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I Will teach you the science in such a way that you will never fail in your life

Science is a very heard subject but i can explain to you in a very easy way.

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Science and Physics subjects in 10 to 12 Engineering BSc Msc Material Science and Nanotechnology

I am starting the teaching by basic of the relevant topics. Explain with sufficient examples, videos. Give notes. Give short tricks to remember the notes.

Dr. akanksha
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A Ph.D. degree holder experienced Chemistry teacher takes classes from high school to college level.

My approach for teaching is to make the students learn the fundamental concepts of the topic first. I use different teaching methods and techniques as per the requirement of the topic. Being experienced in this field I can take classes from 9th standard to Graduation courses.

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Physics tuition in chandigarh given by MSc physics topper of dav college

I teach with full passion, my first priority is always that a student is not afraid to ask regarding doubts,i prefer to start from basics of the topic so that students interest is build in the topic, i take tests frequently so that student are regular in their studies . assignments will also be provided by me after the completion of a chapter. i teach BSc(non medical) physics .

Jyoti prakash
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Research Scholar From Tezpur University conducting Chemistry classes from 10th to UG

Easy understanding of the concept and preparation for competitive exams. Model test at the end of the topic. 12th and B.Sc students with chemistry as their subject are welcome to join.

Uttar Pradesh
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10 year teaching experience in health sciences shaping the future nation and world

I prefer to teach with interaction and problem solving I do listen to the students basic problem and I do give assignments and projects, I prefer Case studies and give examples I do explain subjective as well as practical aspect of subject

Pavannur Motta
(1 review)
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Gives tuition in physics and maths and completed my post graduation in physics

i can handle any class from 5th to degree level on my subject. First I deeply study the portions which is going to take.I prepare well. After that only i start to teach. I prefer every student from their own IQ level and help them to improve and move forward potentially.

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Physicist Gives Tuition in Physics from High school to college in Nashik

My Teaching Method is tricky. Always I used to start from the basic to advance or applied. I base my class on relevance of Day to Day life examples, and on each and every topic I will give some examples so that students can recall the things.

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M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur Working at BMT sree chitra i would like to teach at trivandrum

I would prefer to teach basics as simple as possible i believe in remembering so revision is more important in my methodology for mathematic i would prefer to teach by practice for other science subjects i prefer basic understanding for history and other kind of subjects i use remembrance

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Highly qualified (holds PhD) , Subject: Chemistry/Science, From high school to post-graduation.

Activity based/ICT and traditional classroom teaching-learning methods. Role play, lecture method, discussion method, peer instruction - out-of-class and in-class activity. High school, Intermediate, UG (B.Tech and BSc) and PG level. Capable of adopting different teaching styles to get the best out of each learner.

Seshagiri rao
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Nine years experienced Professor at RGUKT giving tutions on online and clarifying chemistry concepts

My teaching is based on conventional, online, ICT Based teaching. Making a student perfect in the concept is the main motto. for this to achieve, i will be using models and video lecturing also as my teaching tools. A class room is made student friendly with a good learning atmosphere.

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TGT science and Biology gives tuition for class 6 to 12 CBSE/ICSE/ISC

One to one interaction chapter wise and clearing all doubt . Also prepare lesson plan for the next class. Take test periodically and clarifying all doubts. I usually take 6 to 7 students maximum per batch. Twice a week usually take students.

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Get all the subjects teach you till class 10th by one teacher

My teaching methodology is teaching concepts and basic of any topics. A students should not by heart all the things without understanding.I explained the concepts first , Refer to them to textbook. Ask random quizzes and puzzles in the class . Conduct mock class.

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Assistant professor (Bangalore)-conducts classes in Mechanical Engineering; Physics; Basic Mathematics; Organic Chemistry; Thermodynamics

My teaching methodology is presentations. I have the best teaching materials in the form of presentations which make students very comfortable in learning. I can take classes for school students to engineering graduates I am very much comfortable with Basic Physics; Mathematics; Chemistry; Thermodynamics.

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Possess expertise in high school and college level Maths, Physics and Chemistry through seamless online tuition.

I put emphasis on application based tutoring. To elaborate What I do is, to make the students grasp the gist of the topic by illustrating the theory of the subject matter, following up with numerating problems on the same topic, so that they can better apply their understanding. Every theory session is accompanied by two to three problem solving methodologies.

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I am Mechanical Engineer worked at shiv sakti Power service limited at and give tution classes to high school student in chandrapura and bokaro

I Base my class on Ncert basis and make my student self motivated and reliable by marking their notes in ncert book which help them in saving time and prepare them well for their competition level exam as well as for school level exam and save their time in making their notes in copy.

