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Positive thinking is what is needed to live a happy and satisfied life

My teaching methodology is more practical than theoritical.

New Delhi
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I am already doing a course of personality development and i already have gone through this so im quite experienced

communication, understanding, tips and tricks and exploration with self introspection. i really feel talking and small techniques if followed properly will help you a lot. even if you practice what i say, you can feel difference within a week.

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Life Coach in Bengaluru, post grad in Development Studies and certification from NIMHANS.

When it comes to life coaching, or life skills education, I believe in enabling and facilitating rather than teaching. I help students identify their strengths, and build on them to develop further skills. I believe in being non judgmental and unbiased, and provide motivation and encouragement.

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Our mind runs our body!! keeping our mind healthy is the biggest remedy towards any success...need some help? Here i am.

my teaching method includes two side conversation. my student or client can easily convey his or her thoughts in a freindly manner.

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Stay rejuvenated and fresh by using techniques that keep stress at bay

To understand the needs of the trainee and design a customised, engaging training programme that helps to de-stress and energise

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An educator by profession, an avid reader, a writing enthusiast, and a positive thinker, gives personal development and public speaking classes to help build positive self image, and confidence.

The approach for my classes will be an amalgamation of casual as well as formal simulations of the actual situations , where participants will be made conformable to speak and interact in groups, role playing as interview - interviewee situations, book review activities, news analysis and myriad such activities, which will be fun to do, learn and retain providing a long term benefit for...

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The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude

My teaching method is by analysing the problems of individuals and motivating them accordingly. From kids to teenagers and also adults is my preference .

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Learn the art of communication and be the master of using "The Power Of Words".

I don't believe in traditional methods of teaching, rather I wish students to experiment, fail and learn. Because to learn something experimenting is important. Because Knowledge without self-experience is just a piece of information. And the idea of making them a master in communication is by giving some online/Offline tasks and make students perform it in their real world.

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A Doctor, Author, Stand-Up Comic and a Poet Teaching How to Take Life As It Comes...

I like to teach in a manner which can be easily understood by students, involving them in discussions, so that it is a two-way communication. Also, I tend to involve humour in my classes so that the students look forward to my classes.

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Classes for Spiritual , Inner well being and Inner fitness seekers age from 30 to 70

Universal love is God’s elevator that can carry you to the heights of heaven. And lots of people try to take that elevator. But unfortunately, most of the time the elevator is stalled the power is out. That’s because what people call “universal love” tends to lack passion. It becomes little more than a concept.

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A qualified dentist cum behavioral psychologist can help you to sort out your in life problems

My teaching method is very simple and straight and based on practical aspects of any subject keeping in mind my KISS ( keep it simple and straight) formula.

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Holistic Personal Coach for Happy & Stress free Living ( Yoga ,Ayurveda & Meditation )

His workshop consists of Suksham Vyamam, simple & Effective Asanas, Pranayamams , Relaxation techniques and fun filled group games to burst out accumulated stress and tension. Some of the corporate for which he conducted sessions are in Trichy , Chennai & Kerala. He has right now taken Yoga as a Full time career and his aim is to create stress- free and happy world around him.

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Get to me to get to know your potential and your capacity.

I follow the most interactive and creative way to be in a fun loving space and take all the freedom to learn from everything and just everything around you. we have all the framework and i can help see everything with a different spectrum.

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Yoga-pranayama is the master key for being healthy for along time with a positiveness in mind.

my teaching system is simple and systematic, yogasans are not giving you strain,they give you internal strengthful ness and your body stemina is increases gradually, i have my class on system of yoga and pranayam,I approach with my teaching with practicals with nerrating the benefits of the yogas you learn from me.

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Relieve and Re-live - Stress Management is the key, join to experience it yourself.

Main aspect of dealing with a stressed person is to pay attention to their situation and show them a way to find peace within. Controlling stress is a vital part of anyone's life and not everyone knows how to do it right. We all need those little tips and tricks to overcome stress. Lots to know and I'll be there to help you.

