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1st class free!

Aerospace engineering JGI { IIT KANPUR ( flight Labouratory course ) } , awarded in 2019 BITS pilani drone


We host the best teachers with good quality profile and experience in their field. Sanjay will be happy to arrange your first Maths class.

About the lesson

I've got a pretty different way of teaching he or she with a every single initial strong basics , will be started and making them to get the vivid towards the complexity of subject as easy

To be frank I don't judge the students (friends) if we judge them who is gonna lead the future.

Every single students are superior on there own way of learning trust me friends (student)
which as in turn helped me lend learners from several countries all over the world a hand in being the best they can be. Students are the best source to the overall world to develop in all ways, and making them upgrade by tuiting and solving all there complex topics and subjects to the peak of good rays towards the subject !

--------Do try taking my demo class you student (friends) will really enjoy the learning with me !----------

I teach them to challenging and competitive exams like IB, IIT , JEE ,CET , NIT including schooling students !

I will train them to think smart and make sure to get all sort of harden questions and subjects will be thought in very simple way of understanding . I will teach till they get the concept of it I will always make students feel good about the subject by explaining with reality world ! Will be always to reach the goals of the students future to get into the challenging world .

------****JUST GIVE ONE CHANCE ****--------

I could promise you that you'll honestly enjoy the learning experience to every last minute

I will be friendly as your own school or college mates will make your way as easy as possible


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About Sanjay

I am an aerospace engineer, IIT KANPUR (flight course cessena glider )
2016 ---jatayu--- paper published(astronaut)
2017 ----BITS PILANI--- drone striker winner 2018--- HAL ---- project based on airfoil
2019----sandhar -- internshiped
Been to several many science conference national leveled all over India and good entrepreneur



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It would cost $ 12 to $ 90 based on class grades

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  • 01

    What motivates you to teach & why?

    --> I feel good when I teach someone and it makes me feel happy!
    While I spread my knowledge to them even I will learn unknowns from them too.... Teaching is the best way will ever get
    The more we teach the more we we too will learn from students.... It's the best way to make self happiness by making them understand the topics it's my passion to teach and I do take seminars based projects I love teaching it's my nature no one motivated me it came by myself.

  • 02

    When did you start developing an interest in your subject area?

    I started developing interest in subject related to science and mathematics when I was in school days , my teacher used to make the subject very interesting so I got the curiosity to know more about it in depth.
    I used to participate in many national science related to mathematics and science involved competitions. In the beginning it was Maths and Science. In the beginning it was hard to go through the subject concept but I never lost my interest in subject. That's the reason I took science in PU class 11 and 12 when I stepped into the higher classes I increased my visibility towards the subject increased and started going to doing science models
    And project's . After my class 12
    I got interest Aerospace science so I chose Bachelor of Technology in aerospace
    In engineering too I did many projects based on science and space related I attended many workshops and seminars based on it. I have been to BITS PILANI for competitions and for participating competition of drone and won first place. I went for flight lab in IIT KANPUR as a course now am still gaining knowledge and willing to spread knowledge to students, friends who are struggling on the concepts. So this is how I started developing interest in my subject area well first of all the question u asked is the most basic question every student should ask and every teacher should be able to answer. now if u have a look at our study patterns u would and u should notice a great deal of inefficiency . today we go to school to get a degree right? thats because of the competition around us which forces us to perform the best. we learn about great scientists,philosophers and other successful people who made the world a better place to live in. now what did these guys do for increasing their interests? they didn't study their subjects to give an exam, instead they did it because they loved doing it and no one ever bothered them. today every body forces us and bothers us, which is just the opposite of what we need! so long story short, to improve your interest in a subject try to know the subject from your heart. you may not like some of course, but you will like some. Go into details and answer to yourself why am I being taught this subject, what is its importance and relevance, can it be more interesting? who were the people associated with this subject? what is the history of this subject? etc. the unfortunate thing is that teachers really don't know answers to such basic question. they would say you are supposed to study the subject because it is in your syllabus’ that's unlucky for us to have such so called teachers and institutions who run their business just to earn money. they fail their motto of being a teacher which is to arouse interest in any student for the subject.

    so just abuse internet to the extent till u know what u want to know about the subject. at last the reality is that you are studying it because it is in your syllabus and you have to give an exam for it, but don't let these things bother you, once you know the subject, doing questions from it becomes very easy, so don't forget to practice questions.

    and trust me if you asked this basic question it means you really want to achieve something from your heart. Best of luck!

  • 03

    If you had to think of a role model for your work, who do you think of & why?

    --> I would say that role models are found everywhere.... a friend that is facing many challenges to move forward, a colleague that despite everything is still being successful, an old person that does not stop learning new things and new technologies.we can find role models everywhere, we just need to see and get the best of them.

  • 04

    What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in mastering your craft?

    --> From the beginning I'm a science thinker and used to work a lot on it . It's hard to maintain and make time for your achievement but yes there is always disturbance and other platform works like school works, exam studies, assignment with that to work on what you like . Life is not all about studies it's just a part if you have interest on something for sure you will make time for it and work on it. As me being an engineer time management is something unique and tragic the way you use the way outcomes appears one fine day for sure . Time management is hard that's much really hard to master . The biggest obstacle though has been in having the mindset and make strict of that to happen to follow my passion and doing my best to make myself better each step of the way
    Every time you give time for something remain you get the outcomes.

  • 05

    In your opinion, what makes someone excel in your subject area?

    --> To be frank there is nothing like in my subject area every single one will have their own ideas and thinks towards the subject all they have to do is just give bit time to work towards it !
    And results will be the outcome as the happiness when you solve the hard problem without none of people help on own if you solve you will get the best happiness than asking help the same way here too it depends on every single student how and what they are interested about , my opinion would be all are excelled because I never judge any students every single student are best on their own idea and thinking.

  • 06

    What would you say to a student who says, "This is too difficult, I give up!"?

    -->The way you love and feel something even it does back , the same way over here to studies on subjects like Maths, Physics and Chemistry many hate it.The only reason is way of teaching whoever it is should know the way to make understand the student
    When someone likes the subject is Only when their teacher would have thought them very well such a way that what the quakes comes to student will never forget. It literally depends on the way of teaching. Bill gates wasn't good at his school studies. He got interest in computers and he built on his own the outcome is as everyone knows.
    Entrepreneur and businessman Bill Gates and his business partner Paul Allen founded and built the world's largest software business, Microsoft, through technological innovation, keen business strategy and aggressive business tactics. In the process, Gates became one of the richest men in the world.
    Every one will fail or pass the subject but never lose the hope try try.... Try till you reach the peak never stop studying
    Gotta have only one life for one birth use it with your energetic work.

  • 07

    How does someone become a Super Prof?

    It's all about finding the good friend and as your classmates how they explain the subject to understand the same way over here to
    Just write about your qualifications the way how you explain based on it ...the student will have a read about you profile and will have a good time of teaching and laugh talks, and giving real world examples how the concept works trust me guys it's all about the way how your ! It's not about the level up or the super prof or a teacher
    It's all about being as mate or a brother or a good time friend and make them understand and make them feel better on the concepts by explaining it with you own way and talking about the school life, just listen and make sure what he is burden of and solve by your side according to his problem on topics !

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