New Delhi
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Special preparations going on for boards and competitive exams for IX, X, XI and XII (Math, Science, and Physics)

I am M.Tech, Assistant Professor in engineering college by profession. I Believe in efforts made in the right direction. Being In Academics I have witnessed the change in way of teaching and learning. My teaching is based on advance and competitive methods while eliminating a teacher and student gap.

New Delhi
Shailesh kumar
1st class FREE!

Iit/aieee 10th,9th, 8th, gov job home tutor for better future and excellent command.

I teach my student with both practical and theoretical knowledge.I prefer to teach only to the point and what is important and useful.I am very friendly while teaching so they not going to feel any pressure. I love to ake study entertaining so that my student won't get bored.

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Tuitions in math,social science and science upto Xth standard in Kolkata saltlake.

My teaching method is that I first clear the base of the topic to the student. For a good grip over a subject the student must understand all the basic concepts first.

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Postgraduate Physics Teacher gives tuitions in Physics from 8th till high school online.

Hi! My name is Swati and I have done Masters in Physics. I have been teaching Physics upto higher secondary level since 2016. My lectures I construct in the order - Facts, Relations, Their Applications. My methodology is Inductive Deductive mostly, sometimes switching to one-on-one interaction.

1st class FREE!

People reading it can see that they can get some use out of it, perhaps learning something from it, then they will be more likely to read it.

Sundaram kumar I belongs from Begusarai. i am not special but unique in nature.. i love my cute,family,my yash and friends that always want to be with me Meri zindgi ka mksd bs itna hi haii.. jis ma ko beta nae uska beta bn jau..jis bhai ko 1 bhai ki jaroort ho uska bhai bn jau,,jis bhn ka bhai nae uska bhai bn jau,, aur aisa kuchh kr du apni zindgi ke sfr me...

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Students in 11, 12 all science and for bsc chemistry, thank you

methods is simple starting with basic and make it strong. structure should be according to your syllabus and your convenient/scheduled. i am specifics as a good chemistry tutor. classes should be up to bachelor chemistry as main subject. you will enjoy in classes.

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Opportunity to explore the beauty of physics with IIT Graduate in Chennai

I like to start with very basic fundamental topics of physics. Then gradually I focus much more on solving different types of problems from various parts or topics of physics. I would like to extend my classes starting from class V up to college/graduation/B.Sc.

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An industry professional with excellent academic background giving tuitions to high school students

My teaching methods are class based and very interactive. Also, I write and make students understand. I generally teach in a class of 8-10. I regularly interact with students to understand their doubts and clear them. My classes are for high school students.

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Physics for 12th State Board and CBSE and Radiation Physics RSO Coaching

Interactive Classes and Group Discussion. Power point presentation for better understanding. Viva Voce and Class tests. Special coaching in the weaker students and will have counselling of students for better scoring. Practice will continue until the students perform a better score.

1st class FREE!

Fundamentals of Physics , Solid State Physics, Spectroscopy, Quantum Physics ,Dynamics and Statics

I try to clear the basics of classical , quantum & solid state Physics and create interest in physical phenomena and different applications in defense, space, medicine and industry. my teaching prepare the students for his future carrier and academic journey.

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Chemical Engineering Professional with 3 patents ready to teach Science,Mathematics,History,Geography.to.high school students.

For me, teaching is not just completing the syllabus. The topics should be so much clear that they stuck with you for years. My approach is practical and real-world-application based.

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Easy way to learn "Chemistry - The science behind all the Science"

Understand the IQ level of students, its requirement to learn, Curiosity to learn, find his/her interest and accordingly teach as per the requirement. Teaching techniques are unique, For every subject/topic, I used to explain it's importance in daily and professional life and create an interest to learn each topic.

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Perfect coaching for 11th &12th standard & jee aspirents by Dharmendra meena from NIT BHOPAL

my teaching style is very easy and based on the rememberable tricks I Describe, explain, interpret, summarize, paraphrase all the topics perfectly you can learn the things step by step so you can understand easily teaching by the help of self prepared notes

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Individual class and Physics Coaching Centre Now At Behala, Rabindra Sarobor, Baghajatin a

I am P.CHOWDHURY [M.Sc(Jadevpur university), M.Tech(B.E.S.U, IIEST),teach physics for last 8 yrs(all board). For physics tuition (both home and private) with individual care. Spatiality:- B.TECH Also AVALABLE All board of H.S level. Only board, JEE+Board, only JEE; all types of class available. Regular examination, doubt clearing class.

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Perfect! Excellent tutor for Chemistry. My son started learning Chemistry with ease. Highly recommended.

Susan, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Classes were so awesome & beneficial. It was really worth it. Explanation was really nice. Thank you so much sir!

Mohit , Student
11 months ago
(1 review)

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