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Lectures in creative writing, editing and print and magazine journalism by Bangalore-based Former editor, The Week magazine, India's leading English news weekly.

Experience based teaching, interactive sessions mainly not long lectures, explaining good journalism, good writing and good editing based on my personal experience, some techniques for ensuring good stories and work systems now common in newsrooms, how newsrooms work, a comprehensive picture of the world of news and news journalism. Focus on print journalism.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Media Studies Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry.

I use 'lecture' teaching method combined with interactions that enables a student to gain complete and basic knowledge of the subject. I also encourage my students to think on their own. My classes are for higher secondary school and degree level students.

Narayana swamy
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A perfect Teacher starts the lesson with Human values.Who can motivate & inspire the Students, he will become the best Teacher. Wish to show a new path for future great citizens.

Students are for a quickly-changing future, that will require uniquely human skills, adaptability, a knack for asking the right questions. Right answers will change the future of students.Teaching methodology nurtures learning environment to encourage students to learn at higher levels. Instructional strategies are student-centred.

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Study for Journalism student gives tuition in mass communications and reporting in Ahmedabad.

In today's communication media, I can give a method of learning how to practice its practical elements of how to present its core elements and truthfulness. I am able to understand the two points in PowerPoint presentation for all studies.

New Delhi
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Published author and researcher available to teach History to +2, undergraduate, postgraduate

I try to be friendly with my student in order to ease out the pressure. Subject should be taught in the language which comes out from the daily experiences not through the academic jargon that one finds in the University level books.

1st class FREE!

Mass Communication Diploma holder with past teaching experience giving group tution on Television Production Lab, TV Journalism and Program Formats and TV Production: Ideas to Screen

My teaching method is to convey lessons to my students in the most easy language, by knowing each individual students name and interacting with them personally, making them understand the lessons in their own comfort zone. Open questions at anytime during the lessons are most welcome.

1st class FREE!

Journalist and Creative Writer providing Theoretical and Practical Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

My teaching method usually comprises of theoretical and practical bases for the subject. I like to teach with complete proficiency in philosophical, historical and practical aspects of the subject and put efforts to generate alternative thinking methods for the students.

New Delhi
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Digital Marketing to students and professionals looking to gain hands on experiences and advantages of the digital media

I am 24 year young guy who can give you every bit of the trend that's taking place on the internet. I have been working in the digital space since I was 18 and have been having fun with it hitherto. My classes will be everything but theories.

1st class FREE!

Electronic Media, Journalism,Pune,Bombay,Ahmednagar,Master of Arts,Post Graudate In Journalism,15 Years experience In Media

I Am Born Journalist, Running State Level Local News Channel In Maharashtra, I am fond of script writing, good Voice Over Artist, Good Hand in Video Audio Technical Editing, My Techniques of teaching are completing your syllabus in small period. Giving Practical Knowledge of News Media , writing Skills, Voice Culture, Read and writing techniques.

1st class FREE!

UG & PG first class guranteed Journalism& Mass Comm. and English classes.

*Small batches. *Upgraded notes. *100% common suggestion. *Individual guidance to all of my students. *Audio- Visual classes. *Explanation of the topic to the depth. *Moreover all, minimal tuition fee. Free classes to needy and meritorious students. **Hons/pass and Masters level are taught. **practical lessons.

1st class FREE!

Learn best Tips to become a better Journalist. Also learn writing script for TV and Radio.

I can teach using the teaching methodologies of Audio-visual aid, Lecture method, journalism is a vivid subject which we can learn better with the help of visuals and I also have experience in handling classroom with 30 students at a time so we can also learn in groups.

1st class FREE!

A Public Relations working professional gives classes in Economics, Journalism, Political science and History

My teaching method is interactive and based on examples. I try to present and explain details as neatly as I can. Making sure student can also have an active role in the class, I give them plenty of chances to do things as they like. Learning is all about Creating and developing minds. thus, its essential for kids to learn from their minds rather than from the old-school methods.

1st class FREE!

Nerdy Programmer with ample experience in Web and Software Development Industry, not just learn but excel as well

My methodology for teaching is to first divide the problem into simpler aspects so as to crack it easily. Being a programmer, my approaches towards teaching is always co-related to real-time environment and objects based. I try to figure out first the easiest solution to a problem, moving then further to make the solution optimal.

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Hey People, Lets Communicate with a Master of Mass Communication at Kolkata

hay people, I am Shilajit. You can know about me from my Facebook profile. I am a master in mass communication from Rabindra Bharati University. I am a Sports Journalist now by profession. But teaching is my passion! So if you ready to give me a challenge, contact me as soon as possible.

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A veteran professional teaches Political Science and allied subjects gives life coaching if you want it

create understanding, goad towards comprehension, have chats without rote learning , emphasise writing on one's own....constant interaction online....Final UGs and PGs....group study....deep dive beyond the texts...teach writing skills....familiarise with material in multiple media....learn to develop self confidence....

