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💸 How expensive are cooking classes in Kolkata and the surrounding areas?

In Kolkata and the surrounding areas, the average rate of cooking lessons is roughly INR 534 for an hour.


The cost of your lessons will vary depending on:

  • The location of your lessons (via webcam or an outside location)
  • The frequency of your lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • the goal of your classes (are you wanting to learn simple recipes or more complicated dishes, are you interested in cake making, or maybe you are just wanting to learn to cook for a hobby?)

The majority of instructors on Superprof India offer the 1st hour of the lesson free.


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👩‍🍳 Why not start a private cooking class in Kolkata?

Learning to how cook is a favorite hobby for many people and offers a number of benefits. Not only is cooking a relaxing hobby but it can also be a very useful skills to have. Having a beginner level knowledge of Indian cooking can help you to create tasty and healthy meals.


If you enjoy hosting, why not take a cooking lesson and learn a new recipe to impress your friends with?

Learning to cook can also help you to save money as cooking your own meals is less expensive than going to in a restaurant.


Sign up for cooking lessons and learn how to cook your favourite dishes with the help of a competent private tutor.


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🍳 How many private tutors are currently offering cooking lessons in Kolkata?

There are currently 161 cooking teachers available to teach cooking classes in Kolkata and the surrounding areas.


To find a private tutor, check out their teaching ad to find out more information about their courses.


Choose your course from our range of more than 161 tutors.

✒️ What is the average score given by students to cooking teachers in Kolkata?

Students scored their cooking tutors on average 5.0 out of 5 from a sample of 14 scores.


In case of any problems with your course, a customer service representative from the Superprof India team will be available to find a solution (via phone or mail from Monday - Friday).


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Looking to learn cooking in Kolkata?

Learn how to cook all types of dishes in Kolkata

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Learn How to Cook with classes in Kolkata

There are millions of cuisines to taste and to learn to cook in this world. Besides, the unique flavours in food bring together a region's customs and cultures. But irrespective of the fact that you are doing it for fun or you need to learn for professional advancement, cooking classes come in handy. Here are some ways you can get cooking classes in Kolkata. 

The region is famous for its sweet tooth and the delicacies created to satisfy it. You can learn how to master the spices that go into curries and rasam.

By enrolling in cooking lessons, you can cook authentic Bengali food, including macher jhol and sukto. The classes will give you expert knowledge on preparing, presenting, and managing to cook for huge batches. 

Why Should You Learn to Cook?

Cooking classes promote the lifetime skill of healthy cooking from a young age. Independent of age and gender, you can learn cooking and feel accomplished.

There is something indulgent about cooking food and sharing it with your loved ones. Here are some more reasons to consider cooking lessons. 

Beat Stress

Cooking refreshes your mind and relieves stress after a hectic day of school or work. This can be a therapeutic experience of creating something from scratch and experiencing the feeling of content. 

Expand your mind

Cooking lessons in Kolkata focus on the authentic taste of the region, customs, and flavours in a better way. You will also learn healthy eating habits with freshly prepared meals for you and your family. 

Eat what you love

By learning cooking skills, you will have control over the menu, and you will be able to eat whatever you love. Additionally, you will find more options to cook with intensive knowledge to use ingredients. 

Express Yourself

By learning cooking, you will be able to try new dishes and cuisines regularly. Moreover, you will be able to express your creativity through cooking skills. 

Benefits of Enrolling in Cooking Classes 

Here are some ways cooking lessons will enrich your life. 

Creative Cooking Skills

Everyone might have different reasons to enrol in cooking classes. Some want to learn this skill because they have a cooking passion and want to grab this skill for family. On the flip side, some people just want to learn it for fun. You can use the learned skills to create your own recipes and customize according to your taste. 

These classes will provide you with a medium to enhance your knowledge and use it on a regular basis. Apart from that, if you cannot cook, cooking class in Kolkata will provide you with possibilities to step up from a beginner level.

Encourage Cultural Awareness

If you do not belong to Kolkata, these classes are ideal for expanding your knowledge into cuisine. This can bring the Bengali taste to your dining table no matter where you are across the country. Moreover, your taste buds will feel relished with the new dishes and desserts.  

How To Learn Cooking?

You can watch a lot of cooking shows and videos, yet you may not feel confident enough to try the recipes. Moreover, the food displayed on the screen may not even taste the way described, and some failed steps may be missing from it too. You cannot eyeball the ingredients to create an authentic flavour.

The point is cooking needs the guidance of someone who has the experience and knows the right tricks. This involves improvising with the ingredients that you have and the duration of each cooking step. Food involves chemistry that can be achieved with proper skills.

Cooking Class near me on Superprof

Superprof is an online learning platform with a number of expert teachers in the field. Enrolling in Cooking classes in Kolkata will give you an opportunity to learn cooking from chefs and homemakers. They will guide with their knowledge and experience acquired from years of cooking. 

The platform has teacher profiles, along with their teaching details. You can go through these profiles and communicate with the teachers via the inbox. This will help you through the specifications and schedule a lesson as per your needs. The website has a user-friendly interface to begin your cooking classes via webcam. 

You will be able to learn cooking from the comfort of your home and kitchen. Moreover, the private tutor will focus on teaching you individually and clear any doubts in real-time. The guidance from an expert will help you learn better and cook in the presence of the teacher. You just need to grab your apron and have a good internet connection for the lessons. 

You can choose a teacher after reading all the testimonials and student reviews to know it will be a good investment of time. The first class is free on the platform, which will help you decide on a specific teacher. It will make you understand the teaching methods and chemistry of the teacher. 

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