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I LL teach math nd some positive thoughts..m graduated student (mba) in finance ..I love to teach students...m very helpful person fr students

Student learning is measured through objectively scored tests and assessments. ... Teaching and assessments are connected; student learning is continuously measured during teacher instruction. Commonly used teaching methods may include class participation, demonstration, recitation, memorization, or combinations of these.

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Being negative make us and our thoughts and actions nothing but a waste

My teaching method is to understand the student requirement first and make plans according to his level of understanding which makes the best output

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Student in my class can be the best citizen,be train to good help other

my teaching will be based on experience..and emotions..true mind can be a sun that walk earth from huge dark..

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Simple nature n highigh thinking is the best way of the success.

Student k sath ek achchha relation tabhi ban pata h jab aap usko smjho n usko uske strike se samjhao..

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Masters student guides you through tough times and highs and lows of student life...how to stay positive and strong through it all

I use motivational talks and notes, I love getting in touch and getting to know my students personally so I can understand them better

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Never think about what others are thinking of you. Just wakeup, get ready and move on.. Live life the way you love to be!

Iam very friendly, I'll be very cool teacher or tutor, I pickup positive thinking and I'll teach u how to be

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Can motivate anyone What you have lost does not matter you will gain everything after talking to me

My teaching methodology is I spread happiness everywhere and I can help people recover from their bad or say worst past

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Positive Thinking is important gor living. I will teach how to think more and more positive.

My teaching method is thinking. Every coin has two face just like that every sentence has different meaning , You have to think positive.

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Coahing from HSE professional your way to quality life and positive thinking

We can talk through watsapp and emails. I base my knowledge on real life experience and positive outcome for the listener.

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An old soul with 9 years of personal coaching experience. Lets make your life happier.

My teaching method varies according to your individualized needs. First, we figure out your energy blocks and further we look at what changes you need in your life and work towards it. Some exercises, books, videos, and movies are recommended as teaching aids.

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Dentist by profession, willing to motivate students and help them learn better. Profound in English language, and self help topics :)

My teaching method will include getting to know the abilities of the student and going accordingly as to where they need help.

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Positive thinking is good for health.it will sustain you to gain what ever u want in ur life

I will teach how to think positively though if some one is in tough situation.

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I am a doctor aspring to be a psychiatrist this is my job

Listen peace quite silence embrace thank great ful support positive free love live child trust promise develop grow smile love

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Positive Mind - Attracts Universel Mind to reach your goal by Dr.VJ

My teaching methodology is to provide motivation by guiding positive thinking, my base of teaching will be by asking questions, get to know about students and then guide them to think positively.

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Life is not only about problems it's also about how to deal with it. Game is not about negative thinking it's about how to think in a proper way.

My teaching method is very friendly and quietly. I try to start with 0 to infinity. I am giving proper comfort to students.

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Positive things alwayz give best result so think positive and being a good person

My teaching is always good ... And i hope all students will impress and approach my teaching method..i hope i do.

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Are you aware of how Relax and patience effect you lifestyle? Not yet

My method of teaching is very simple which a person can see in there day to day life. They just have to see what is happening around them.

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Hii I am medical student in career college bhopal I am positive thinking.

My teaching method Internet communications with books I am interested speech motivational sandeep maheshwari and inspiration apj abdul kalam very educated person I love him.

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How to think positive in any situation. I would help u to live a happier life

My teaching is like training it's method is very simple.

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Engineering college students can easily find a positive way in every aspect of life

My teaching method is about nature and real life incidents presented in a modern way Which makes it easy to learn and recollect

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Proper guidance for healthcare for all types of health related management and nutrition

Firstly the most important thing is the proper evaluation of health related problems then step by step its management

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Why we need Motivation every day?.. Join me and have knowledge of wisdom through Bhagwaad Geeta.

I don't have any teaching method.I have knowledge that is worth sharing and as we all know Sharing is Caring.

Preamvamsie reddy
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Reach me on how to live the finest and never leg the smile go off

I will let you feel the depth of the topic and make you realize in any aspect and almost all every aspect

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
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Like time zone in world like that every person live in its own time zone he will achieve the target but take according to its time zone

I will try to correlate the things which they know and to best to take examples from real things so that they can help to retain it for long time.

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Won gold medal in masters,M.phil from the central university,teaching and counseling the college students.

My teaching method is explanatory and interactive,approach different psychological topic with practical life experience and perspective which make the subject more easy to understand and connect it with daily life.

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We have only one life so it's important to enjoy every moment because once it's pass away you won't second chance. So don't be stressed live life like a king.

Sometimes we stuck in some bed or unusual moments which affects to our normal life and when we realize it becomes to late. So trying to help others to come out from this.

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Your life depends upon your own actions, not other's and those actions has an effect on society.

I teach like a friend.Teaching doesn't wants formal actions but a charm that helps you to become more understandable and comfortable.

Navi Mumbai
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Get motivated by following healthy lifestyle #feel #free #motivate #good # life #healthy #life #boast #up #join #me

Ask me up your day to day routine to have healthy life will reply with prompt solution to your problems

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Along the path of life we need to have positive thinking always and i can teach you that

I either take class of single person or group of people and within 2 to 4 sessions i try to make them calm by solving their problem

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Perfect! Always on time with positive attitude and great moral support. Very intelligent, fun, dedicates herself to help us at any time of our convenience. Great going All the Very Best!

Mohamed, Student
7 months ago
(1 review)