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A Employee of Wipro working as Analyst gives tution on basic subjects for below or 10th grade and aptitute lessons to higher than it.

My teaching method is based on understanding. It's not necessary that you get a easy topic quickly or you can't get a difficult topic quickly, its all about exploring your limits and i can help you with that. I am more of a friend than teacher if student behaves nice.

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Teaching is a phenomenal thing, but learning............takes u somewhere else stay for learning purpose

I follow the conceptual based teaching, not only memorizing the formulas. I follow the conceptual based teaching, not only memorizing the formulas. I follow the conceptual based teaching, not only memorizing the formulas. I follow the conceptual based teaching, not only memorizing the formulas.I follow the conceptual based teaching, not only memorizing the formulas.

Ahmed mukthar
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Student in commerce who is studying b.com is giving tutoring for the students

My teaching method is based on the information asked and based on topic Which taken up by me for the students

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Student of bpharm graduate gives the classes to all biology quotions quickly

My teaching method is ...first i will exaplain the topic with key points in your doubt ,relevent topic can be discussed ,i follow alm s ...

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Special Educator near your house wasn't this easy before. Experience the best

My teaching method is based on logic and I try and make it fun for my students who love it

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Student of B.com and currently teaching in school and taking all subject tution from past 2 years

I give special attention on each student and make them practice the topics again n again and give extra time during exam

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Want to reach any subject to encourage students nd get supported by me

My teaching method will be good i can teach the students nd guide them as they like

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There is no problem with yourself until and unless you don't believe in yourself

I teach in fun and loving way. Will be calm and gentle with them. I believe in not teaching but learning with them.

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I will teach Only CBSE and ICSE student class XI, XII, B.COM, M.COM,BBA,MBA

My teaching method specially technique based and I'm try to homely based examples and used graph diagrams and so on

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Tutoring for individuals with cognitive disabilities that need assistance with their overall education

I tutor children and act as a guide to helping them understand how they best learn, work, and interact with the world. In doing this, I can support the child and their mind so that they learn what they need to for school and that they fill any gaps of knowledge that will clear up all the confusion. I also teach them how to be emotionally stable, secure, and resilient.

Il Gelso
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Pedagogist, social assistance worker for children and the developmental age specializing in DSA offers to help school homework and support for children and teenagers with DSA

Help children and teenagers with specific learning disabilities to discover the way they learn, find their strengths and regain confidence in themselves. I give great importance to listening and observation to allow the child / boy to reveal his talents that could help him to improve the school performance.

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Highly skilled and experienced SEN tutor with a degree in Special Education

I am an experienced teacher of students with diverse learning needs including Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, ADHD/executive function issues. I teach using multi-sensory methods using programs that are evidence based and that provide results. I help students discover their learning style to help them to compensate for weaknesses and build on strengths.

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College senior with high-level English. I can help your child become a better reader.

I approach reading with my students by their grade level. I can tutor one on one or in groups. Also, I can help your child become a better writer. I have lots of patience and can work with children with disabilities.

Laura natalia
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Student of political science and government, with knowledge in history, economics and law.

I manage my classes having a roadmap to follow or depending on the needs of the students we can create a joint and reinforce topics in which I have knowledge. I like to manage classes in such a way that learning does not become boring and monotonous, I look for students to prepare classes and be able to contribute knowledge.

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Reading specialist with 10 years of experience helping dyslexic students struggling with reading.

I start with a free assessment to determine where to start with the student followed by an evaluation report and recommendations. I'm use multi-sensory tools to reinforce lessons. Lessons are 60 minutes long. Online sessions are given on Skype, Zoom, FaceTime .

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Super interesting multi-modal instruction in language-based academic subjects and brain-based skill development.

I am a student centered facilitator who keeps classes centered on students' interests and strengths, while building on their areas for growth. I use alternatives to lecturing which involve all senses and lead students to apply learning.

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Specialist dyslexia and special needs tutor offers support with all aspects of learning

I use multi-sensory and interactive teaching methods to help students learn according to their own individual styles. I work 1:1 with students and no two lessons are ever the same. If a student needs help with spelling or reading, I will first find out whether the difficulty is visual or auditory or whether it's a question of having missed out some basic learning foundations.

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Sydney-based Learning Consultant with Montessori Diploma, BA (Hons) and dyslexia/learning difficulties experience

I either provide personalised tutoring programs to students, but alternatively also assist with schoolwork/homework in a range of subjects including English, Maths, French, German, HSIE, History, music (piano), including techniques to overcome learning or developmental difficulties and increase students' confidence.

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Expert tutor helping students with dyslexia, autism, ADHD, anxiety or any other issue with their homework in Edinburgh

I don't have a set methodology, it's based fully on the student. I try to figure out if the student learns more by writing, reading or listening and consider what kind of work we have to do together.

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Primary school teacher proposes as help-tasks and study for children and teenagers even with DSA.

I am a primary school teacher, with great expertise in digital technologies (Master on the use of teaching technology) and with personalized teaching experience. I propose private or small group lessons for carrying out tasks and for acquiring one's own method of study also by using specific software that meets each other's needs.

Yusy estela
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Bilingual Speech Therapist supports the learning process in children / adults. oral and reading / writting deficiencies

I´d like to offer you my 16 years of professional experience to make your experience something pleasant and effective in terms of enhancing your linguistic, cognitive, psychomotor, sensory / perceptive and behavioral skills in order to improve your oral or written-reading deficiencies.

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Graduated in chemistry, classes in mathematics, physics, chemistry and other subjects for children with difficulties

I try that the student understands the things by himself, that is to say, I try to teach to that one learns by oneself, teaching as one has to pose the situations and the questions that one has to do to understand the concepts and to solve oneself his doubts . I work a lot with the topic of concentration, the main problem for many students.

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Student of Primary Education with Mention in Therapeutic Pedagogy and Master in Speech Therapy is offered to teach children with functional disabilities or learning difficulties

As I said, I have studied the specialty in Therapeutic Pedagogy, so I have experience with children with all kinds of problems and difficulties, from Specific Language Disorder (SLD) to difficulties in the area of ​​mathematics (something very common).

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Special Education Teacher with 12 years experience teaching small group reading instruction.

I have successfully used structured, multi sensory teaching techniques to help students in grades K-12 learn how to read. My energy and enthusiasm is contagious and builds confidence and desire to learn. I am highly creative and have the ability to motivate struggling learners.

Chácaras Tubalina e Quartel
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I am a pedagogue and I work with classes of school reinforcement, help in the tasks of home and in the difficulties of teaching learning of the student, I work in elementary education I and II and you

The methodology that I try to develop is based on the difficulties of the students detected after applying a diagnostic test, starting from the beginning we can collaborate with teaching learning of the students. I like to follow the school life of the student in the day to day, to verify their evolution in learning and to heal the failures and difficulties presented by the student.

Kira phoenix
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Masters student offering art and learning difficulties lessons up to University level in London

As a practicing artist and designer I enjoy being able to share my experience, knowledge and the skills I have developed over the years with students. I have worked with students studying for their GCSEs, A-Levels, Degree and Masters Level. Each students learns in a different way.

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Educational Psychologist of 20 years experience offers home tutoring for all ages

My teaching method is to make an assessment and then work the areas, that has to be improved by the students, for example: spatial orientation, language, etc.

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