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Professional Guidance in Softskill Development and Success Orientation in Kochi Kerala

I am a professional softskill trainer dealing with subjects such as personality development, success orientation, decision making, leadership, problem solving, stress management, good manners, ettiqutes, etc. I have transformed many young minds and helped career aspirants to do well. I have tailor-made design programs based on requirement of target audience.

1st class FREE!

If you know everything, you must be misinformed. - Japanese proverb. :-)

I am here to discuss on positive thinking with any interested candidate. I will try to find out the second side of situation to understand better. I am not a professional teacher.A person who requires help can become a student or a person wants to help can be the teacher.

1st class FREE!

Teach your brain to treat you BEST. Be positive and Be You

Being treated well is everyone's desire but very few will be happy with what they want. This class is for those who wants to do something with their life. - Techniques are very much simple can be used by anyone. - As I have gone through such a bad situation in my life, I have found my negativeness are cause of my fear. So I have built positive attitude in my life and leading a good life.

1st class FREE!

Introvert who transformed into a extrovert and a public speaker here to tell u my experience to learn from

my classes will include simply talks that give you a idea about my past life and experiences. how i have learned from them how u can learn from them .

1st class FREE!

Getting a positive mindset with a hard pressure from our parents, bosses and loved ones ... Is something important to have control on .... So go for it and build a growth in personality development .

I approach my classes by giving live experience of my life as well as other people's around me and telling to apply it I'm your life and feel the change

1st class FREE!

A Positive thinker from Hyderabad want to spread positiviness all around the places.

My method involves: Understanding the problem of the person and ptoviding effective solutions that might help to him/her to fight against that issue.

1st class FREE!

I am a Yogi. Let me help you to see this world through the eyes of Yogi.

I like to explain everything with the help of stories in such way that one can easily relate the events of these stories to his life.

1st class FREE!

Is your exam time near .... choose me for immediate coverage of the syllabus. As a fellow friend i am sure to give the optimum solution to fix your queries and provide you with the results you desire

At first i would hear to their purpouse and ask their ideas about the topic after which i share my knowledge with them for cracking the test and making them successful

1st class FREE!

Im a nurse with 20yrs of experience,stay near chennai,give u tips n training to ur mind,body n soul to live a holistic healthy life by thinking positively

I teach the individual to overcome their thought process of fear n apprehension,and make them an independent person n grow well to face the challenging society

Sona sanjeet
1st class FREE!

For any issues in your life, i will help and mentor to success.

I base my class depending on the need of the student either in a meeting or over the phone and internet.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

It is important to think positive about anything because it makes our life positive

I am a student so I have a simple teaching as teachers teach but I try another way to teach

1st class FREE!

Trainer for Personality Development and Soft Skills and Spoken English and Business English

I approach simple methods with proven success and help my students in giving them confidence and increase their self awareness.

1st class FREE!

Studing Media science in kolkata.If you are getting low at any point of life talk to me I can remove the haze and make your vision clear.Try me

I talk to people try to get to the problem change the person's point of viewing the problem simplise it and make sure the person can handle things next time on his own.

1st class FREE!

Feel the change in your attitude towards life and everything else .

I will motivate u towards life's positive side.

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1st class FREE!

Let's clean our souls together. Get a professional coaching today and become positive.

I follow some of Kram's theories. Mentoring and life coaching is quite a serious job and I do this job in a different way for every person. Everyone is unique and so are their lives. After an in-depth study on one's problems and lifestyle, I guide and motivate the person using some of the world-famous psychology theories.

1st class FREE!

Think positive in every situation of your life, nothing is impossible in this word let's do something for positivity energy

My teaching method is very easy to understand for every one. And my structure according to student and with their comfort zone.

Dr naresh
1st class FREE!

Doctor MBA in healthcare management lecturer at calicut university six sigma advocate

White board black board power point lectures discussions projects videos demonstrations interactions online offline providing written materials guiding and mentoring

1st class FREE!

Hello Students of middle programm school need help can contact me please

My teaching methodology based on learning by doing concepts and when u do urself u remember it lifetime and forever

1st class FREE!

Any Persons (Male/Female) of any age lives in Ahmedabad,Rajkot,Surat who has problems and lack of Positive Thinking,any stress are Mostly Welcomed.

My Teaching Method is mainly based on Personal Teaching bcz this is personal Topic of anyone.Teaching by Meeting,On Call,In Messages.

New Delhi
1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Student should know about the benefit of living.how to lead a life.importance of birth and live

My teaching method is to read through the books and explain the meaning of that topic.

1st class FREE!

I am an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer who loves to read, communicate and teach

I want to spread the my postive thoughts by attaining everybody's problems and giving an appropriate solution to the same.

1st class FREE!

Not happy with life? Never mind you can now learn how to make life beautiful

My teaching method would be more of activities.. I go by the base..

1st class FREE!

Teaching of Hindi ,Phy.edu., Art. Social science, E. V. S, English, e

My teaching methods is playway method, project method, and I have use some other important methods to teach students

1st class FREE!

Motivation from the students of the college for the people in need!

Speaking is the main thing to help anyone motivation and giving self confidence will help for the betterment of the one!

1st class FREE!

Manage your Stress by Gita and change your life with positive attitude and happiness.

My approach is based on every individual by taking every individual questions and solutions is authentic based which is mentioned Gita.

1st class FREE!

High school To college passed by stress of a student in his education

When my explanation was listened by any one they don't get any nervous because in every matter can make them think about it

1st class FREE!

Happiness Unlimited, get ready to feel the new rejuvenation and welcome the world of emotional wellness

Through presentations and activities, I change the person as whole to give him new lease of life

1st class FREE!

Transform your thoughts and transend to a better life with us now!

A Problem based approach and small group learning with applied concepts in day to day appearance.

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Perfect! Always on time with positive attitude and great moral support. Very intelligent, fun, dedicates herself to help us at any time of our convenience. Great going All the Very Best!

Mohamed, Student
10 months ago
(1 review)