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1st class FREE!

Student of biotechnology teaching biology and English in Chennai to special kids with passion.

I will conduct more activities and other interesting stuffs to interest the child in the subject. My teaching will be very jovial and the child will definitely enjoy my teaching. Classes are for school students of any standard.

Nala Sopara
1st class FREE!

Student in arts... Gives English tuitions at your door step. I believe in helping children.

My method is the ' you first ' method . I try to understand the ability of the child and how much of his or his ability is he making use...

Sudesh kumar
1st class FREE!

Students which are unable to memorize basic tricks of simple mathematics from primary to high school

In my views for every child basic concepts of each and every subject should be very clear.

1st class FREE!

A Employee of Wipro working as Analyst gives tution on basic subjects for below or 10th grade and aptitute lessons to higher than it.

My teaching method is based on understanding. It's not necessary that you get a easy topic quickly or you can't get a difficult topic quickly, its all about exploring your limits and i can help you with that. I am more of a friend than teacher if student behaves nice.

1st class FREE!

Leave your boring physics lecture. join with me . physics can be that exciting and easy you have no idea .

I am sayak Dutta . I am an engineering student. I have good hold on physics and maths. Students from class 6-12 can join me. I can assure you that I can make physics concepts so easy for you that you will just do great in this subject. You will not get bored cause I will teach you as my friend and as you get entertained by me I can make you learn all the concepts side by side.

1st class FREE!

Post-Graduate Student in engineering gives tutorials in maths and shortcuts for entrance tests.

I create base for the topic that I'd like to teach first. I stick to the fundamentals even for solving higher level problems. I give much more importance to steps of the proofs than the result as later can be derived.

1st class FREE!

Teaching is a phenomenal thing, but learning............takes u somewhere else stay for learning purpose

I follow the conceptual based teaching, not only memorizing the formulas. I follow the conceptual based teaching, not only memorizing the formulas. I follow the conceptual based teaching, not only memorizing the formulas. I follow the conceptual based teaching, not only memorizing the formulas.I follow the conceptual based teaching, not only memorizing the formulas.

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1st class FREE!

Student in engineering gives tuitions for those who are disabled or needy.

My method of teaching is that I use projectors or ppts and read and explain students and ask if they have any queries.

1st class FREE!

Teaching for students with special needs with special care and individual attention

In these 30 years I got experience in working with different type of disabilities and different type of special education programs. In these years I extended my service as Teacher, Program coordinator, Teacher Trainer, Counselor for parents, students and school Administration and so on.

1st class FREE!

Helping someone educate makes me more educated and knowledgeable. Serving anything is humanity .

First I try to know the knowledge level of particular topic and graping ability and then I introduce outside the book things related to topic and then ask the student to read once and then I explain Nd I again I ask to give reading and at last, I ask question s related.

1st class FREE!

Competitive exam level shortcut trick. rules best tricks. any exams your success. I'm a good teacher in math.

Mathematics is the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. Math is all around us, in everything we do. It is the building block for everything in our daily lives, including mobile devices, architecture (ancient and modern), art, money, engineering, and even sports.

1st class FREE!

Special child needs teacher's empathy,love and care. They are not burden or sin infact they are special child of god.

my teaching method is learning by doing and simple to complex. i arrange the class according to desire and need of the student. i think child needs teacher's empathy and polite behaviour. special child needs more than a normal child.

1st class FREE!

Engineering graduate in electronics and communication teaches maths and physics

I had experienced in teaching high school and higher secondary students at various tuition centers and also provides home tuition near my locality . I prefer mathematics and physics than any other subjects. Learning from the basics is my methodology.

1st class FREE!

Electrical Engineer, Civil Service Aspirant. Provides concept clearing classes on topics of Physics and Mathematics.

More complexity brings more confusion. By focusing on basic concept, you will be guided to maximum efficiency of quick problem solving in minimum time. Approach would be easy and topic wise. Easily understandable.

1st class FREE!

I am pursuing b.com from Delhi university and can teach the commerce students and for younger children can teach all subjects

My methof of teaching is to make student understand the each topic rather than to just make them learn and forget after some time I want to understand them things so that they get the proper knowledge

New Delhi
(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

I want to explain about English grammar well experience of the Tense and Some extra giving knowledge about anything .

My teaching method is basically explain which they are easily understand what do I want to explain about any point

1st class FREE!

Students up to high School classes give individual teachings in maths and science subjects as in best way

My teachings will definitely understand you by 98 % ,the remaining 2 % achievement can accomplish by your co-operation only.But , I guarantee you that I will tech you in a better way.

1st class FREE!

You can create your the world of your thinking. Positives grow up.

My teaching method is simple, explainatory and understandable to all. I make sure every child learns and understand the subject.

1st class FREE!

We should teach others and also learn from them that will br a miracle for both

Ny method to teach us differ from student to student base on their grassping power And their learning capacity

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

I completed my bachelor of technology in EEE from CUSAT university. I like teaching. Am taking home tuitions for children up to 10th standard for all subjects.

I have patience to teach youuntillyou get the concept completely. Rather than making you by heart the words I prefer to make u understand the concept.

1st class FREE!

Student with disability may take tution and therapy from registered special teachers in Delhi, mainly autism, hearing,mental retard,learning disability and others

My methodology of teaching special children are as below 1.Blend ‘the Basics’ with more specialized instruction for child 2.

1st class FREE!

Students can approach me for any help i am so cool to help Or guide u

My teaching method depends upon student behavior, character, I'm may start with basics first,if ur fast learner it's good

Nisha raghuwanshi
1st class FREE!

I'm law student i love teaching nd teach student 2-9class(maths only for2-5class)

Its simple use the method for student they easily understand wht u explain and use easy example for the students

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

I Want To Teach Such Kids Cause Many People Think They Can't Be The Stars In This World But I Think They Are The Brightest Star

My Method Basically Is To Teach Them Basic Knowledge And Know More About Their Goals So That They Know What Are The Next Steps For Them In Their Life

1st class FREE!

I am the best teacher i will teach you for free of cost

My teaching method is i teach with nice atmosphere, i support weak student, and i will give my best.

1st class FREE!

Im college student can help student from 1 to 8 standards. I can teach all subjects except bengali. Im from kolkata

My teaching includes through examples so that topics are understood clearly.students dont have to mug up but have a clear concept.

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