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positive thinking

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Once you replace negative thoughts with positive once, you will start having positive results

I just want to do something different........that means to do something which lose someone's negativity.................

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I am teaching the world best thinking and positive and to improve yourself

My teaching is very impressive because when I study the people say you not just saying life event but also a best thinking

1st class FREE!

Hello everyone,I am here to help you gain confidence and adopt postivie thinking in your life.

I allow people to open up completely with me,allow them to see me as a mirror and open up their heart and then I start my treatment.

1st class FREE!

Incase you want to learn the values of life kindly let me know

My teaching methodologybis very apt to connect with my students and tell them teach them the basic values that are needed

1st class FREE!

Completed my Btech in civil engineering,like to teach in Warangal topic-positive thinking

First I like to take the students into my grip they should understand me and move freely later I will go into a subject topics

Garima singh
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Student in science gives tution for positive thinking and stress management to school students and college students.

My approachable methods for teaching include visuals as well as verbal , I change patterns of teaching according to the comfort of the grasping power of the student. Stress management while teaching is the key.

Bahadurpur Ta. Chau. Ajma
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Only attitude matters to overcome any sutuations in life whats your attitude

my teaching doesnt have any specific method it simply moulded according to the confronters but the way is always optimistic

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What consumes your mind,controls your life. Create thoughts and shape your life.

I approach by knowing what the other person wants and explains them with some examples and by showing them how some people transformed by some situation.

1st class FREE!

A medical student to help you get into the positive pool and to help you be happy.... A friend whenever you want

My teaching method is just to have pure fun.... Like two pals out on a tour..

1st class FREE!

I conpleted TOT programe before some time and I am a softskill trainer

I use differetent methods like whitte board, activities, role play, powepointpresentaions, nd I believe in learning by doing. Also by the help of videos ..

1st class FREE!

Spreading positivity is what i am for and i believe it can change the world for better.

I teach by topic wise. I can teach the students according to their will and wish.

1st class FREE!

Let's we think positive from every events in our life. Friends this is a time to make a change on you

My teaching methods are 1. Experimental . This is very effective for our day to day life 2. Orientations 3. Discussions 4.

1st class FREE!

Smile is all you need to modify your beauty of soul and heart

My teaching method will be as simple as my idol teachers. Simple but highly knowledgeable and memorable and everyone will love it.

1st class FREE!

Everyone has a chance to affect someone but let it be by positivity.

I rather like to use the realistic approach and if possible bring change through a good connection with the others.

1st class FREE!

Student in Master of business administration having capability of motivating the art of positive thinking and a good orator

My teaching method will be going with a real case then interpretation by the student then go for the real theory behind it

1st class FREE!

I am Dr.Aman Gupta trained at Oxford University England and Harvard Medical School USA will help you resolve your stress related issues.

Cognitive Behavioural therapy and other non drug treatments. Herbal treatment options are also available. Therapies with an evidence based approach are provided.

1st class FREE!

Post graduate in chemistry. Love spreading happiness. Would love to support your dreams!

I focus on teaching fundamentals. With the help of examples learning becomes easy so I try to explain everything using suitable examples.

1st class FREE!

This class not for students. This class for all people. Who's confident and thinking very poor.

This class improved yourself. And your confidence level Power. So you are come and enjoy this class. And improved your thinking.

1st class FREE!

Learn how to get success with me that will make your future brighter

My teaching method is to give more examples for better understanding . I will tell about the best life anyone can live..

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Enjoying sucess requires the ability to adapt.only by being open to change will u have to a true opportunity to get the most from your talent.

Life is a short.cut out of negativity,forget gossips,say good bye to people who don’t care.spend time with the people who are always there.

1st class FREE!

Being a positive thinker can solve the most major problems of your life, academic or relationship or any others

I will listen to your problems and explain you the cause and remedy by talking and examples,based on the fact.

1st class FREE!

Want to become a mentally fit person..I am ready to help you

I am a cool guy and so you can feel comfortable with my teaching and you can treat me as you friend

1st class FREE!

Hello friends , Im here to make your way out through your bad days and bring back ur dynamic days

My teaching methodology includes , not the ignorance of problems bt to fight with them and get the victory .

1st class FREE!

Want to be successful? Need a joyful life? You are here to get it

My methodology includes classes on thought process and addressing all life issues with percised soultions to the individual problems

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Re-create and Restore & Rehabilitate your life. It's your time to enjoy.

I follow methodology of understanding your self and re-create your self into a new being for a happy and energetic life.

Sri Muktsar Sahib
1st class FREE!

For achieving success and for making a huge change in the development of one's life positive attitude is needed

Living or real examples With my effective words I have convincing attitude Interacting more and motivating students through their own words while interacting

1st class FREE!

Positive thinking is the base to achieve success in life for everyone

Life is easy so we will learn everything by simple n understanding methods to make our life better and bigger

Yamuna Nagar
1st class FREE!

As a child,all of us are positive towards life and have Intution but due to stress ,distractions and life style issues doubt,negative thinking creeps in .Regular practice and slight variations of life

We read so much motivational messages and thoughts but rarerly do they stay with us and brings about all that's desired ,there is something more to be be done ,creation of an ambiance in the mind and suttle life energy force for knowledge to effortlessly be a part of life

1st class FREE!

Student in the medical field and I believe mental well-being is more important than anything in life. Motivational coach

My teaching method has always been old school and conventional, i would anyday go into the depth and find a Solution to the deep rooted problem

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Perfect! Always on time with positive attitude and great moral support. Very intelligent, fun, dedicates herself to help us at any time of our convenience. Great going All the Very Best!

Mohamed, Student
10 months ago
(1 review)