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Teacher acting

Peeyush is an excellent teacher. He certainly knows his traits. He understood my requirements and helped me to achieve my goals.


Teacher acting

Your teaching technique is the most effective since students participate actively in acting, which is always lively and to the point. the exceptional hard work being put in the online classes. The way you were interacting with students, making...

Musyko, 3 months ago


Teacher acting

Anupriya is an amazing coach, took consultation from her for body language, expressions and personality development, she guided me effortlessly, I can confidently say that I have improved myself, I can walk and talk more confidently now. Continuing...

Shoaib, 9 months ago

Komal chauhann

Teacher acting

She is very good Acting teacher and please don't go by her age, she is quite matured ,committed and professional and she explains everything very properly and accurately . I really liked the way of her teaching and she guides you other aspects of...

Marcell, 9 months ago


Teacher acting

I'm not an aspiring actor but, given the lockdown we are in, I thought of taking up acting as a hobby - and I couldn't have been luckier to have found Kabir as a teacher. He is fun, considerate, and he understood my purpose of doing improv. He is an...

Ramneek, 2 years ago

Apoorva singh

Teacher acting

I highly recommend Acting Class with Apoorva. She is very kind, patient, encouraging and helpful. She is experienced in dance and acting fields and always comes up with new and innovative ideas. She would make you act with a ease, also would be...

Swapnil, 2 years ago


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Bollywood is the second-largest film industry in the world after Hollywood. Considering the facts, Indian cinema yields more than 1500 films a year. That’s a pretty big number, which means the scope of acting is high. This also has a bit of a drawback as the competition also tough because many of us have this dream of being a successful actor. 

There are many examples in the present day Bollywood that are manifestations of true hard work and skill. But they are not there because of damn luck. They have worked a lot harder for that. The article will throw light on some crucial aspects of acting that one needs to master in order to be the best. 

We will also take a look at some of the best places where one can take acting classes across India. Lets’s begin!

Qualities of a Great Actor

Have you ever appeared for an audition? Most of you may not have but if you did. You might have got panic attacks just while standing in front of a limited number of people. Yeah, it is completely normal but should not be for long. If you want to be the best at acting, you need to be the best at everything that makes it. Here are some of the key aspects of a great actor.

  • Creative mind

This is not something new but is very essential. One needs to be creative along with being an expert at everything else. You see, everything else can be learned but creativity is a bit different from just learning. Being a great actor involves thinking about various ways in which one can enact a scene in a better and engaging way.

  • Memory and Understanding

A good actor has a memory that does not forget things easily, especially the dialogues he or she has to speak. And having a great memory is not enough for being a great actor. One also needs to have a closer look at the script of the movie or any other performance.

  • Physical Fitness

If you are working on becoming an actor, physical fitness is a must for you. There are countless action movies both Hollywood and Bollywood that include some of the best and death-defying stunts. These are done by stunt doubles of the actors most of the time. But, this is not a compulsion.

Some actors prefer to do their stunts themselves. This is where physical fitness comes into play. If a person is well and fit, he or she can do his or her stunts. 

  • Character Adaptation

One of the most important aspects of a great actor is the adaption of the character. I mean if you are attending acting classes across India anywhere and you are not improving in this part. You are not in the right place.

Everyone has watched Hindi movies like Ghajini, Padmaavat and many more. These are some of the movies that portrayed a character for which the actors went too far while acting. I mean the dedication level was off the charts.

  • Audience Engagement

The best actor is the one who can get the audience to pay attention to what is happening on the stage or screen. It is no wonder why some people don’t like the movie though the movie made millions. This is the only reason that the actors and characters in the movie were not able to engage the audience. Maybe it seems like a small thing to you right now but think about this.

Learn Acting with Superprof

Well, if you want to start small, go and register yourself on the Superprof website. It is completely free and you get a lot of options in case of tutors for acting classes across India. The major benefit of finding an acting tutor on Superprof is that you get your first lecture free of cost. This helps you in deciding well if you want to go long term with that particular teacher or not.

One can also check the qualifications and achievements of the teacher in the bio section of the profile.

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