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Statistics is the science of collecting, organising, presenting, analysing and interpreting data to help in making effective decisions. Statistical analysis is implemented to manipulate, summarise, and investigate data. So that valid decision-making information results are obtained. For instance, you are running a business- a watch selling company. 

You send a campaign to a specific set of customers and not to the remaining ones. The campaign is being run to know whether the customer wants to buy the product with the campaign or without it. The effectiveness of the campaigns can be evaluated through statistics. After the overview, it will be easy for you to learn statistics in Mumbai.

There are two types of statistics- descriptive and inferential statistics. Descriptive is the method of organising, summarising, and presenting data in an informative way. At the same time, inferential statistics are more sample-based. You try to infer based on the samples. A person who opts for statistics as a profession is called a statistician. 

What are the responsibilities of a statistician?

In private sectors, statisticians are expected to complete tasks daily that depend on the specific organisation they work with. Be it the public or private sector, a statistician’s daily duties are likely to include:

  • Collecting, analysing, and presenting data.
  • Designing processes for data collection.
  • Assisting in decision making.

What are the required skills for becoming a statistician?

Expertise in statistical analysis is a prerequisite. They should have a keen eye for detecting patterns and irregularities in data. A statistician has to keep up their pace with technological advancements. Enlightenment about computer systems, algorithms, and technical proficiency is a must.

Holding strong communication skills has become an essential requirement to crack any interview. For a statistician, presenting data has to be done involving some communication. If not a statistician, then a data analyst and a data scientist are the top two recommended alternatives. 

What are the stages involved in a  statistical process?

 Below are the four stages that any statistics has to pass to complete the process.

  • Organising the data- Systematically organising and arranging the information/data patterns is the first step in statistics. Tools like Nero can be used to manage the data.
  • Planning a study module- All the information collected from multiple sources requires planning, which involves the activities of inquiry, interview, and surveys.
  • Presenting the data- Diagrams, flowcharts, illustrations can be made d to demonstrate the relationship between the data.
  • Interpreting the data- A mathematical reasoning or pre-planned standard of the procedure is the outcome. This output is achieved by rendering and evaluating the data. 

What are the benefits of learning statistics?

Statisticians earn a lot through their analytical mindsets. Acquiring this skill will benefit you in the following ways:

You start understanding problems at a macro-level

To combat economic problems such as inflation, depreciation, shrink in exports, etc., you need to understand statistics. Your mind will interpret the situation and will automatically start finding ways to solve these problems. Additionally, you will begin to formulate policies to come out of an economic crisis.

Helps you conduct a research

What is the possibility of coronavirus eliminating from the world by the end of 2022? A hypothetical question like this can only be answered after conducting research. The research will include medical professionals and practitioners who will vote either for certainty or uncertainty. Derived on that, a result will be formulated and will provide a satisfying answer to you. Without applying statistics, it would be challenging to make decisions based on the data collected from a research project. Statistics serves as a tool to make intelligent decisions. 

You become creative and analytical

A creative mind is always welcomed. In the branch of statistics, if you are a person who likes to analyse and think in probability for every situation, you would go places. To excel in statistics, one must use formal logical thinking abilities that are both high-level and creative. 

Multiple job opportunities

 Many companies and agencies these days require knowledge of data and analytics. In marketing, all success, consumption behaviour and targeted population for a product are always kept in check. So, study statistics and impress your future employer.

Helps you to make decisions

Decision making can decide the fate of a company. How do companies make vital decisions? Yes, through data. Now that you know that statistics mean data, Your predictive and analytical skills will come to use. 

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