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A Master in arts gives private tuitions in all arts subject (History, geography, political science), and also film history and feminism.

As I teach history, geography, political science and journalism, I believe in a holistic approach, locating one particular incident in a network of history, geographical conditions and the political regimes governing the historical incident.

1st class FREE!

Learn journalism with full of joy & fun for better future ahead.

welcome to the big family of knowledge sharing! Bravo! You can now exchange with all the community members and connect to your awesome dashboard to check your class requests. A question or need help? Contact Nushad, who will reply to you. And if you would like to meet us in person, then we are waiting for you at 85 rue d'Amsterdam, Paris 75008, France.

1st class FREE!

Master degree in journalism graduate gives classes for subjects directly and indirectly connected to journalism

my teaching method is by giving short notes and key words. explaining points repeatedly. Accessing students to new media trends and history required. giving hands on experience in various Adobe sites if needed. exploring every area of journalism with interest in students.

1st class FREE!

Assistant Professor in Journalism and Mass Communication teaches journalism and media studies

I try to teach students with practical approach rather than old traditional approach . I can teach various subjects like Introduction to Mass Communication : Models and Theories, Media Studies, History of Indian Journalism, State and Politics , Development Communication and Media laws and Ethics.

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PhD in History from JNU gives tuition in History and Political Science for higher Classes

I follow a methodology of lecture, followed by a discussion of the kind of questions we can expect in exams. Students are expected to write their own answers, which would be corrected and polished. Quarterly tests are held to check the progress of students.

1st class FREE!

Journalism,Communication,Media Management,Politics,Foreign Relations,Communication Theory,Media Research,Media and Industry,Liberalization,Globalization and Privatization,Noida,Ghaziabad,U.G.,P.G.Ph.D

My teaching are divided in following parts - 1-Class Room Lecture 2- Tutorial 3-Field Exercise 4-Class Room Assignment 5- Projects and Case Studies 6-Audio-Visual Presentation 7-PPT Presentation By applying above seven a methods my aim is not to leave my students unequipped with any part of course or untrained but to make them a complete professional.

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Indian Institute of Technology Product gives tuitions on Earth Sciences, Psychology, Broadcast Journalism & General knowledge for school & college students

My method of teaching is interactive. Patient hearing to the doubts and questions of the student. Repetitive mode to reinforce the fundamentals of the subject to the learner. Highly friendly to the learner & close attention to the learner's educational needs. Reiterating the basics and beauty of the subject allowing the learner to ask questions & to clear the doubts.

1st class FREE!

Psychology manamadurai M.A.,M.Phil.,NET.,M.Sc.,M.Ed.,SET.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., professional skills about Higher Education and moral activities with overcome the innate potentialities

Interactive method, Teach reteach method and team teaching method 1:20 Psychology Guidance & Counselling Degree level B.Ed & M.

Pawan kumar
1st class FREE!

Journalism makes you extraordinary people from an ordinary people. Start your journalism now.

Starting from theoretical . After that I started practical sessions will also given by me , lets do something excited. You will learn here anchoring, reporting , photography, voiceover, editing and script writing, article writing and practical knowledge you can get here.

1st class FREE!

Student in mass communication school gives tuitions for Indian politics and Current Affairs

I don't believe a that a strict teacher can deliver the information in the best way, if i talk about my teaching skills I am like your friend here, you can ask me doubts and questions until you are fully satisfied with the study material i provide.

1st class FREE!

Journalism and Mass Communication Tution for college students..Are You Ready To Grab this Oppurtunity?

My teaching methodology is to teach in a friendly atmosphere with creative ideas..Explain all topics with live examples and help students to prepare for the exam in a best way..

1st class FREE!

Students appearing for jobs in banks either in Private sector or Public sector banks

Irrespective of their academic background, I train the people in various subjects of the banking, finance, Insurance and other related topics with a practical approach and latest teaching methods. More focus on understanding and application of the subjects.

Sushil kumar
1st class FREE!

An experienced Journalist and Communications experts available for JMC and related subjects

Group or individual classes get guidance from me through lectures as per syllabi for UG, PG or writing for research in JMC and related subjects or through online guidance.

1st class FREE!

Get an opportunity to learn journalism in a full entertaining manner .....

my teaching is cool. i have no particular rule of teaching as i feel learning should be fun... journalism should be taught in a free environment.... interaction is must. student should not get bored.. i help in making notes and i feel practical knowledge is way more important in journalism..explore the world and be a good journo with me.

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Perfect! She has no experience in teaching college students. So she will treat you like a school level student. She will make you write 'Einstin' when the word is actually 'Eisenstein' as in 'Sergie Eisenstein'. But she has MJMC! I personally didn't like...

Ambika, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

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