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With Superprof, it has never been easier to advertise your teaching services in India. Whether you are a student looking for tutoring jobs or a professional exploring alternative jobs for teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. 

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With Superprof, it has never been easier to advertise your teaching services in India. Whether you are a student looking for tutoring jobs or a professional exploring alternative jobs for teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. 

With Superprof, you can:

  • Register for FREE and no user fees (we do not charge commission)
  • Set your own rates & work schedule. Be your own boss!
  • Teach from home, in your local area or online
  • Advertize your services for FREE
  • Access 1,000 of potential students
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Vijay, found their teacher

i am 10 year old and know little bit how to play keyboard but i want to learn music professionally for which i need a good tutor who can be a good mentor and guide. my dad want me to be in good hands who can teach me , if you exhibit online classes are really workable it will be great. in demo class me and my dad will be talking to you to see how we can move forward. Vijay

2 days ago

Lam, found their teacher

Hello, My name is Lam and a student at Surrey University in Aerospace engineering. I have a current project where I am to design a Parametric CAD model using CATIA to make an aircraft wing. The wing can be rectangular. Meaning you can grab some airfoil shape online to get a cross section profile and extrude it to a certain length. But I would like to learn how to put the parameters in such as aspect ratio, sweep, taper ratio, twist and wing incidence (doesnt have to be all of them)....

3 days ago


Sumit, found their teacher

Ronit has appeared in his class 11 exams and will be commencing his 12th class from this month. He is looking for a Chemistry teacher under whose guidance he can get his doubts cleared. Awaiting for your reply by return. Thanks

3 days ago

Gautam, found their teacher

Hi, I am a beginner and tbh i know nothing about guitars. I have watched many YouTube videos but they weren't a big help. I'll be buying my first guitar in a few days and i'd like to take a few classes to headstart my performance.

4 days ago


Akanksha, found their teacher

Hello, I’ve done my graduation in B.a. pass (psychology as my discipline subject). I wish to pursue MA in psychology. The thing is that I completed my graduation about 4 years back and started working then. I tried but couldn’t do my post grad alone by distance I’m really hoping that you’ll be able to help me. Best Regards

6 days ago

Anthony, found their teacher

Hello, I already have basic understanding of scripting languages and can learn fairly quick. I need someone who can work with me regularly for a month due to up-coming work assessment. I need to learn C#, Data Structure, CS Fundamentals, Algorithms, ect.... Regards Anthony Reeder

1 week ago


Ludovic, found their teacher

Bonjour Je m’appelle Ludovic et je cherche un professeur de Anglais pour Ryan (Garçon ). Je souhaiterais plutot prendre les cours chez moi à 59130, Rue Massenet, 59130, Lambersart Idéalement, j’aimerais débuter les cours au plus tôt Bonsoir le cours est pour mon fils 7 ans en école bilingue Est ce que cela vous irait ? Pouvez-vous prendre contact avec moi afin que l’on en parle ? Je vous souhaite une excellente journée, A bientôt, Ludovic

1 week ago

Anushree, found their teacher

Hi Gitali, I want to learn singing for a very long time. I am a journalist by profession. On the side, I love listening to music and I have always wanted to sing perfectly, even though the idea is to pursue it as a hobby. I really want to become a good trained singer. I see it as meditation in a way. Would love to meet you and explore the right path.

1 week ago

Saba, found their teacher

Hello Ma'am Myself Saba Gulnaz from Jaipur Rajasthan...I have done M.A Economics but I didn't opt Econometrics as I am from non maths background. Now I want to learn Econometrics from basic to masters level. I know Mathematical Economics and Statistics little bit.

2 weeks ago

Shweta, found their teacher

Hi, I am looking for English teacher for my daughter who has stepped to ClassX in MR school. She need help with the academic, especially for honing her writing skills ,including the vocab. Looking forward to ur reply Shweta

2 weeks ago


Hugo, found their teacher

Hello, We are two french people, living in delhi for 1 year. We would like to learn basic conversation in hindi and maybe more, depend of our hability to learn. If possible, we would like 2 courses of 1h by week, for exemple the Monday evening and the Wednesday evening. It's not fixe for the moment, we can discuss of it. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Hugo

2 weeks ago


Richard, found their teacher

Hello Diksha. I'm a UK national and long-term resident in India. For personal and professional reasons I want to learn German. I am not a total beginning - have some experience from my Austrian wife.... Kind regards Richard

2 weeks ago


Kasia , found their teacher

Hi Anish, I am MSc Int Banking and finance student, Currently working on essay "report on the financial management of a chosen company". I need help with understanding of some calculations and analyses of the company financial statements and potential investment in shares. Looking forward to yuor reply at yuor earliest convenience. Regards Kasia

2 weeks ago

Aman, found their teacher

Hello Sir, My apologies for not clarifying in the first request. I have had to create another account in order to be able to message you again. I am very much open to offline classes. Please do let me know if you would be interested in taking up this tuition. I will be back in Delhi in 3 days time. Best wishes.

