to buy paper that is made explicitly for watercolour painting. If you use just regular paper, it will get all wavy once it's wet, and the paper material will start pilling. 


Several brands are available in the market; therefore, picking a good quality product is imperative. Low-quality paints can spoil the overall look of your work once they dry up. Such colours can become chalky, crackly and even discolour sometimes. 


Coming to the paintbrushes, there is a wide variety of those as well. Don't get overwhelmed, and just pick essential brushes like a flat brush, a medium and large round brush and one mop brush to begin with. All the brushes are created for various purposes, and you will keep learning about them as you keep progressing. 

Some of the best watercolour painting lessons near me in India

Listed below are the top-rated watercolour painting classes throughout various cities in India. 

  • Artography Studio, The Best Institute of Fine Art (Delhi)
  • Anthelion School of Art (Kolkata)
  • Shiny Colors Fine Art Classes (Bangalore)
  • Sikander Art Institute (Chandigarh)

All the places listed above, their contact information can be found online. However, if you are looking for verified and well-reviewed tutors, you can visit our website Superprof.co.in. 

Superprof: Best Platform To Take Watercolor Painting Lessons With A Private Tutor

If you've been thinking about taking a watercolour painting class, we hope that this blog post has given you some essential tips and information. We at Superprof know that choosing what type of art lessons to take can be tricky, so we encourage you to explore our platform.

Superprof has tons of information on the various types of classes available in your area! Whether you want something relaxing like poetry or help with math skills like fractions, there is an instructor out there waiting for your call. All these options are listed at Superprof. So don't wait any longer; head over to our website and take watercolor painting lessons with a private tutor through our listings of talented instructors today!

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