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Stay positive in life it's help you to achieve your life goal.

I try to know what actually making problem to the students then I try to give them a appropriate solution to their problems

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To obtain a position at ABC school where i can maximize my high school teaching experience ,training,abilities and students development skills

My teaching method is some how good it’s like that a person sitting opposite to me can clear his/her concept clearly. My base starts from class 12.

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I have just completed my 12th and I want to be a business man so I highly motivate my self and I can motivate others also.

I motivate all by my style I teach by giving lot of examples and people who faced similar problem and who finally won.

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Hi there i hope you are fine I am B.K.CHATURVEDI B.COM, MBA FINANCE qualified can help you in management also in the feald of cenema, commerce

My methodology is to motivate students and to give the knowledge carrer oreanted, as well as out of the box

New Delhi
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Life is too short don't waste it by living through negative thoughts always be positive : )

My teaching method is just i put myself in th situation of tht prticular person nd try to understand what the person is going through nd recommend the way to deal with it

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Positivity in life. Being human and passing good vibes all the time keeps you happy

I just give good taughts to people with my flow of positiveness.

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To think positive a man must have a good circumstance of people ... ,should work on own thinking

my own life's experience is my strength and I believe in it for my future thank you sir ..

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Student in engineering school gives theachings about positive thinking for the neeedy one

My teaching methods are theoretical knowledge that deals with my experience with my life and also based on some of the ethical books for specific persons..

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My passion is unique i believe, it is about thinking positively, no matter what,think evrything positively,

Iam good at teaching, the age and attitude doesnt matter, i can teach about personality, attitude, behaviour, positive thinking etc.

Nala Sopara
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Think positive and get positivity flowing around you every breathe you take

My teaching method is based online I had a channel in the past.

New Delhi
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Psychologist, interested in providing online tuitions in English speaking, Psychology, Personality development.

A Psychologist working at a well known school in Delhi, working with students with disabilities as well providing counselling on various issues. A part time English trainer cum personality development trainer.

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We humans are unstopable we are the best with best thinking only

through text with a positivity and to bring someone to see the reality and how much it is duffrnt frm there thoughts

New Delhi
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Jack of almost all trades looking to help master life with a few interactive sessions

I have studied Telecom Engineering and prepared unsuccessfully for civil services for 5 years. I have had a comfortable life but recently I have taken a path to discover my self and in the process assist others stay positive. I have played cricket, football, basketball. I sing part-time. I am an avid reader. I read almost anything and every thing and watch almost every tv show.

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Master student in engineering gives motivating and positive lessons in Karnataka and Maharashtra

I'm Pooja Bandekar pursing my masters in environmental engineering. Believes in motivating yourself and getting confidence even at bad times. Get the fullest knowledge and experience of self motivation and positive thinking. All the best. I hope you will enjoy the sessions.

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Life Coaching consultation available live and online. Motivation, Dedication, Consultation, business investigation

-Discuss your goals -Strategies to accomplish them -Life problem -Efficiency technique's -Stay Motivated -Stress Management -Business Consultation -Business investigation You can reach me via email, call or Skype. I will be happy to help you with your life goals and objectives. Please contact me if you want to learn.

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Chennai :Change your life by learning public speaking. One on one classes are provided.

Public speaking has been my passion ever since high school. I use different methods that help the students to be clear, concise and confident in communicating their ideas. It is something I love to do and teach. Also, a must-have skill.

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Students and working professional are welcome for positive attitude classes, any time just ask me

My teaching is fully enjoyable and people and love to motivate people their is no background need for this any background people can take this

Basuanand gauridatt
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Share personal experiences to make other geared up for better quality of life

Methodology is base on the requirement of the candidate assigned.

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Student in engineering school and gives tuition in positive thinking for people who lost their dream idea.

My teaching method is only to focus your dream which is your signature in this world and your personality .

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Life consists of both ups and downs in it but the way we manage it with hurting others is my subject called positive thinking

I just see what the student require and how they learn easily without pressure to their brains .. I check they state of mind and then start my lecture depending on it.

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Always think positive In bad cases also By this u get relaxation U should always smile on ur face

Many time i share my knowledge through mobile only Many of my frnds ask me about fitness, healthy tips, positive thinking.

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If u want to buy the earth.....you can....only if u want to....

My teaching method is simple by showing some examples and explaining the deep meaning in it and how to express the positive thoughts

Hajibur rahman
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Eg:Stutent should those situations by keeping them in that situation and they should asked to answer to that situation

In the way of different manner.should not teach in the manner of same way like schools, colleges.

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Positive thinking is need for achieving a goal. Would you like to have Power of Positivity come join with me

No any teaching methods. Just a friendly counselling and gaining a friendly relation with me and my friends .

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Being a positive person i can give positive ways to motivate others and can inspire once again to get up and sucess in life.

My teaching method is in English and hindi only. I have read child sociology and can develop all skills which are hidden in you.

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Biotech postgraduate whos passionate about health and well being .. Helps in understanding and learning life in a positive way

My methodology is based on supporting,encouraging, discovering the curiosities and unravelling what lies beyond. I enjoy teaching and giving lessons in an environment based on love and understanding.

1st class FREE!

Students m.com &life always new messages in working people god so

Consulting services a people &life a challenge also esay idea and happiness so changing your life style great feeling

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Perfect! Always on time with positive attitude and great moral support. Very intelligent, fun, dedicates herself to help us at any time of our convenience. Great going All the Very Best!

Mohamed, Student
4 months ago
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