2 weeks ago


Uday, found their teacher

Hi Nishi; i am uday, I am a graduate of OU and working for a small company. want to learn writing English in a systematic way. I have less practices in English because I was dyslexia I'm looking for a mentor who can keep me on my tows. than you uday

2 weeks ago

Florentina, found their teacher

Hi, I need some practice for a language certificate. I live in Canada, Toronto. The rate you are showing is in Indian currency, right? so it's 400 rupees? Thank you and looking forward to collaborate with you. Florentina

2 weeks ago

Azaan, found their teacher

hi sir. we have spoken earlier. I need guidance in implementing data warehouse in ssis . I have knowledge about ssis ssas so i dont want training course. Just your specific guidance about my project. hope you find time . thanks a lot

2 weeks ago


Parm, found their teacher

Hi Sanjam, I am looking for a dance lesson for my 3 and a half year old daughter who enjoys dancing but is a little shy and needs to build up a bit more confidence. I thought maybe some Indian classical dancing as an introduction might help her. Jayna likes yoga and is half Chinese and half Indian so I would like to introduce her to our Indian side a little more too. Let me know if you do cater for 3 year olds as well I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Parm

3 weeks ago


Jai, found their teacher

Hi Rahul, I am writing on behalf of Unacademy. We are looking for experts who can teach for IIT-JEE. I feel it would be very beneficial for a lot of aspirants if you could teach on our platform. Together we can impact millions of people and help reach your knowledge to them. Teaching on our platform is very simple and can be done from home using just a smartphone The link to our platform: (concealed information) Please let me know if you are interested and we can then take it...

3 weeks ago

Andie, found their teacher

Hi Paras I'm currently doing a Forensic Science module at Exeter University and i have upcoming assessments very soon which are case studies (I've never done one before). Basically the case study involves: 1)Construct a crime scene map. 2) Indicate the location of the shooters, the rounds and the bullets. 3) Derive a sequence of events justified by the evidence and your analysis. I was wondering if you can help with this at all? any help would be massively appreciated. looking...

3 weeks ago


Jay, found their teacher

Hi Usama, This is Jay from the UK. I wonder if I could have some email lessons from you? I only need email because I desire some help formatting essays. I can pay you via bank or pick-up point via Azimo: (concealed information)

1 month ago

Smriti, found their teacher

I am 32 yr old, doctor by profession. Want to learn kathak dance. I earnt kathak fr 5 years and also gave exam in my childhood and also learnt bharat natyam for one year. But due to career i cudnt pursue dance. Now i want to restart learning.

1 month ago


Abhinav, found their teacher

I am a business development manager. In this role I am responsible for the acquisition and discussion new projects with the UK, Europe and US clients. The purpose of this course is to speak the same English accent as UK and US citizens so that during the discussion with clients, there is no focus on the language skilss but on the content. it would be fantastic and I would be really thankful to you if you could please help me out. Best regards, Abhinav

1 month ago

Aftab, found their teacher

First of all i want to know about thag whether is it possible to become a barrister staying in india or i will have to move outside the country? Then i want to know about the procedure of studt and syllabus an all the necessary information including expenses.

1 month ago


Taniya, found their teacher

Hi I would like to learn about business studies (how to do research, marketing, open a business, how to run a business etc...... This is the type of things i would like to learn. Thanks Thanks

1 month ago


Moe, found their teacher

If you can please whatsapp me so we can set something up as soon as possible. I am trying get a job in the next month please message me on whatsapp right away Looking to work with you cant wait. I am not looking for math am looking for people to work help grow my startup. For my little brother can you start today? Thank you

1 month ago

Janardan , found their teacher

I am janardan chilkoti and i have completed my diploma and graduation with same stream in B.tech(c.s.e.) i want to be learn written english speak english if you are available for me its very greatfull to me Thank You

1 month ago


Anjana, found their teacher

I am 52 years old and want to learn dancing .Dance has always been my passion but could never do ,due to my commitments at work and home .Relatively free and want to pursue my dreams of dancing .Interested in folk dance and bollywood dance .Later on may go for salsa.

1 month ago


Rustam, found their teacher

Hi Smarika,, I am a digital journalist with interest in Chinese history & politics. Now I intend do my PhD, also I need to study the language. I know you are listed in Delhi, I am free on Saturday, although Sunday really works for me. I could learn in Delhi at a neutral place selected by u or through webcam, whatever works. It is just that my weekday work schedule is really hectic.. Do call, My Number: (concealed information)

1 month ago

Raul, found their teacher

Hello Garima, Hope you're doing well, i am Rahul, i live in paris, i am currently at the end of my second year masters degree there and right now i am back in delhi 3 days ago from Paris. My purpose of here are due to my 2 months holiday break and looking for french tutor for my future job opportunities in france. Thefore, i have contacted you for a private tuition after i found your profile which could suit me. However by saying that i would like you to know that my specific requirement of...

1 month ago