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Navi Mumbai
1st class FREE!

Everyone has many passions now a days but stress has no passion , bring up on i will help it

well i dont have teaching methods , i teach that way in which they can learn , soo bring it on

1st class FREE!

I am read motivation books and watch motivation video . Last 5 years

My teaching method is fist meditation funn and enjoy everything with positive and excitement. I am like this.

1st class FREE!

Be happy Think positive feel positive and happy thats good life method

I teach only my mind fillosipy no added its enough for my student come friends 😉😉😉😉😉 Be happy nd cool...

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Every thing is possible nothing is impossible. Trust ur self.never lose hope.

I m not like teacher. Teach the students like a friends. That's means we read students mind.

1st class FREE!

Kickout all the negativity and always think positive with your positive attitude

Through speaking and examples which directly related to daily life of people so people could learn it easily because we learn quickly from our daily life

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

We help you making your life a celebration at no cost and with only your will

My teaching method is live examples stress management in everyday life. I have learnt to manage social,academic,financial and family relation stresses.

Dr.mahesh chandra arya
1st class FREE!

Health for all.live life without medicine.health beyond medicine.food I s as medicine.stress management through yoga and meditation.

My teaching method s are individual and group through personal whatsapp or internet vedio. Children to senior citizen housewife corporate and sick people.

1st class FREE!

Get some special Get some new All worlds are waiting for you so

My methodology is first I understand the course of problems and after I start teach the solution there problem

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Communication design student giving the lessons you actually need in life to stay positive

I don't really have a specific methodology because I believe each individual is different however I start the classes by getting to know the person and their views

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Reach the heights of success and satisfaction through inculcation of positive thinking.

My teaching method is open dialogue, with person and career specific interaction. Case studies and problem solving tasks on line.

1st class FREE!

I am engineer. I have a degree in mechanical engineering. I am giving a class about positive attitude in private and in groups.

My teaching methods are totally different styles and i start any topic from its base. The way of teaching is in such a funny way so the students can understand that easily.

1st class FREE!

Anything that costs you your peace is very expensive learn to let it go.

My teaching and counseling method is based on the thought that every person is unique so deal it the way most suited.

1st class FREE!

Lately every child faces problems related to stress management which if not confronted lead to serious issues. Knowing the best of you and thinking practically is the need for hour.

The class will be a blend of discussions, interactions where each child should confront to the issues, if any and to stay healthy in life.

1st class FREE!

Students till 10th can come and the subjects which I can take is English, Hindi, social science... I can groom the child well.. so that he/she may do well.

Most I see... the basic of the child... than only I will look forward, so that the concept would get cleared.

1st class FREE!

TUTION FOR THE Positive thinking which make you feel good and relaxed

My teaching method is very relaxing. I want that my students may feal firstly comfortable with me .than I wanted to give them a classes according to their plans.

1st class FREE!

Positive thinking plays an important role in students life. With positive thinking you achieve anything in your life. So be positive

I teach according to the suitability of student. This is not any subject for which you have to prepare for exam.

1st class FREE!

Im a finished degree holder giving classes about stress management. Itrested students can contact

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1st class FREE!

Conflicts in life could be managed definitely. Just give a sound try.

My teaching method is so simple. I teach to identity the issue analyse it and think deeply keeping into mind all possible scenarios in order to get best results.

1st class FREE!

Become the Better and true version of yourself to lead a happy life

My teaching method is by explaining and sharing my own life experiences and fact, describing from my heart, creating interest with creativity.

1st class FREE!

Positive thoughts expressed may make an impression and help to find the way . Nagpur

Actually , it would be a two way conversation, willingly a reference from experiences , observations, analysis, books etc.would be great for explaining.

1st class FREE!

Learn the principle "INSPIRE BEFORE YOU EXPIRE" From the positive principle maker..Sateesh

My teaching method includes most of attractive and more real Slides presentation with lot of secrets about 'We have to learn how to learn'

1st class FREE!

How Yoga shasthra and artha shasthra can improve your business and personal life.

Need based.After Understanding the needs and background I will decide the methodology , content etc.Personal stories, historical facts could be used to connect and communicate better.

1st class FREE!

A positive thinker sees the invisible feel the intangible and achieving the IMPOSSIBLE

My teaching method is based on the view point of the student who facing difficult in his life time (studies,mental stress, feeling ego and complexity etc)...

1st class FREE!

A consultant of my field ' positive thinking'. Being a student of life, I have learned and still learning from my life. I am here to help you when you are feeling low in your life through chatting ( t

I use simple method, that's chatting! Everyone is busy in their life so I find this system to be more effective ! Where people can interact with me without any hesitation! I believe fingers express better than our mouth!

1st class FREE!

My name is kaviarasu D, I am currently pursuing my under graduate program in BBA Shipping and logistics Management at Amet University in Chennai Tamil Nadu.

Problem solving, sales Methodology, Branch of knowledge, Learn from mistakes, Historical Information, Human growth and development, different levels and different purposes.

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Perfect! Always on time with positive attitude and great moral support. Very intelligent, fun, dedicates herself to help us at any time of our convenience. Great going All the Very Best!

Mohamed, Student
7 months ago
(1 review)