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Want To Become An Actor? Avail Acting Lessons From The Leading Names In Kolkata

Acting is one of the most celebrated branches of art in India and the rest of the world. Actors and actresses enjoy fame, stardom, wealth, recognition, support and love of millions of people for their talent and work. For catering to the needs of acting aspirants and sharpening their talent, there are several colleges and institutes established in the country. Theatres, T.V shows, advertisements, movies, web series, and the recently developed OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms cater to the talents of hundreds of aspirants in the country and outside it. Out of all the cities in India, Kolkata holds a special position when it comes to nurturing talent. Some of the finest actors and actresses like Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, Sushmita Sen, Mithun Chakraborty, etc. hail from the city of joy.

The most renowned filmmaker Mr Satyajit Ray who was the first Indian to receive Oscar award had his acting and filmmaking school in Kolkata. The Satyajit Ray Fil Academy is by far one of the most successful acting schools in India. So, if you have been looking for the right platform to start your acting career, you are residing in the right city. All you have to do is work hard, practise and abide by the norms that will make you a fine actor. To start with, you can take notes from the following information and enhance your skills.

Range Of Skills For Becoming A Good Actor

A lot of people preach the misconception that the successful actors in the world are naturally talented and god-gifted with their skills. While it might just be true for a few of them, it is not true for all! You will read about artists who had to work hard, day and night, sparing themselves from every pleasure during their struggling days, to become what they are. There is a specific skill set that they have to develop for achieving success. You must also do the same and develop the required skills to outwit others in the race.

  • Good Visual And Vocal Presence

Are you camera-conscious? Do You get nervous in front of a crowd gauging at you? Do you have a good command over the tone of your voice, and can you modulate it? These are the questions that you must get answered during your learning process. Actors have to look like their character and keep the voice steady and powerful. These two things can make a huge difference in your acting career and will impact the decisions of the characters you get.

  • On-Stage Appearance And Confidence

A confident artist can influence an audience within a minute. The power and aura of confidence go beyond what we understand and realise in our personal lives. Also, stage presence is very crucial. If you get nervous on stage, your body language will deliver that to the viewers who will immediately realise something is wrong with you. You have to wear your confidence like a crown and express it through your body language. Imagine what a villain you would make if you do not deliver your dialogues with a confident and intense voice?

  • Ability To Engage With The Audience

Engaging with the audience does not mean you have to interact with them or speak to them. It means portraying your character so powerfully and naturally that the audience does not realise you are an actor. After all, the biggest compliment an actor can get is, “It did not feel like you were acting.” The day you master the ability to live a character and making it come alive on screen, you will be halfway on the path to success.

  • Understanding Of All The Dramatic Techniques

Acting is natural and yet very systematic. There are skills that you need to master by following some techniques. How to alter emotions with the change in a film scene is an art. You should follow the rule only to know how much to follow and how to implement the laws of acting. Your teacher will play an important role here in explaining to you all the tricks of acting.

  • Dedication And Energy to Perform

You will not get the right action every time you perform, but you have to perform every time like it is your first act. Declining energy can get you off the track if you do not oblige with utmost dedication. The hard work of an actor has to be visible. You cannot feel low if things are falling apart. You have to abide by the techniques and practise as much as you can.

  • Creative Input And Insight

No matter how good a director is directing you, you cannot keep your creativity at bay and follow the instructions. You have to bring a balance between what you must do and what you feel like doing to get the best output. An artist who stands on his creativity will always succeed.

Start Your Acting Session With Superprof India

As mentioned earlier, Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute In India is the biggest and most renowned acting school in Kolkata. A few others are Kolkata Film Academy, FCP Acting School, IIAM Acting & Modelling School, etc. that are also a good alternative. However, you might have to pay a considerable amount of money to get a certification from these institutes. Travelling is also a point of concern, and it can be an issue if you are not considering acting as your mainstream career option. A better alternative that will allow you to pursue your studies and passion is Superprof. You can learn acting through online classes at the comfort of your home while making your mirror the audience. Superprof will help you find the teachers who offer online lessons. It is one of the leading platforms in the world that is the hub of online tutors from every possible field. You just have to visit the website, enter your location, and the teacher you are looking for, the web page will display all the outcomes. Go through the profiles that interest you, see if the fee fits in your budget and then contact the teacher. Superpof makes learning fun and easy! Train yourself to become like your idol actor!


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The average price of Acting  lessons is £683.

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