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The Art of Positive thinking in negative lectures for the peoples who lacks in their confidence and own self

I will not be talking more about the theoretical ways as in books but will be explaining the steps to be taken that can be implemented practically and also some of the techniques which I learnt from my personal experience that can help you grow

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Life Coach, Business Mentor and Image Consultant based at Patna, Bihar, INDIA

I do only one on one teaching as this approach helps me to understand my students well and even my students gets an opportunity to learn with open mind without having a blockage of what other students will thing if i ask my doubts. So my methodology is win win for both.

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A positive lively person who can help you deal with any kind of stress.

My teaching method is by mentoring one student at a time, giving full attention to their coaching need and by few lively verbal interaction rounds where I will get to understand my student in a more personal level. Once the issue to be addressed becomes very clear to me, I will immediately start the Life Coaching classes to address the same and sort it out for the highest good of my student.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming certified trainer to help align and reprogram your subconscious mind.

Learning with Fun is the core of the program. We've multiple activities that we perform during the class/training. A person learns the best by doing it and not just by watching or listening. The importance of Mental health can not be stressed more than this " The way we think is how we see the things around us". Our mind has the power to change black to white & dark to day.

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Pursuing B. Com handled alot of stress and difficulties at a very small age, just fought with all which helped me to grow as a person. What to teach everyone out there to handle stress.

I will give an individual technique to every one for their stress management and how to face problems as every one is an individual force acting in this world and needs specific attention and different problem solving method.

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My specialty is to make people to be peak performers. I devise suitable programs to Individuals and groups on a need basis to enrich them and to identify their potential and give them personalized coa

People attend my programs to acquire specific, concrete life tools (part of a groundbreaking teaching method I have refined over years) in order to maximize their success, take charge of their destiny and meet challenging events with caring, comfort, and strength.

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Learn to Say "NO", Beat the Stress & Improve your Professionalism with Effective Time Management

I change my style of teaching to suit your needs & background. When you are in my class, your objective becomes my objective & together we achieve it. To clear the concepts, I use PowerPoint presentations, Video clips, Quiz, Practical Examples, & my delivery language. I can deliver training in English, Hindi & Marathi languages.

Dr. yojana
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A Life Coach is taking Online Classes for Positive Thinking, Stress Management, Self Confidence etc...

My teaching is based upon PDF files or PPT. Explained nicely in a lucid language. Conversation is through emails and if student needs then on What's up. This class is open to all but especially it is for the youth.

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A relationship therapist helping towards positive thinking,stress free and healthy mind !

I have very confidential conversations with my clients and only if there is life risk or security issues would any information be divulged to the concerned family/members of my clients. Building a rapport and winning the confidence of my client is the mainstay of my tutoring. Writing is also used as a therapy for stress management and for unburdening .

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Stress has no existence... so it is only confusion.. which required path.

To overcome the stress, I work to make them understand about existence, reality, moral, Immoral things places in their lives. Is they really exists or not ???. If we understand the fundamental of life we never got stressed. If we know who we are ?? then there is no issue.

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If you want to learn how to handle your stress or fear please let me know ! !! !!!

Life will teach you everything , but everybody is not having enough time/ Patience to analyse and learn from every situation. Somebody want to guide / teach you the proper way to handle it.So, please make sure you will be aware of what is going around you.

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A Management Post Graduate with an Engineering Degree, having worked for 23 years . Now a Certified Health and Life Coach

My teaching method is a structured program , well researched and fine tuned with live experience / student experience of past 20 years. For people who want to transform their bodies, want to relax, reach their health objectives, fight lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart or work on shedding excess weight, these programs are an ideal match.

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Impart good technics of stress free life style for all students. House wife's businessman or any senior managers.

Use Yoga and meditation with skills of time management. Food and lifestyle changes activity.use SWOT analysis for every individual participant.

New Delhi
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Let's Explore life with bright possibilities & your girt outcome you want in life. No problem is bigger than your happy & successful life.

My methodology is to first understand your girt about the situation & advice you as wise old friend with all supports required. This is my hobby to help people in their life's , to make it easy; because it's not al all as complicated, at times we make it..

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Perfect! Always on time with positive attitude and great moral support. Very intelligent, fun, dedicates herself to help us at any time of our convenience. Great going All the Very Best!

Mohamed, Student
10 months ago
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