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Want To Add Colors To Your Life? Learn Oil Painting In India

Human society has always been eyeing upon different sources and mediums of entertainment. There have been meticulous efforts by civilizations to keep their cultural heritage alive. In ancient times, where there was no facility for photography available, people resorted to capturing moments in the form of paintings. This activity transcended the realms of necessity to specialized forms of art over the centuries.

Painting has taken many different forms over the past few years. People have developed an artistic taste for different forms of painting based upon a number of factors associated with themes, types of colors, appearance, texture, painting surface, and many others. Oil painting which utilizes colored pigments suspended in drying oil has emerged as one of the most unique and preferred forms of painting. There is a huge demand for such painters and their paintings across India.

Why Oil Painting Is Becoming Popular In India?

India is culturally a rich and diverse nation. It has been blessed with some of the most refined and world-renowned painters. Subsequently, there has also been a noticeable increase in the number of people who have learned and are opting to learn oil painting. The reasons behind its growing popularity are quite encouraging which have been discussed below.

  • Oil Painting Rejuvenates Mind And Body

Oil painting is not just about sketching something with a pencil and filling colors. It is a manifestation of one’s heart and soul. It arouses the artistic prowess of an individual to pour in the imagination and give life to it. It helps the mind with soothing exercise and facilitates rigorous exercise for limbs and fingers for improved mental and physical health.

  • Improved Communication

There are instances when the human mind could not articulate a situation out of some compulsion or cognitive barriers or disabilities. However, an oil painting helps to overcome the barriers. With extensive types of painting techniques using oil painting, children with autism or other disorders can express their feelings and thoughts.

  • Need For Therapists

Painting is one of the most preferred mediums for the detection and cure of many suppressed mental disorders. Hence, painting experts who understand and translate the meanings hidden in arts are in high demand in India. They systematically use this technique for people of all age groups to relax them and give them a sense of belongingness. Painting has been used to recall memories and relieve stress from the mind.

  • Painting For Fun

Painting activities have been used extensively for various fun and entertainment activities. Oil painting sparks a sense of self-esteem and a spirit of competitiveness. Because of the liberty and diversity inherent in such paintings, there is a heightened admiration for oil painting. Also, because of lockdown, many people have been following the work from home lifestyle. In the absence of any outdoor movement, social interactions, and excursions, they have been opting to skill themselves in something that is fun to learn and relaxing to practice.

Why Oil Painting Is So Stimulating And Versatile?

Oil painting unlike other styles or forms of painting is not limited to a single technique. Different techniques can be learned and manifested as per one’s own choice and mood. Hence, it is held in high regard and is the most desired form of painting. Its versatility can be adjudicated from the following forms of techniques it allows a painter to implement-

  • Scumbling- Is the most common technique and is usually the very first one to be mastered by beginners. It involves the application of paint in a scrubbing manner using a dry and stiff brush over a canvass such that some part of the underpainting is left exposed.

  • Glazing- Is a very unique and highly rated technique that appeals to high demand from the spectators. Translucent paints are applied such that the top layer is transparent relative to the opaque base layer.
  • Alla Prime- It is primarily a wet on wet technique for those who are desiring to finish their masterpiece in a single session. It saves a lot of time for the painters as in some cases paint can take days to dry up before subsequent coats can be applied.

  • Impasto- This is a more intensive form of painting that commands logical imagination and deep concentration. Thick strokes of the paintbrush are applied with the desired color to give a textured effect such that it creates an impression of three-dimensional imagery.

  • Blending- This can definitely help to release the stocked-up moods and emotions. Two and sometimes even more colors are mixed together in a wet state to give a smooth transition from one color to another to depict different subjects on the screen. In India, one can make good use of this technique to portray India’s diversity in culture, tradition, weather cycle, and emotional complexities.

  • Chiaroscuro- Used extensively to throw light upon subjects with deeper emotional appeal. It involves creating a high contrast between light and dark to depict a three-dimensional subject.

With so many techniques under practice, one can eventually help himself and others to explore the subconscious mind. People have options before them to choose the best one which suits them the best as per the creative bent of their mind.

Online Oil Painting Classes With Superprof India

Learning oil painting has been held in high regard. There are many diploma and degree courses that are being administered in different institutes across India. However, in order to minimize travels and contacts with people, Superprof can supplement your learning.

Superprof India provides learners with a favorable destination to fulfill their search for the best online faculty for oil painting. The process is very simple, you just need to submit the subject of learning and the area in which you are looking for your expert faculty. Subsequently, Superprof provides a list of tutors in the requested area who are proficient in oil painting along with their experience and expertise. With a first free online class as a demo, you can choose the best out of them without any hidden charges. Upon finalizing the faculty, you can coordinate to continue with in-person online classes or personalized classes at some mutually agreed place.

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