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15 yrs of corporate industry experience in personality development and life coaching.

My teaching method is all about bringing balance, getting in sync with oneself, understanding oneself in much detail and learning required techniques to over come ones limitations and executing them in real time to experience much required transformation in totality of life.

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Here to help you with your overall mental health & well being! Positivity, stress,conflict management, personal life and everything else you would want to make you feel better and at peace!

I’m flexible as per my methodology since i respect Individual differences. I’m expressive and I would appreciate the same from the other end, to let me know what suits them the best and how they feel more comfortable.

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Graduate in engineering. Gave lectures in many motivational programs. I can give individual positive thinking method

I approach with all dimensions so that I can easily go through you. there are so many structures of my class. Previously I have done so many class based up on this. Do not hesitate to convey your problem to me. I can deal with all the groups of age (Teenagers,Adults,Old agers).

New Delhi
Jay vardhan
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Personality Developer and Master in Public Speaking Coach with 7 years of Exeprience

My Teaching method is very casual. I first start with learning and knowing about my student and my first impression is to make him comfortable as much as he can with me, so that there is a sound relationship between the Coach and the Student. This has always helped me with my students to make him understand in easier and simplest way.

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Stress Management - An Energy Approach. Stress is nothing but energy, so let's use energy approach

• Understanding Stress. • It's effects. • Tackling it. Stress is an energy, so here we use energy approach to get the best results.

Dr. hetal
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It's up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind.

I teach here in my class, enjoying every year with a lots of students in morning batch from 7-8 am. It will be like dance on bollywood songs, aerobics, yoga, meditation, exercises, games, etc... Its always fascinating to students to learn something new and get occupied in some constructive activities.

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Positive vibes only because life is way too short for bad vibes.

My methodology is really simple First understand the root cause of the problem and then work on it, slow and steady. The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude towards the problem and that's what I'll be helping you to change Change your attitude. Be positive and be the energy you want to attract.

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What if you could change everything? Would you? :)

Dr. Sonal Keswani is an MBBS doctor and an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. She facilitates classes and sessions globally based on the tools of access consciousness to help change bodies and mental issues. These sessions can be done online or in person. I mostly enjoy working with issues related to self expression, mental health, abuse, kids with special needs, animals and spirits.

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Counseling Psychologist with skills in hypnotherapy, Music Therapy and Life Skills Trainer.

I take one on one counseling sessions. Conducting life skills seminars.

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Give your stress wings and let it fly away..... stress relief management

Performing different activities for mental development and stress relief and management classes through personal talk and provide methods for relief

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Now a days stress is the primary one to cause many health issues.so,I am a yoga instructor.I can teach yoga therapy for those who are facing problems like diabetes,b.p and weight loss etc.And also I c

My teaching methodology total depends on the person.If the person too stress or depression or anxiety I will give some techniques for that person.so that he/she will be good.

Aquem - Baixo
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I'm kinda high on life! I love travelling because life is short and the world is wide! #hodophile I'm somebody that makes everyone go crazy! Spreading happiness is my moto so if you are stressed chill

Well stress is a feeling that ruins all the other emotions , so basically my teaching methodology is letting know people the subtle art of not giving a fuck!

Dr komal
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Stress management through Ayurveda, Naturopathy Yoga and Meditation in very natural way.

My concept of teaching is through Ayurveda 'The science of life', yoga , meditation, life style changes and Naturopathy .

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I am a graduate completed my BDS and I am very good in science and teach you very well

I taught u by writing on blackboard and my teaching style is quite different from other

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The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude

My teaching method is by analysing the problems of individuals and motivating them accordingly. From kids to teenagers and also adults is my preference .

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Learn the art of communication and be the master of using "The Power Of Words".

I don't believe in traditional methods of teaching, rather I wish students to experiment, fail and learn. Because to learn something experimenting is important. Because Knowledge without self-experience is just a piece of information. And the idea of making them a master in communication is by giving some online/Offline tasks and make students perform it in their real world.

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A Doctor, Author, Stand-Up Comic and a Poet Teaching How to Take Life As It Comes...

I like to teach in a manner which can be easily understood by students, involving them in discussions, so that it is a two-way communication. Also, I tend to involve humour in my classes so that the students look forward to my classes.

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Hey there , Life is all about the way we live and treat it. Let me help you to get rid of your problems and have productive life . ping me up to know my mantra of a productive life .

I love relating everything practically . I am a good listener as well . I am gonna be giving fun assignments that are gonna help you with life skills . The class is gonna be fun and full of enthusiasm .

