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Surya Teacher maths

THANKS SO MUCH! The class was so much fun! i really needed help before the exams and for once i actually enjoyed learning. i mean i go to Allen but honestly you cleared all of those doubts which nobody else could. i still remember how you explained...

Surya Teacher maths

As a parent i wanted someone to help my daughter with calculus. She was struggling with integration and i can surely say as a teacher myelf from experience that Surya is one of the best teachers I've ever met. really i admire how concerned, how...

Anumita, 1 year ago

Surya Teacher maths

you're like an inspiration to me man! i mean how many people can teach you math with game references and pizza! its not even how fun it was, they show in the results. I didnt think we were going fast enough initially but now ive just got 77/80 in my...

Soham, 1 year ago

Saleeth Teacher maths

Actually am weak in maths.. He's a teacher who made my weak mind grasp quickly with his wonderful techniques.. and made me get into it now am happy to go to him and got a zeal in my studies.. thanks to him.. He's the best teacher I've ever seen

Heena, 1 year ago

Surya Teacher maths

THE BEST LEARNING EXPERIENCE I'VE HAD HANDS DOWN! So I needed some help in 11th physics and maths and he's just AMAZING. He connected what I was learning to comic books, real life stories and amazing space stuff that got me hooked. I mean I spent...

Rishabh, 1 year ago

Sarthak Teacher maths

Excellent Tutor. He is very knowledgeable and committed to his work.

Experts, 2 years ago

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Importance of Mathematics in Daily life | Learn Mathematics Online

Mathematics is everywhere! It is literally the subject that provides our lives numerical value. From calculating our daily expenses to school examinations to IIT entrance examinations, the subject is everywhere.

Students often fear mathematics as the subject is all about numerical solving and the concepts are something which are something which isn't focused upon during school days. This lack of effort towards learning the concepts often contributes towards fear and it affects the grades of the students.

You can improve your mathematics by following the steps below:

  • Understand the concepts: Mathematics is full of concepts, some of them require understanding the basics. If you cannot understand the basics, you cannot proceed. Ensure your you use your creativity to understand the basics behind the subject and the problem. Understanding the concepts helps you absorb new information quicker.
  • Try learning Vedic mathematics: Vedic mathematics is a technique that helps you understand the core concepts of mathematics. This technique targets your basics, which helps you calculate. quicker and makes you creative in terms of problem solving.
  • Keep practising everyday: "Practice makes a man perfect", mathematics is not a very difficult subject if you grasp how the problem has to be solved. If you are stuck with problem, go back to step one and understand what went wrong, note it down. If you are still struggling, ask your teacher at school. New problems every day will improve your grasp of the concepts.
  • Study online: Online learning platforms have enabled students to find teachers online. Use mobile apps such as Khan academy to practice from and learn from, this gives you an extra edge.
  • Visualize the problem: Understand the problem, then visualise the possible steps you can take to resolve the problem. This allows you to understand the steps of the problem.

How to overcome a fear of maths 

It is NORMAL to fear the subject, the anxiety behind mathematics is a common issue. There is always ways to improve your command on the subject. Understanding the concept, and rooting out the exact reason behind fear is vital. Understand that fear is natural and can be felt by everyone. 

For those who suffer with maths anxiety, it can be difficult to shift from a mindset of failure to a more positive outlook when it comes to dealing with numbers. With the emergence of online teaching platforms and online teaching jobs, you can find your mathematics teacher online. The idea of finding a teacher is to help the child understand why the subject is interesting and assist in developing an interest in the subject.

Superprof India | Mathematics classes in Bangalore

Superprof India currently has 11,417 teachers, willing to take mathematics classes through a webcam (through software such as Skype, Zoom etc) and private tuitions, this provides the students an excellent opportunity to learn a skill from home, and get time to do other social activities during the day.

Benefit from modern age of teaching! Learn faster and speak better.

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Pick your own coach to help you learn maths. Superprof will help you to find the most relevant teacher: we put together all the teachers skilled in maths in Bengaluru and close by.

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Whether at home or in a classroom, take advantage of the close supervision in Bengaluru by an experienced teacher. Improve your grades or your performance, refine your accent, work better and more efficiently with someone guiding you.


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The average price of maths tuition in Bengaluru is ₹551.


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In Bengaluru and near me, 11,417 maths teachers are available to give private courses


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