Port Blair
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Colleage lecturer gives tution for Maths up to high school level at Port Blair.

Concept of Mathematical Chapters. How the formulae arrived at. How to remember the formulae. Application of the concept in real life. Solving problems. Techniques for solving problems. Home works. Clarrifying doubts. Techeniques include interactions, prompting, understanding, notes taking, reviewing,Tests, appraisal,Preparing for exams.

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Answers for your questions lies within you...Lets explore and be positive !

First I try to understand the person, his issues and context. I plan a strategy to explain his crisis and then provide a satisfactory solution to issues. My method is continuous Interaction and offering some techniques for the said problem.

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Personal "Psychological Coach_Friend_Mentor" in "Bhopal", for both Male and Female of All age groups. (with experience in Medical field, health, nutrition, etc.)

I very much like to solve the psychological (mind related) problems of peoples. I am a very good listener, very polite and humble in nature. You can discuss anything with me without any hesitation, we will together solve your problem. (I am doing this work since long time, and I feel very happy and satisfied when I solve someone's problems. And I am good at it.

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Classes for Spiritual , Inner well being and Inner fitness seekers age from 30 to 70

Universal love is God’s elevator that can carry you to the heights of heaven. And lots of people try to take that elevator. But unfortunately, most of the time the elevator is stalled the power is out. That’s because what people call “universal love” tends to lack passion. It becomes little more than a concept.

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A qualified dentist cum behavioral psychologist can help you to sort out your in life problems

My teaching method is very simple and straight and based on practical aspects of any subject keeping in mind my KISS ( keep it simple and straight) formula.

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Holistic Personal Coach for Happy & Stress free Living ( Yoga ,Ayurveda & Meditation )

His workshop consists of Suksham Vyamam, simple & Effective Asanas, Pranayamams , Relaxation techniques and fun filled group games to burst out accumulated stress and tension. Some of the corporate for which he conducted sessions are in Trichy , Chennai & Kerala. He has right now taken Yoga as a Full time career and his aim is to create stress- free and happy world around him.

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Yoga-pranayama is the master key for being healthy for along time with a positiveness in mind.

my teaching system is simple and systematic, yogasans are not giving you strain,they give you internal strengthful ness and your body stemina is increases gradually, i have my class on system of yoga and pranayam,I approach with my teaching with practicals with nerrating the benefits of the yogas you learn from me.

New Delhi
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Public speaking (also called oratory or oration) is the process or act of performing a good speech to a live audience

My teaching method includes communication from both the ends and help the person to nurture under the evolving environment. These Classes are for kids and adults both who have lack of confidence and want to learn more and more.

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Importance of Positive Thinking, Stress Management and Goal Setting in Successful Life.

My teaching method includes 1) One to One interaction 2) Discussion on social media groups 3) Discussion with text messages 4) Personal visits as per requirement 5) consultancy on phone/ mails 6) Group Addressing 7) Motivational and Spiritual Seminars 8) Social gatherings 9) As per requirement all other way of teaching and motivating individuals.

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With Bhagavad gita I can teach sanskrit meditation pranayama psychology and personality development at andhra and Telangana.

My methodology is what is nature i am that. what is i am that is nature. God is different to I and nature but we know the god with I and nature. That's why saints told learn nature and learn your self like they told. simply i can satisfied in a logical manner to tell any thing.

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Life is a question and to live the same is an art.

Be practical and understanding the consequences of events is very important before any decision is taken. Analyzing the situations and providing necessary confidence to students. I prefer individual students mostly as this topics cant be shared with everyone as there are issues not to be revealed publicly.

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An experiential mentor, guide and counselor with over 15 years of experience working in India & South East Asia!

My methodology is based on flexible approach which is designed after I have meet the candidate and have made my observations about them and there requirement accordingly I decide time frame of suggested teaching. I focus on inner and outer personality of an given individual to derive positive outcome.

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Perfect! It was nice being taught by her. She has excellent skills and nice personality .Everybody should go to her to get their solution .

Nitesh, Student
2 weeks ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Nandita is an expert and has in depth knowledge and experience. Her techniques for positive thinking and stress management worked exceptionally. Brain in now trained for peaceful sleep, stress free and organized day to day tasks, full on...

Azam, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Always on time with positive attitude and great moral support. Very intelligent, fun, dedicates herself to help us at any time of our convenience. Great going All the Very Best!

Mohamed, Student
1 year ago
(1 review)

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